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How is the paper wedding celebrated?


Paper wedding marks an important fur of growing up a young family. This date is worth it to note it. What to give for a paper wedding, and what are the beliefs associated with it?

The second anniversary of the birth of the family is usually calledPaper, because it is this period is considered a test of compatibility of partners, their respectful relationship to each other and an educated cell of society. As you know, the paper is an extremely delicate material, which crumples and tears literally from every touch, but lights up from a minimal spark.

How is the paper wedding celebrated?So with young marriages: their participants are still eyeing each other, have not learned to fully appreciate what they have, and are just beginning to learn to take care of each other.

During these couple of years the spouses have built many joint plans for the future, destroyed illusions about each other, got used to Plan a family budget And adopted their own position regarding the created family.

Two years later, young people realize that marriage isConstant compromises, incredible patience and everyday work. They have mastered the art of oppression of their own selfishness, they have found common friends and even managed to have children.

All this should not be left without due attention,And spouses just need a family holiday, relaxation, which will remind them of their past feelings, strengthen the union and set up a positive mood. It is such a triumph and is Paper wedding.

Traditions of different countries

Two years of marriage is a kind of Rubicon, afterWhose spouses understand how stable, stable and promising their union is. A lot of interesting rituals are connected with this date, the list of which is replenished every year. The most colorful event is in the East. For example, in remote Chinese provinces, one can still observe the dances of married couples dressed in red-colored paper robes, similar to the feathers of a chicken and a cockerel.

How is the paper wedding celebrated?In the courtyard a fire is lit, and the husband is supposed to portray a rooster who cares for the lady of his heart. In the midst "Relations"One of the invited guests enters the dance floor, dressed in the black suit of one more cock, which brings the discord into a folding pair.

The spouse needs to overcome his opponent, then burn his vestments, and invite guests for a festive table.

In Byzantium there is another interesting custom: Spouses are exchanging homemade paper dolls, in the middle of which are hidden notes. They show all the advantages that the recipient has. Throughout the celebration, the wife and husband need to keep an eye on the gifts, so that the guests are not stolen. At the end of the feast, the notes are extracted and read aloud.

Greeks celebrated the anniversary of the wedding two-year "Excerpts»Special«Money dance ». During its duration all guests are obliged to attach to a suit of the husband a paper bill of solid dignity.

What to gift?

How is the paper wedding celebrated?Let's move on to what exactly will be appropriateTo give to spouses, and than they can give each other. It is clear, the most relevant offering will be everything that is made of paper, well, or from glass for the last resort. For example, friends can present a funny cartoon, a collage, a souvenir calendar made to order, a photo album and even paper tickets for a plane or train that will send them to a romantic weekend.

In fact, there are a lot of variants of what to give to a wedding wedding for spouses or friends.

Judge for yourself:

  • In any situation, the monetary gift will be actual. How much to present - it's up to you, the main thing is that it's not coins, but bills. Only they will ensure the family prosperity and well-being;
  • If the family already has a replenishment, you needTo reflect not only on what to give to his wife or spouse for a paper wedding, but also about offering them to a joint child. An excellent option will be a paper set for creativity, consisting of colored paper, cardboard, a model of the future product, glue and scissors. Believe me, all these simple things will give the family many happy and fruitful minutes;
  • How is the paper wedding celebrated?Solving the problem of what to give to his wife orHusband on a paper wedding, remember about such ancient art as origami. Thanks to him, from ordinary paper animals, flowers, fantastic crafts, strange fish and even people's silhouettes turn out. The figurine-origami becomes a symbolic, pleasant and beautiful gift;
  • The spouses themselves can exchange such pleasantPaper trivia, like: tickets to a fitness club or parachute jump, certificates for the purchase of perfume or clothes, postcards with personally composed poems, subscriptions to glossy editions, books, photo frames, flipchart notebooks and even glassware packed in colorful festive Paper.

Psychologists on family relations recommendThe newlyweds not only know how many years exactly the paper wedding is celebrated, but also to repeat on that day those oath promises that sounded from their lips on the day of the wedding. It is believed that in this way the feelings and emotions that led people to conclude an alliance again will come out.

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