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Bag with your hands: how to do it


You want a casket, but you did not find anything cute in the shops? Then try to make a casket of your dreams with your own hands, using improvised materials

Almost every girl isOwner of a huge number of ornaments. And all this wealth must be put somewhere. That's why today we'll talk about caskets. Even in ancient times, these small, but very beautiful boxes were the pride of women. And judging by the archaeological excavations, such an object appeared in ancient Egypt. In those distant times the caskets were made of wood decorated with carvings.

Bag with your hands: how to do itBefore the industrial revolution, such a product wasA rarity, and it could only possess very wealthy ladies. Today, thanks to the high level of technology development and a huge amount of materials, each of us can acquire a casket.

And, by the way, if you do not want to go shopping and spend a lot of time looking for something special, then you can make a small casket with your own hands.

How to make a box of cardboard

Perhaps, one of the most accessible materials forThe creation of a casket is a cardboard. In this case, you should not have any problems with the purchase of material, and the cost of such crafts will not be too high. So, let's consider one of the options for making such a thing from cardboard.

In order to create the first version you will need:

  • Several sheets of cardboard;
  • Sharp clerical knife;
  • A simple pencil and ruler;
  • Qualitative glue, it is best to choose your PVA.

So, let's get started! First take one sheet, and draw on it a few rectangles. The size depends solely on what you are going to put inside. Each rectangle in the future will become a recess to the casket.

After the rectangles are drawn, youIt will be necessary to cut them along the contour with the help of a clerical knife. Thus, you get a kind of template. Using it you need to cut out rectangles in several sheets of cardboard. Now arm ourselves with glue and glue all sheets as shown in the picture.

One more thing: Before you glue the sheets with holes, glue together five or six solid sheets. So you will get a pretty solid bottom for your product. By the way, the depth of each branch can be different.

To do this, you just do not cut in eachThe same number of rectangles. For example, the deepest is the first hole, then you cut out this rectangle on all sheets. The second square will be a little less deep. So, you need to cut it only from the fifth sheet of twenty. In the same way, we make very small holes.

In order for the box to be properly glued together,Put on top of the finished product some large, rectangular object. Please note that it must be heavy, so that the sheets of cardboard are properly flattened. Leave such a product at night under the load, and here it is your casket, made by own hands. If the design seems too simple to you, then you can decorate it in any way.

How to make a box of paper

Bag with your hands: how to do itIf for some reason, you do not have availableCardboard, and the casket is really needed right now, then you can use paper. Of course, no one talks about regular A4 sheets, which are intended for printing. You need a thick, construction paper.

Actually, the ways of making a casket fromSheets of paper there is not too much. The optimum is cutting out the complete cutting and further gluing the parts. The method is, of course, time-consuming, but the result will amaze with its originality.

Today we will try to make a hexagonalCasket. To do this, you need to cut out its layout as shown in the picture. Now bend the paper along the dotted line. Those parts that are bent on the left side of each wall will serve as anchorages that will be held at the expense of the glue.

Attention! We glue each crease from the inside of the box. And now the frame of our casket is ready! Precisely on the same principle, we make a cap.

After the cage frame is ready, you canDecorate it the way you want. For example, you can make several bulk colors or ribbons of paper and glue to the edges of the frame. And you can paint something beautiful with colorful crayons. Another version of the decoration can be considered sticking small pieces of fabric and lace. So include fantasy and create!

How to make a casket out of the box

And now we'll try to make a jewelry box.

To do this you will need:

  • A small box;
  • Velvet or velvet fabric;
  • A small piece of foam rubber, the thickness of which should be about 1.25 centimeters;
  • A small sheet of strong cardboard. However, if there is none, then you can use the cover from the usual notebook;
  • Knife stationery, pencil, ruler, hot-melt gun.

Let's start making our casket. First, cut out a rectangle from the cardboard, the size of which will be three to four millimeters smaller than the bottom of the box. Put it on the bottom of the cardboard and note at what level the lining under the rings and earrings will end.

Now take the foam and cut it into smallStripes. As for the fabric, it will be used to cover the foam rubber. After the stripes are covered, you stack them in a box one near the other. One roll of fabric and foam should be put across to divide the zones in the box.

How to make a casket from a book

The downside of this box may be the fact thatYou will have to spoil one of the books. But if this is not a matter of principle for you, then you can start the creation safely. To make such a cute little thing you will need a thick book.

We turn several pages and begin to cut out the middle of the pages. Do not cut to the last page, just like in the beginning, leave a few boxes at the bottom of the box.

After all the pages are cut, you needCarefully glue the whole book. While the pages of the book dry, you can do jewelry. For example, lush paper or fabric flowers on the cover can be an excellent variant of the decor. Although if you want to make a cache of such a book, you can just put it in the closet after the glue dries.

Attention! If you put such a box in the closet, you should carefully remember where you put it. Otherwise, you will be looking for your jewelry and money for a long time.

How to make a casket from your tree with your own hands

If all the previous easy options do notFit, and the soul asks for something that will be stored for centuries, you can turn your attention to the casket of wood. To make it, of course, is much more complicated than from paper or a book, and special tools will be needed.

First, you need to decide on the form of yourProducts. You can choose any configuration, the only thing you need to remember - then all these knobs and hearts still have to cut out of the tree. So when choosing, we advise you to take into account your skill level.

Now with the help of the milling machine we give our two blanks from wood the necessary form. After that, we process the edges with a shaped cutter, in order for our box to look more solid.

Bag with your hands: how to do itIn order to assemble the frame, take threeIdentical plates, the thickness of which should not be more than one centimeter. We glue these plates to the bottom. After that, you can take a few small boards and, by the same principle, glue together one or two boxes. We put them in the box.

We check whether we have calculated the height of the box. If everything is fine, pull out the drawers and carefully glue the cover.

So, we have figured out how to make a casket with our own hands. As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated in this. The main thing is to be patient and you will succeed.

Such caskets are good because care of them is almost unnecessary. Just make sure that there is no liquid anywhere nearby. So take the materials and create!

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