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Diadem with your hands - how to make an elegant decoration of wire, beads and flowers


Diadem - exquisite thing that you can decorate any image. With the help of master classes presented in this article, you will have a wonderful tiara with their hands

The diadem is extraordinarily beautiful, feminine andElegant accessory that you can decorate any hairstyle. Often this decoration is chosen by young brides or girls for various social events. In addition, with the help of such an accessory you can supplement the image of your daughter for any holiday in school or kindergarten.

In jewelry stores you can buy manyVarious ornaments for hair. In most cases, they are quite expensive. In order not to spend extra money, you can make a beautiful diadem of beads with your handles made of simple materials, which you can buy without any difficulty.

How to make a diadem with your hands from wire, beads and flowers?

The diadem itself - very elegant, original and simple decoration. It is ideal for the head of a little princess for a school ball.

To make with your handles a diadem of flowers or beads is not at all difficult, if you follow our instructions carefully:

  1. Diadem with your hands - how to make an elegant decoration of wire, beads and flowersTake a piece of wire about 80 cm long. At one end, secure a beautiful bead
    Medium size and fix it with a loop;
  2. Under this bead twist the wire so that a small spiral turns out, and then form the 5 petals of the future flower. Try to keep them all the same size and shape;
  3. The remainder must be twisted and decorated with a large beautiful bead;
  4. Next, you need to blossom the petals of the flower. To do this, on another, thinner wire, string a small bead and tightly wrap it all the petals;
  5. Similarly, make two more flowers of a smaller size;
  6. Next, take a thin metal hair hoop and attach to it first small flowers, and then a large flower;
  7. Spread all the elements the way you like. You will get a simple, but at the same time very elegant accessory of beads for hair decoration.

How to make a wedding diadem with your own hands?

Also, without much difficulty, you can make a beautiful wedding diadem for a young bride yourself.

The following master class will help you:

  1. Diadem with your hands - how to make an elegant decoration of wire, beads and flowersFirst, take a piece of wire length of 25 centimeters and fold it in half. After two ends, thread the pearl, pull it up. Under the pearls, you need to scroll the wire 5 times;
  2. Divide the two ends of the wire and put 5 small beads on each of them;
  3. Again, twist the wire 5 times, and connect the two ends together. Put them on another pearl. Then, again divide the ends and on each of them string on 8 beads;
  4. Once again, connect them and twist them so that a loop of beads is obtained. This will be the first detail of our future tiara;
  5. Next, cut six more pieces of 20Centimeters. On each of them, put on the pearl in the same way as when creating the first part. Twist the wire, and then, divide its ends and on each of them put on 10 beads. So you get 6 identical parts;
  6. To create details of the third kind, cut another 6Pieces, length of 15 centimeters each. On each of them, just as in the previous cases, dress on the pearl, twist the wire and at its two ends, string 3 beads. Now you are ready for all the details of the future decoration, it remains only to unite them;
  7. For this you need to take a metal hoop forHair and accurately in the middle to attach the first, the most large, detail. On both sides of it, attach the remaining parts, alternating the smallest elements and more;
  8. Finally, take another piece of about 60 centimeters long and wrap the whole product on one side. On this piece, you can also place several pearls at the same distance from each other;
  9. If you did everything right, you will get a very delicate and elegant accessory, which with pleasure will put on its charming head a young bride.

The variants proposed in our article can beChange the way you like. Connect your imagination and imagination, think about what materials can be used to create ornaments, and start creating. So you can make an incredibly beautiful and elegant diadem for yourself or your child.

In addition, a diadem created from a wire will be an excellent gift for your close friend or sister.

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