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Unique crafts from cones


What crafts can be made from pine and spruce cones? How to make a pet out of cones? Unveiling the nuances of working with children and ways of connecting parts

Many people like to go to the forest for mushrooms, but someThey make walks quite for other things, namely - for cones. Why are they needed? Of these, you can make a lot of interesting and cute things. In our region spruce and pine trees are widespread, the shape of cones is associated with the trunk or parts of the body of people and animals, so they are an excellent material for voluminous crafts.

Unique crafts from conesCrafts from pine and fir cones

For work both opened and not opened. Between them, they can be glued together with PVA glue or "Moment". The latter is suitable for preschool and school age children. Crafts made of cones and plasticine are better for creating with 2-3 year old children. In this case, the missing details are sculpted, painted with markers, paints or markers, created from twigs, acorns, leaves, feathers, shells and other natural materials.

From such natural raw materials it is possible to make the mostUnusual crafts that can become both a unique subject for the interior decor, and an amusing toy, and preserved until the New Year holidays, they will be an excellent decoration for the Christmas tree.

When creating products with their childrenIt is necessary to explain one nuance: bumps, when dry, have the property of opening, so the form of the finished craft can be violated. Especially strong deformation is observed in spruce.

To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, you needPre-immerse the material in the joiner's glue. After that, he will certainly keep his shape and scales will not flake off. Then it is well dried and then you can start working.

It will be interesting for children to make different animals, which are excellent crafts for the holiday of autumn or any other, held in kindergartens and school institutions.

Crafts from cones for kindergarten not onlyBeautiful and interesting, but also very useful. This kind of work has an excellent effect on the development of fine motor skills and has a beneficial effect on mental development. That is why such studies have been recognized and widely disseminated in kindergartens and primary schools.

It is recommended to use completely dryCones. They can have different shapes and sizes, which allows children to show their imagination when creating various objects, animal figures, etc. Small elements may be difficult to do, so parents should help especially small children.

Finished products can be covered with acrylic paint,Popular in recent times, varnish with sparkles, decorate with beads and beads, colorful threads and ribbons, cotton, for example, when creating a snowman or a Christmas tree.

Crafts for cones for children

As mentioned above, children like to doAnimals and humans. Cones are great for creating a trunk, and from acorns or large wooden beads - heads. For example, when creating a figure skier, which later can be hung on the tree, you need sticks of ice cream. Of these, skis are made, and chenille wire is used for pens.

Clothes for such a little man Mom can sew fromFabric, for example, felt. To fasten all the details together is best with the help of an adhesive gun, so the child will need help in this difficult matter.

Unique crafts from conesInteresting are crafts made of pine cones andNeedles. First of all they make hedgehogs. The work consists in inserting bundles of pine needles into the scales. The latter are glued together with clay, and then inserted using a toothpick into the base material.

After that, they need to be sheared to make itThe real hedgehog, or leave it as it is, but then the porcupine will turn out. The muzzle and ears usually make plasticine, and a pea is a pea of ​​black pepper. On the back fasten the berries of mountain ash or their own made mushrooms from the hats of acorns and twigs.

With older children, moreA complex hedgehog. It will require a lot of fully opened cones, but not spruce, but pine, one bowl or a deep plate (suitable unnecessary, suppressed), three covers from ordinary plastic bottles, the plastic bottle itself, glue ("Moment", PVA), paints and scotch tape.

The plate is turned over and glued to one sideHalf a bottle (with a neck), and then stick tape for reliability. After that, the bowl and bottle are painted on all sides with brown or black paint. You can use a primer in a can. On the entire surface of the bowl glues are glued, the bottle is not touched, since it acts as a muzzle.

Of the two remaining covers, the eyes are made andStick to the bottle. Of plastic strips or other suitable material, the antennae are made which are attached by screwing the lid onto the neck of the bottle. You can decorate such a little animal with berries of mountain ash and viburnum, twigs and leaves.

What to consider when working with children

Crafts of cones with their own hands - fascinating andAn interesting pastime. Natural materials allow the child to feel the beauty of nature, but also prompt him ideas for creating images.

Such activities develop in children creative imagination, for example, in the most common cone they can see a mouse or a hedgehog, a tree, and in some root - a deer horn or a heron's leg.

It is necessary to teach the child to considerNatural forms and textures of any images. When parents with a crumb, having seen, for example, a bump, decided to make a swan out of it, then the next step will be gluing several parts together. It is important that the child learns to attach these elements on his own.

In this case, he will learn to work with scissors,An awl, a needle, threads, glue and plasticine. But not always the kid should perform such work independently. In some cases it is better for parents to do it for him, and not because his fingers are not yet very obedient, he can cut himself or be stabbed.

Of course, such manipulations can be entrusted to him in the future, but first, as they say, you need to give him work "On the shoulder".

Connecting parts together

The fastest and easiest way to fasten partsCrafting of cones is bonding with the help of clay. This method is less aesthetic than others, but the child with it will be easier to work with. The material is also used for peepholes, spouts and beaks, that is, small details that are lacking in the intended image.

You can fasten the head and trunk with toothpicks,But previously in the acorns or other similar material it is necessary to make holes with an awl. Then into these holes insert the toothpicks themselves and fix them with glue (the usual PVA is suitable) to make the anchorage more reliable.

But natural materials have the abilitySsyhatsya with time (this has already been mentioned above), so even such a reliable connection can be deformed. This method can be used to fasten handicrafts for a garden or school, which the child does with his parents.

Unique crafts from conesUsed and glue "Moment". To do this, it is spread over the joints and quickly presses the parts together.

The positive moment of use of such glueIs reliability, moreover, the product acquires a more aesthetic appearance, but with such a tool it is better for young children not to work, for them it is too dangerous.

Also, you should not abuse these substances, because with prolonged inhalation of vapors, side effects will occur.

For the same purpose, conventional threads with needles are used. They are perfect for joining soft materials, for example, leaves, berries and bark of trees.

For a small child it will be overwhelmingTask, but an older kid with the help of the parents will deal with it well. However, such crafts or their parts are less durable, since they shrink sufficiently strongly, considerably decreasing in size.

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