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Lozooblenie - a pleasant leisure and an exciting hobby!


Types of weaving machinery from vines and their execution. How to choose a vine for weaving? What do you need to know for beginners when starting to work on the weed?

One of the most ancient crafts is the weavingFrom the vine. Imagine, it appeared before the pottery business! At first the vine was used as a building material. Over time, people, appreciating its multifunctionality, found another application for this natural material.

And as a result, wickerwork from the vine of steelAn integral part of their life. But in our time this skill is not lost. Especially popular are wicker hedges and furniture made of this flexible material.

Is it difficult?

Lozooblenie - a pleasant leisure and an exciting hobby!The technique of execution is simple and does not require any special talents, even from novice masters. Having the desire, you can independently learn how to make simple products at home.

You can start with a simple, for example, with weavingPlates and baskets, which are sure to be used in any farm. Also your crafts can become an original gift for your relatives and acquaintances.

If you study independentlyDifficulties, I recommend that you attend a beginner's course on climbing. Who knows, maybe in time you will be able to enjoy the warm summer sun sitting in the garden in your own woven chair?

Harvesting of vines

If you are just new to the art of weavingFrom the vine, then we will not rush things and consider each stage in turn. The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the material with which you will work.

Having the opportunity to prepare a vine for yourself, consider the following:

  • The most favorable time for cutting twigs is winter;
  • Give preference only to the ripened wood, it can be determined by the formed apex of the plant;
  • It is very important to check the material for brittleness. To do this, simply bend the rod 180 degrees. If he remains intact, you know, such a workpiece is quite suitable for highly artistic weaving.

It will not be very difficult to buy a vine in the nearest flower shop. Before buying it will not be superfluous to make sure of the quality of the goods themselves, no one is insured from marriage.

We sorted out the workpiece. Now is the time to move on to action. In order for your creative impulse not to fade after the first work, start with a simple one. Try to weave the basket. She and the farm is always useful, and the technique of its execution is simple.

Technique of weaving

The shape of your product depends on the placement of the rods. And there are many such techniques.

I want to tell you about the most used of them:

  • A simple weaving is when the twig alternately goes around all the racks. Alternating the outer and inner sides. A very common way of weaving among beginners;
  • Double weaving. We start as in the case of single, then each subsequent rod is pressed against the previous ones and we bring it up a bit. A peculiar wave forms;
  • Three twigs. This method will not cause difficulties if you once in a life wove pigtail. The essence is the same. The first row is a single weave, and then gradually add on the twig. We bring up the quantity we need and we braid the pigtail;
  • Edge. As a rule, it is formed from the remaining unoccupied racks. We take each of them and turn one by one in turn. It is necessary to act as carefully as possible, so that the rods remain intact. To make the edge, you can also use the technique of "hoop", the most used for decorating wicker furniture. Take a vine in diameter of 12-15 mm, having deviated slightly from the edge, make a shallow incision and begin to gradually give it the shape of a circle. To fix the two ends, the wire or strong rope will be most suitable. In the process of processing, you can easily zadekorirovat them;
  • A pen is the most delicate part, as a rule,It is she who is the first to become worthless. Therefore, a thick rod is always taken as a basis, without any signs of pre-existing knots on it. The length of the handle is equal to half the perimeter of the product. For the handle braid use the longest branches as it will look neat. The lock is the part that connects the handle to your product. Twigs, which are as close as possible to the handle, begin alternately to twist first from right to left and vice versa. In the end result you will get a pattern remotely reminiscent of a star. The number of these turns determines the strength of the handle, and hence the life of the pen.

Lozooblenie - a pleasant leisure and an exciting hobby!At every stage of the weaving must necessarilyremember. Before using the plant material, it must be soaked in warm water beforehand. So you will give him the flexibility. That will greatly facilitate the subsequent work with him.

Shred a basket of vines

Before you start working, you must for yourselfDecide what kind of product your product will have. I am now talking about the shape of the bottom, which can be round or oval, and about the size. The basket is large or medium-sized. This is necessary in order to approximately calculate the necessary number of twigs for the work.

This is done as follows:

  • The bottom is formed from 25-35 pieces. Twigs, whose diameter is 3-4 mm, and 8 sticks 6 mm each;
  • Stoics - 15 basic and 15 auxiliary, the thickness of which is 4-5 mm;
  • For braiding the side part the number of rods will depend on the technique of weaving used by you;
  • Rope rods, the thickness of which should not exceed 4 mm;
  • One 10 mm rod for the handle;
  • Necessarily spare twigs.

Main stages

  • You need to start the work with weaving the bottom. The most common sizes of main rods are 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. The distance between the posts depends on their number. The more they are clean, the denser the rods will be. From their diligence depends on the aesthetic appearance of the basket. Fold the main rods criss-cross and start to braid them;
  • When the bottom is ready, gently cut off all sticking tips. Then proceed to the racks;
  • When placing racks, immediately fix them with special twigs ropes. Start from the bottom and continue to move to the bend point;
  • Forming the side part you can perform it as withUsing one kind of weaving, it is not forbidden to combine different techniques. It all depends on your skill and imagination. The number of layers will depend on the intended height of the basket;
  • When the sides are ready, carefully cut off all the irregularities and fix the ropes.
  • We form the bend. The most common is "Pigtail";
  • Lozooblenie - a pleasant leisure and an exciting hobby!At the final stage we make from a rod a handleBaskets. We take the thickest branch and fix it as tightly as possible with its ropes. We carry out this process qualitatively and attentively. If you want the basket to serve you for a long time. And she did not fail at the most crucial moment;
  • After you finish the work, treat the basket with a brush and open it with wood varnish. It will ennoble it and give a natural shine.

Do not be discouraged if at first you did not get the basket of your dreams. The main thing is your desire. Creative inspiration to everyone!

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