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Place for the dog with your own hands


Each dog in the house should have a place where she can sleep, rest, retire. Learn how to easily and quickly make a lounger or a house for a dog from improvised materials!

Every family member in the house has a place whereYou can relax, relax and retire. This place must be in the dog, because she needs to sleep somewhere, rest after active games and walks. For large dogs the house is a warm booth if you live outside the city. In an apartment a large dog, of course, you can not put a booth, but it still has to be found.

Place for the dog with your own handsIf a four-legged friend, large orSmall, will not have his own corner, he will occupy a sofa or a bed, sleep in the legs and may suffer from the night overturns of the hosts. And it's inconvenient for you and it's dangerous for a little dog, so it's necessary to build a friend a lounger or a house.

In principle, if funds permit, you canPurchase a ready-made soft or wicker bed for dogs in a pet store. If there is no extra money, and want to make an exclusive, warm and loving sun lounger for a best friend, it's worth trying to make it on your own.

It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and it is almost not costly, because you can adapt old unnecessary things that are lying around in the closet or on the balcony.

How to build a lounger for a dog with your own hands

Beds for pets are different: Soft, hard, with or without borders. Hard plastic loungers are easier to clean, soft cute, with bumps better protect the animal from drafts, and the flat will give more space to fall apart. On sale there is a wicker bed for dogs, who love to gnaw.

The choice is truly great, however, it is not always possible to find what you want. If such a problem is outlined, it is worthwhile to build a place for the dog on its own. Making a bed for a miniature dog with his own hands is not difficult.

There are some incredibly simple options that even a person can cope with without special sewing skills:

  • Sunbed from a sweater. To make it, you need a pillow, an old sweater, a sintepon or another filler. First you need to sew up the neck of the sweater, then make a seam in a semicircle from the sleeve to the sleeve, and fill them with the top of the sweater with a sintepon. In the lower part of the sweater put a pillow or fill with a sintepon, sew the sleeves to the body and sew together. Done;
  • Foam mattress. From foam rubber thickness of 4-5 cm you need to cut out two parts: the bottom and the edge. The length of the edge is equal to the length of the three sides of the bottom, the height of 20-40 cm. The size of the bottom itself is calculated based on the size of the dog in a lying position with elongated paws. The shape of the bottom will be oval. So, after the bottom and the rim are cut from the foam rubber, it is necessary to attach them to the fabric, and cut out the covers taking into account the allowances of 2 cm. The pattern should look something like this: two details of the bottom of the oval shape, and one detail of the side, oblong and wide Equal to the height of the edge, multiplied by two, plus, the thickness of the foam, multiplied by two, and the allowances for the seams). Now you need to sew the covers, leaving holes for the foam rubber insert. Inserting it, you need to sew holes and sew the border and the bottom with each other. Inside such a couch, you can put a pillow to make it more comfortable to sleep in it. This foam lounger is suitable for dogs of large size, only you need to increase the size of the pattern of the dog's bed taking into account its parameters and you can first sew the cover and then fill it with slices of foam rubber or sintepon if you can not find the foam of the correct size. It is recommended for the lounger to sew two more removable pillows made of linen or cotton;
  • Shelter for a large dog from plywood and oldBlankets. Take a sheet of plywood the right size, attach it to the furniture legs. By the size of the sheet, cut out the backing from the blanket, sew a cover for it. It is also recommended to sew to the substrate a few removable duvet covers or a sheet with a rubber band around the perimeter so that you can attach the sheet to the plywood and the substrate does not fall off.

Place for the dog with your own handsIn general, as the basis of the dog bed can beUse different things: wooden pallets, old linen drawers from cabinets, suitcase covers, low baskets. To them, you can attach the legs, and inside put a pillow or mattress, sewn with your own hands.

Looks like these couches for dogs are very cute andAre constructed incredibly easily. Connect fantasy, do not be afraid to experiment and you will get an original and exclusive lounger for your pet!

Houses for dogs with their own hands

How to sew a lounger for a dog is already known. It's pretty simple. And how difficult is it to build a pet house? To make it so that it could hide and feel safe, of course, more difficult than a sun lounger, but not much.

It is relatively easy to build a house with your own handsFrom an old T-shirt, two foam hangers, a piece of cardboard and a small pillow. Hangers need to be straightened and give them the shape of an arc. Put them crosswise and wrap them around the wire. Cut out the square from the cardboard. Attach the ends of the hangers to the cardboard with a wire or adhesive tape.

Place for the dog with your own handsAll sharp ends of the wire should be wrapped aroundTape so that the dog is not scratched. Further, on the received skeleton it is necessary to put on a T-shirt so that the mouth was on the side - this will be the entrance to the house. The underside of the T-shirt should be sewn so that it does not sag anywhere. It remains to put the pillow inside and you can run the dog into the house with a couch.

For a pet of small sizes it is possible to make andSmall soft foam house. It is done according to the principle of a lounger, only the side walls should be built according to the height of the dog and not forget about the roof. If the house is oval, then for the roof you need to cut out of the foam rubber an oval of the same size as the bottom, make four incisions on it and sew together. Foam is sewn with a cloth.

The roof can not be sewn, but fastened with pins,So that on hot days she could be removed. These houses look beautiful and very like dogs. Make beds and lodges for dogs with love, and they will be grateful to you!

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