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Rod puppets - people still do not, but look!


The history of the origin of hinged dolls. Japanese articulated dolls - production technology. Master-class on the creation of hinged dolls made of plastic

The popularity of hinged dolls is easy to explain. After all, it reproduces the exact copy of a person, with all the anatomical features. The design, with the use of hinges in the place of fastening, makes them very flexible, and gives the ability to take a variety of poses and even express the mood.

Rod puppets - people still do not, but look!Many mistakenly believe that the inventionWe are obligated to countries such as Japan, Korea or China for pivoting dolls. This is far from the case. The first models made in this technique were known in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece. The material for them was clay and wood, and they were collected with the help of ropes and pegs.

In our time, the value of these dolls is not only that,That they look like people, but also in their individuality. And for this it is not necessary to do it yourself. It is enough to buy even a serial, and due to the properties of the material from which it is made, to change her appearance.

Japanese articulated doll

Although not the Japanese invented and created the firstA toy on the hinges, but it is due to its revival that this country. Japanese company Volks was the first to offer a model that the owner can create for himself, feeling himself in the role of Pygmalion, wallowing his Galatea. They are also called Super Dollfie, abbreviated BJD.

Despite its diversity in BJD, there is stillCertain standards. They are in proportions and in sizes. Since only because of the large size of large, you can create a model with full details of all the anatomical features.

The very first BJDs had a standard size of 60 centimeters. Then the product became "Grow up". First up to 65, then up to 70 centimeters and it seems that this is not the limit.

There are other categories of toys on hinges, smaller - tiny and mini. Very crumbs from 9 to 35 centimeters, somehow resemble standard dolls and therefore are created with all the attributes inherent in them.

The average size is 35-45 centimeters, this is a compromiseBetween quality, as with such a model it is already possible to work, giving it an individuality, and at the cost - it is cheaper. Well, all that is above 45 centimeters are considered large.

From ordinary toys, Japanese BJD is distinguished also bymaterial. They are not made of plastic, but of polyurethane resins. This material is more pleasant to the touch and resembles porcelain. It is thanks to him that the products can be modified, armed with sandpaper, nail file and other cutting tools.

The process of creating such a product is quiteLaborious and expensive. Initially, the sculptor-designer manually makes all the details. Then silicone preforms are created on them, in which parts of the body are cast. But such blanks are not permanent and can only be used to create several prototypes, and then the process begins anew.

Naturally, taking into account the cost of the material,Equipment, rent, salary costs and other factors, the cost of one product on the hinges goes off scale. The price of one basic model is 300-700 US dollars.

But this is the cost of the new model. And due to the fact that they are usually produced in a limited edition, then getting to the secondary market, its price grows even more. And this is a great incentive to learn how to make hinged dolls with your own hands, even if not for sale, but for yourself.

Hinged dolls made by own hands

Rod puppets - people still do not, but look!Getting to work, get used to the idea in advance,That your doll is unlikely to be a masterpiece. It is still far away. But the fact that it will be bright, individual, with its name and character, with its own creation history is for sure.

In the process of creation, each person turns intoCreator, so it's not surprising that the resulting product turns out to be animate. And, quite possibly, it will become a luck charm. The main thing, do not forget all the materials and tools, stock up a good mood.

There are many technologies to create such dolls. In order to determine which one to work in, first select the material from which it will be created.

Material for pivot dolls is divided into the following types:

  • Self-healing, such as papier-mache and Efaplast;
  • Baked - all varieties of plastic, polymer clay;
  • Cast - porcelain and polyurethane.

We are approached by the first two. The molding method is already factory. From what model will be - textile, from papier-mache, self-hardening clay or other material, the whole process of creation itself depends. For example, a textile hinged doll is made from a special doll's textile of a dairy or flesh color. And for its creation you will undoubtedly need a pattern.

On the Internet, there are many master classes for sewing a textile articulated doll, in the same place are given patterns and the right size.

If the product is made of hard material, thenThe pattern will be replaced with a pattern on which the model is drawn in profile and full face with all the possible details. Naturally, the pattern and scheme of the textile and polyurethane hinged doll is drawn in full size.

Master-class on the creation of hinged dolls made of plastic

Our first doll should be made of plastic forModeling. This material is sold in a specialized store. Still need foil and food film. Using the scheme, we make the framework of the base-trunk, hands, feet and head from the film and foil.

This is done as follows:

  • At first we make the necessary foil from the foil andContours of a part. In order not to deviate from the scheme, always apply them to the drawing. This is necessary in order to withstand the required sizes and proportions. Then wrap the parts with a film, and after we coat the framework with a thin layer of plastic, 1-1.5 mm thick. Next, using the instructions, bake the plastic in the oven;
  • After the details are baked, using their ownKnowledge in anatomy, using nazhdachki or nail file, we begin polishing the details, giving them the necessary cavities and tubercles. Where, in your opinion, plastic is not enough, we increase it. Just remember, after each extension of the plastic, the product must be sent to the oven for hardening. This is both creative and routine work;
  • After the details are processed, the trunk, handsAnd the legs are cut, and the frame is carefully removed from them. And in its place put flexible tubes or rubber cords. Hands and feet are cut in one place, where the joints of the person - the elbow and the knee - are fastened;
  • In their place on the size of hinges are molded. You also need to make workpieces of the palms, fingers and feet. Everyone tries on the feet and hands, filings and rubs, until, in your opinion, will not be ideally suited to each other;
  • In the area of ​​the ankle, as well as forearm joints,Palms and necks are inserted eyelets or metal hooks. The whole model is assembled on two rubber cords. They pass through the whole body. One stretches from one ankle to the neck, and then to the second ankle. And the second cord stretches from one wrist over the shoulders to the other. Observe the degree of tension of the cord so that the product does not become loose or pinched. Also for their hooks on the elastic band are joined the feet, palms and head;
  • Rod puppets - people still do not, but look!Then begins polishing and decorating. «Leather"Is polished with a soft cloth to an idealSmoothness, then ground and stained acrylic. A small groove is made on the head for the hair. Then, with the crushed pink pastel, the bulges on the body and face are covered, everything is fixed with varnish;
  • In the continuation of the work on the design, you needColor the face, attach the hair and paste or draw the cilia. Prototype for the person can serve any image. It can be a famous actress or singer, or maybe just your favorite face.

So, as you could see, author's articulated dolls are a creative and not very difficult occupation. The main thing - patience, imagination and focus on the final result.

Even if you do not get a finger on the tenth time, do not despair. Remember that skill comes with experience. In any case, your every article is always a matter of pride.

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