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Bracelets with your own hands - a spade of original jewelry


Materials and tools needed to create hand-made ornaments. Bracelets with your own hands of beads. Homemade bracelets from satin ribbons and threads. Magic Shamballa Bracelets

Handmade, due to its filigree,Spent work and uniqueness has always been valued, so items made by hand at all times are more expensive than the same, but manufactured in the factory. The same statement applies to jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets do it yourself is not difficult, especially since materials for them can be used the simplest ones - from buttons to polymer clay and thread.

Materials and Tools

Bracelets with your own hands - a spade of original jewelryBracelets can be made from our ownParacord, leather, beads, threads, paper and even a plastic bottle and polymer clay, using beads and laces. There are a lot of options. And in order to pamper yourself with the adornment of handmade work, you will only need tools, material, and of course, your own imagination. Although you can take advantage of already proven ideas. On how to make a bracelet with your own hands, using a variety of materials, read below.

The choice of tools, first of all, depends on the typeMaterial with which you sat down to work. Perhaps it will be just scissors and a needle. With more complex material you will have to take pliers, nippers, iron or hair dryer, acrylic paints, varnish, brushes. You may need to use the oven for baking.

Help a novice master or a pityTry yourself in the new business and will have stores selling accessories. A large assortment of wooden and plastic blanks, all kinds of beads, fasteners and hooks will help make decorations that are not inferior to those purchased.

Beaded bracelets, made by own hands

The simplest bead bracelet, this is the so-called long one, which is worn on the arm several times.

To make it we need tools and materials:

  • Round pliers;
  • wire cutters;
  • Thin-nosed;
  • Jewelry wire or wire;
  • clasp;
  • Beads and beads.

Starting with the choice of material for decoration, youYou can fully show your imagination, since it is not limited to anything. Want, choose flat or oval beads, and want, take hexahedral. But in color and size, the question is not worth it at all. Combine the most different beads in color, texture and texture.

Before we begin to weave, decide on theLength of the product and how many times it will wrap around your wrist. The recommended length is 45 centimeters. Selecting the length, measure it on a wire or wire and cut with wire cutters.

Attach one end of the cable with thin-nosed plierscarbine. Pass the end of the wire into the loop and wind the remainder around the carbine. No one millimeter sticking out of the fastener outside should not, because the wire is able to make puffs on the clothes and scratch your hand.

Now it's up to stringing beads and beads onWire. Alternation can be symmetrical, for several pieces of beads, one, two or more beads. And the beads can be either the same or different.

You can also not stick to symmetry. In the event that the resulting layout did not satisfy you, you can always remove the beads and beads before you can tighten the jewelry, and start again, until the result completely satisfies you.

The fastening of the decoration depends on which typeThe fasteners you selected. You can attach a part of the fastener to the second end, fixing it in the same way as the carabiner, or you can make a loop from the cable. In the second case, a free end of the cable is wound around the round part of the roundlogs several times. Then, with the help of thin-nose pliers, the remainder of the cable is wrapped on the wire below the loop. The end also hides inside, so that nothing sticks out of the bracelet. Done!

Bracelets from satin ribbons

Before we begin to weave the simplest product, remember a few tips that will make it easier for you to create any woven jewelry:

  • Bracelets with your own hands - a spade of original jewelryWhen weaving, do not tighten the tape strongly, you need to use it to get loose, and at the same time, the loops should tightly cover the tape;
  • Fix the ends of each satin ribbon with a match or a lighter, otherwise their ends will be blossomed.

For weaving the simplest baubles you will need two satin or silk ribbons, 0.5-1 cm in width, 1 meter long.

  • Fold both ribbons together and make a bundle of them, tying the simplest loop. At the same time, leave 2-3 centimeters from the edge;
  • Separately from each ribbon make a loop and thread one into the other, twisting them in this way;
  • One of the loops is easily tightened. Re-form two loops and now change the ribbon, which will be passed through the second loop;
  • Again make a loop, thread a ribbon in it and alternate them, tighten the eyelets until both ribbons run out;
  • Tie the ends of the baubles with an ordinary knot. As a result, you will get a stylish decoration on the arm of two ribbons, woven with a square weave.

Bracelets from threads to a floss with their own hands

They are also called bracelets of friendship. They have many patterns, patterns and styles of weaving. For a closer acquaintance, let's start with a master class for beginners. Having mastered it, you can aim at more complex wickerwork.

For work you will need:

  • 6 multicolored threads of mulina;
  • Scotch, pin or large binder;
  • Scissors.

Prepare the material. To do this, cut the mulina into segments of 60 centimeters. As a result, you will have six pairs of threads, that is, 12 threads. Fold them in mirror order. For example, there are two reds in the middle, two white on both sides, then two blue ones, etc.

Fixing the material. You can not weave until you fix the threads. To do this, tie the knot and fasten the ends of the floss to the binder, pin or piece of scotch tape.

Weaving. Shave on the left side. Take an extremely left thread and tie a knot to her neighbor. First, form a figure resembling a figure of four. Then thread the end thread through the loop. Lightly pull the bundle up to the base of the weaving. So, you should get two nodules. With the same extreme thread, which moved to the second place, make a noose and throw on the third. So, until you reach the middle.

Mirror weaving. After reaching the middle, make similar knots from the right edge, starting with the extreme right thread. Weaving through two knots, reach the middle.

Second row. Then we return to the extreme thread from the other end and we untype the knots according to the previous scheme, only we lead it from right to left until we reach the middle, and the outer thread will not become middle.

Fixation. Now both ends of the thread were in the middle. Right, make two nodules on the left, ending this with the first row of weaving.

In the same way we weave the following extreme threads, bringing them to the middle.

Such a weaving of threads is called "Fir-tree" or "braid". This is the simplest option. Having mastered it, you can diversify the weaving with braid, beads, beads and other elements of decor. In the same way, you can tie beads, hoops, belts and other ornaments.

Shamballa bracelet with own hands

Shambhala is a popular kind of bracelets all over the world. They are given mystical and protective properties, which depend on the composition of the stones that were used in the manufacturing process and the mood of the master.

Shamballa bracelets are made and with your own hands, before you master the master class, purchase the following materials:

  • 10-15 beads, it can be both plastic and semiprecious stones;
  • Two cords, "lazy"About 60 centimeters, the second"working"- 180 centimeters;
  • Clasp, superglue, scissors.

For those who know how to knit macrame, we can not weave shambala, all the others should carefully read the following instructions:

  • On a short cord, all the beads are strung in any sequence you like. The ends of the cord are fixed with tight knots. One end is fixed with an adhesive tape vertically, the second is also better fixed;
  • A long cord is folded in half. He is tied to "Lazy»The cord just above the first bead;
  • Bracelets with your own hands - a spade of original jewelryOn both sides "working"The cord tie a bead and again becomes attached to"lazy»The cord, just behind the bead. Knit very tightly, so that the bead was strictly fixed in its place, and "working"The cord did not slip from it;
  • In this way, tie all the beads;
  • A fastener is created from "Lazy»String. Its ends are folded and twisted into knots from 10 to 14 times;
  • At the loose ends of "Lazy cord»String on one bead and fix it with knots, strengthen with glue.

As you can see, making a bracelet with your own hands made of beads, beads, threads, satin ribbons is simple and exciting.

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