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Methods of manufacturing bracelets from polymer clay


Bracelets made of polymer clay are easy to make by hand, using a minimum of improvised means. As a basis, take a wooden finished bracelet or chain with a clasp

Without jewelry and other ornaments, even the mostA harmoniously composed image will be incomplete. Of what only do not make today beads, earrings, bracelets and other: the course is metal, stone, wood, leather, as well as polymer clay. Plus, the latter is that it can be bought on a free sale and independently make the decoration of your dreams or even several options that match the style of a particular set of clothes.

Methods of manufacturing bracelets from polymer clayFrom polymer clay it is possible to make bracelets of the mostVarious forms, colors, textures and themes. Beginners are unlikely to immediately be able to produce whole floral masterpieces, as if descended from the canvases of great painters.

But with a certain persistence can learnSimple techniques and bring to light quite worthy products, using a minimum of improvised means. The main material is, of course, the clay itself. And everything else can be done, having a desire and free time.

Knitted bracelet made of polymer clay

It is necessary to purchase in advance a wooden base of the required width, Fimo-gel, cutter, polymer clay, extruder, wire or wire and toothpicks.

manufacturing stages:

  • Breaking off from a pack of two blocks of primary colors,Add half a block of additional shades. Mash the material in your hands and roll it out on a pasta machine. If you do not have one, you can use a regular rolling pin or bottle;
  • The main color and its shades are taken. Put a piece of food film on the rolled sheet and cut the maximum possible number of circles with a cutter or knife. Fold them together and squeeze. The resulting bar should be equal in length to the extruder;
  • Now it remains to squeeze out the material through thisDevice and the same thing with other colors. Cut every noodle in two. Now the needle or wire must be fixed somewhere so that the ends are clamped on both sides, and the middle is empty, like a clothesline;
  • Methods of manufacturing bracelets from polymer clayWe hang noodles on an improvised rope, bending it in half. Our task is to wind the same number of elements on the left and right sides so that when they are added together, the pigtail turns out;
  • Cut them on a knife with a knife, spread out on a table inThe right order. To obtain a bracelet made of polymer clay on a wooden base, it is necessary to coat the very base with Fimo-gel, spread it with a sponge and bake in the oven. So do after treatment with this composition of the inner surface of the bracelet;
  • Now left to lay out the finished knitted fabric on the basis, not forgetting to bend the edges inward, about 5 mm. To send in preheated to 120? With an oven for 20 minutes;
  • Performing one of all kinds of bracelets from polymer clay with their hands, Do not forget about the appearance of the product both outside and inside. The inner part of the accessory also needs to be covered with a layer of polymeric material, pretreated with Fimo-gel;
  • Here you can use somebody's helpersAdaptation of a suitable diameter, for example, a cylinder with a deodorant. After wrapping it with a film, do the same with the rolled out layer and insert it inside the wooden base. Remove the cylinder and film, and smooth the layer well.
  • Again bake in the oven and can be used for the intended purpose.

Other variations of the accessory on hand

Very effective look floral bracelets,Made of polymer clay. But to make flowers look like natural, you need a special skill, which is 100% owned by confectioners who make pasta cakes.

Methods of manufacturing bracelets from polymer clayWhen working with polymer clay, the sameThe most tools, as in the preparation of delicious and incredibly beautiful baking. Therefore, those who have already pleased their loved ones with such a yummy taste, it is worth trying to present them with a gift and incredible beauty and grace accessories.

Flower patterns, beads, animal figurines and other elements are attached to the jewelery rings, and then gather on a chain with large links.

Here is an example of manufacturing a bracelet on a marine theme from polymer clay:

  • Roll a few balls of polymer clayBlue, flatten them and cut the stars. Give them the right shape and decorate at will. You can even do this in the technique of decoupage - this is how your imagination tells you. Do not forget to only poke the ribs of each star with a needle so that you can pass through the hole a ring;
  • To make a shell with your own hands, you will needThree pieces of white, orange and brown material. We skate the thin sausages, twist them together, and then wrap it, giving it the shape of a snail's house. Just make holes in each for fasteners;
  • Methods of manufacturing bracelets from polymer clayBake products and, if desired, rust glossyVarnish. How to make a beautiful bracelet made of polymer clay? It is possible to make so that subjects of a marine theme will coexist with beads. You can buy different beads and pre-thread them on a metal base with a cap at the end;
  • The long part of the base is bitten off by pliers, andThe remaining tip is bent inward to make an eyelet. Attach the clasp-carabiner to the chain and begin to thread finished products on it, alternating them with beads. Do not forget to put the connecting rings in the holes of the stars and shells. Everything, the decoration is ready.

Under the same scheme, you can make a bracelet withHouses of polymer clay, and any other elements. The houses are cut from the material of brown color, and after that of the same material of a different color, they are decorated with windows, a roof, a pipe, etc.

If you make an accessory that will complement the winter image, use a white liquid clay that will embody the theme of a snow-covered blizzard in your bracelet.

Variations in making your dream come true a lot: try, experiment, take on the boldest ideas and replenish your collection of original accessories. Good luck!

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