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Master swing for children with their own hands


What do children's swings with his hands? To construct a children's swing from scrap materials. The easiest option swings - a model on a tree branch. We are building a children's swing-balancers

If you have a child and you want to diversifyHis leisure, then try to make a children's hanging swing. For children, and even adults, this is guaranteed to bring a lot of fun. All you need in this business is a bit of free space at the dacha or in the yard, the desire to make such an amusement for yourself, a simple tool and the material itself.


Master swing for children with their own handsThe strongest designs, of course,Metal, but since not every dad has access to the welding machine, it is possible to make children's street swings out of wood. Therefore, when choosing a material, be guided first of all by its capabilities. From the same considerations, choose what to take for supports - metal pipes or wooden beams.

It depends on the material, how much timeWill serve to you and the family built by own hands children's swing. If this tree, then it must be dry. It is worth choosing softwood because it is stronger. And of course it is worth permeating it with a means of decay and insects.

When building a swing with your own hands also followsTo take into account for children what age the building is being made. If for small, then you can put and single columns. And if you swing older children or adults, then the supports are made in the form of a triangle of two pillars and a connecting perch cross between them. The buried part of the beams is coated with hot tar and coated with a roofing felt.


So, the material has been determined, now we proceed to construct the structure itself:

  • We process the poles. At those ends of the pillars, which will be our top, we cut out the grooves into which the poles will be inserted. The recess is made strictly under the size of the crossbeam, whether it is a pipe or a log. Pillars for support should be taken at least half a meter longer than the height that was originally planned for the swing. Half a meter in length these poles will be buried in the ground;
  • Digging pits for the pillars. If the support is single, the pits will be two, if the triangle is four. Before the pole is placed in the pit, first we fill it with rubble or broken brick and carefully rammed. The established columns, for a larger fortress, are poured on top with concrete;
  • We make the crossbeams. If you use a log as a crossbar, then in it you first need to strengthen the hooks, which will then be hung with a rope. Fastenings under a rope in this case it is better to make through, that they have passed through all diameter of a crossbeam. After all, in the process of using, the force, multiplied by the oscillations, will press down on the hooks and in response they will try to "jump out" of the crossbar. To avoid this, secure the hooks on the other side of the crossbar. Instead of hooks, you can also use special carbines capable of withstanding the total weight of up to 300-500 kilograms. If you make a child's swing made of metal, then instead of a rope you can use a metal rod. But the cable can not be used, since in the case of breaking even one thread, it can be very traumatic;
  • We choose a seat. It should not be unnecessarily massive. Everyone knows that small children sometimes swing on the swings of their dolls and teddy bears. If the seat is heavy, or God forbid, with metal corners, then such games can inadvertently hurt the baby. For the seat anything, a few knocked down wooden boards, a piece of durable plastic, a board from a skateboard, an automobile tire, a seat from an old chair will do. A vast field for creative imagination.

Master swing for children with their own handsOne of the important conditions for installing a swing is a free playground around them. After all, children often do not wait for the seat to stop rocking and jump off it on the run.

How to make a swing on a tree?

By the way, if you want to make a swing, you canGreatly facilitate the whole process - just looking in the garden suitable tree. One thick branch capable of withstanding a load of three hundred kilograms, a car tire or a seat from an old chair and, please, children's entertainment is ready.

Only make sure that the branchReally reliable, and in one treacherous moment will not break under the pressure of a riding child. Make it simple. Invite your friends or family to hang on the tree, and if the branch does not crack, consider that your children's swings are half built. For such a swing, instead of a rope, it is better to use chains or knit a rope not to a branch, but to hooks or rings.


Children's swing-balancer or swing-scales are anotherA species that is very popular with children and can be easily done by yourself. Children's swing balancer can be both wooden and metal. In case the base is metal, the support is additionally poured with concrete.

Balansiers from logs are more stable, due to their heaviness and some massiveness.

For their manufacture you will need:

  • A thick log;
  • Two bars;
  • pin;
  • Board about three meters;
  • Two wooden straps for handles.

Using two bars, fix the log onThe earth. At its center, drill a hole for the pin, and then fix the board on the log with a pin. On both sides of the board nail the straps for the handles. Further, everything can be left, as it is, and you can work a little more, and make seats from rubber, plastic or removable pillows.

Master swing for children with their own handsIn order to ensure that such swings are safe for children, when building them, follow the following recommendations:

  • Select a level platform for the balance;
  • The minimum size of the site must be two meters;
  • The seat with the child must rise above the ground by a maximum of one meter;
  • Elements are made with the condition that they can not pinch fingers, hands, and other parts of the child's body;
  • Sand all the details;
  • Place a pillow under the child's seat.

Here our swing is ready. Let's ride ?!

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