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Production of butterflies on the wall with his hands


Each of us wants to make your home a special, beautiful and cozy. To do this, we are ready for more, including decorating the walls of the apartment with his hands, such as butterflies

Very unusual, beautiful, eye-catchingThe guests are such a decoration for the house, like butterflies on the wall. Especially cute, charming and a little magically looks like a children's room in this design.

Production of butterflies on the wall with his handsThere are many design options for walls using butterflies made by themselves. Consider the two most interesting and popular: butterfly from wire and nylon and paper butterflies.

Moths from wire and nylon

In order to make such butterflies you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Elastic single smooth and double twisted wire for needlework;
  • Bright children's nylon pantyhose or socks (several pairs);
  • Large beads, suitable for the color of pantyhose;
  • Plastic jars of different diameters of 2 pieces (as templates);
  • Thin-nosed pliers and planers.

It is important that all tools are serviceable,The material was available in sufficient quantity to just enough and everything needed was at hand. Now that everything is ready, you can start working.

First you need to make the base of the wingsButterflies. Take the twisted wire and using the jars-templates make the rings from the wire, securely fixing the ends. This will be the basis of one winglet. After we measure the shred of pantyhose of the right size and tightly tighten the resulting frame, the fabric is fixed with a reliable nodule.

If necessary, you can additionally fix the nylon by making a pair of stitches with threads that match the color. In the same way we make the necessary number of wings of two sizes.

After all the blanks of the wings are readyProceed with the assembly. We connect two kapron-covered circle-wings by cutting a smooth wire. Next, we form the abdomen, for this, on a smooth wire, string the necessary number of beads and attach the entire structure to the wings. From the tips of the wire we form the antennae and, with the help of the round-bends, twist them.

Now it remains only to give the wingsNatural shape and butterflies for decorating the wall, made by your own hands ready! You can fix them on the surface in random order in several ways, depending on what kind of wallpaper you have on the walls and how much you are willing to sacrifice them for the sake of creating a modern and stylish design of the room.

Production of butterflies on the wall with his handsAs a fastener, you canUse double-sided adhesive tape, glue or small pins. Mounting in the last way - with the help of pins allows you to create the most realistic illusion of the flight of these beautiful insects.

This variant of wall decoration by butterflies,Made by yourself, is most suitable for a room of a little princess, but to decorate the bedroom of more adult family members or a living room, it's better to choose wall decoration with paper butterflies by your own hands.

Moths made of paper

This option for making decor elements is simpler, but the design with their use will be equally attractive and stylish.

For their manufacture, materials such as:

  • Dense glossy paper of one or more colors (optional);
  • Cardboard for templates;
  • Adhesive for fastening (better superglue);
  • Needles with a plastic head (used by tailors);
  • a pencil;
  • scissors;
  • pliers.

Making butterflies for the walls with their own hands of paper begins with the preparation of stencils. For this it is necessary to find and print or print the contours of insects that you like.

If you want the design of the room to be truly unique, you can "open"New its own subtype of butterflies havingAbsolutely unique form. Now, with the help of prepared stencils and a simple pencil, we apply contours to the glossy paper and carefully cut out.

After all the butterflies are cut, you canStart the most scrupulous part of the work with every single element of the decor. In the middle of the moth, where he should have a belly, drip a drop of glue and press the plastic needle head to it. Do the same with all the butterflies and give the glue a good dry out.

Next, take the pliers, grip the needle approximately in the middle and make a bend at a right angle. In passing, we give the wings of the moths the desired angle of bending.

When all the butterflies "Processed"So you can start decorating the wallsWith their hands using these beautiful decor elements, neatly prikolov them in the right place. It's best to come up with a composition in advance, so as not to chop the decor elements from place to place several times and not to damage the wallpaper.

Care of the elements of decor

Production of butterflies on the wall with his handsMaking the decoration of the walls with your own hands with the help ofButterflies need to be prepared for the fact that such a decor will need special care, because it, like other elements of the interior will be dust. Purification of moths from dust can be done with a vacuum cleaner with adjustable power and a powder brush.

All you need is to dust the moths and "Catch up»Its vacuum cleaner. Do cleaning at least once a month, so that your decor always looks fresh and as realistic as possible.

Connect fantasy, use your creative and create unique elements of the interior decor!

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