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How to organize and conduct a wedding in the country


Now it has become fashionable to arrange a wedding outdoors. Celebration is celebrated in the park, by boat, by the sea. And how do you like the wedding in the country? The idea is not new, but very creative

Mark the wedding fun and swing, collect allRelatives and friends for one big beautifully laid table is the dream of many newlyweds. The idea to celebrate the celebration outdoors is not new, remember the beautiful old movies: the summer landscape, a lot of flowers, music plays.

In the modern world, where the majority of the population -It's residents of cities, this fun can only be held in one place, at the dacha. About how to organize a fun and memorable holiday, than to surprise the guests and please the newlyweds, you will learn from this article.

Selecting a location and time

How to organize and conduct a wedding in the countryOrganization of any holiday begins withDetermine the place and time of its conduct. Of course, the best time for a holiday in the country is summer. Only need to take into account that at this time of year often heavy rains occur. Therefore, in the villa is not bad to have a veranda, a tent or a covered canopy. These facilities can also protect guests from the hot sun when the weather presents such a surprise. If you live in a region with a warm climate, then spring or early autumn will be a wonderful time to celebrate the marriage at the dacha.

The choice of a place for arranging tables is the most important thing in organizing a wedding celebration.

The place where the festive table will be, must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be even and free of plants. There should be no grass and shrubs. Try not to have flowerbeds with rare flowers next to them, otherwise you'll have to regret if guests accidentally step on your mother's favorite rose;
  2. 2. Be dry and do not fill with water if it rains. It's unpleasant, when the hem of beautiful dresses get dirty, and dirt squelches under the feet of guests;
  3. 3. Be Well lit. Triumph for sure will continue until late. Set a good bright light above the table;
  4. Be near the kitchen area. During the feast it is necessary to constantly serve new dishes, remove from the table and so on. The kitchen should be located nearby in a convenient and accessible place.

In addition to organizing a convenient place for the table, you need to prepare:

  • How to organize and conduct a wedding in the countryThe zone of exit registration, if it is expected at your celebration;
  • Dance floor - comfortable, hard floor, well lit;
  • A place for photographing: beautifully decorated gazebo, picturesque corner in the garden, pond or fountain;
  • Place for a shish kebab. Any holiday at the dacha, as a rule, does not do without the preparation of this dish. Marriage is no exception. Shish kebab can be fried on the second day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere;
  • Cleaning rooms. It is better if they are in the cottage, and not in the house.

Wedding in the country: there are ideas

Choosing a place for the celebration,Decide on his idea. This should be done at the initial stage, when nothing has been bought or done. From the idea of ​​the holiday depends on its design, entertainment script, menu and even the dresses of guests.

A few ideas dacha fun:

  1. How to organize and conduct a wedding in the countryRustic wedding. A common long table, white tablecloths. On the table, bouquets are asters or other simple garden flowers. The dance floor is decorated with colorful garlands and balloons. Works as a DJ. Tamada - one of the relatives, who knows all the wedding customs, capable of Entertain guests. Traditional games and entertainment. Skating a mother-in-law on a wheelbarrow, wedding garbage, jumping over a fire. To surprise and please the guests, and, of course, the newlyweds, you can organize riding on a beautiful horse drawn carriage;
  2. Ethnic or folk festivals. You can make a Cossack, Tatar, Ukrainian,Gypsy or any other wedding in the ethnic style. This scenario of the holiday provides for the presence of national costumes and traditional cuisine. Try to recreate the appropriate situation. Excellent will look real household items or national embroidery. Tamada at such a wedding should be a person who knows the national traditions, who can speak the language of the chosen people;
  3. Holiday in retro style. Recreate the atmosphere of giving 30-40-ies. Holiday decoration - fresh flowers. Perfectly suitable roses or field chamomiles. No balls and flags. Pavilions and a place for photographing need to be decorated with a light, weightless cloth. For such a holiday, live music will be an excellent option. From entertainment: dance contests, kite flying. You can organize cycling or hiking in places that are important for young people. A wonderful surprise will be a trip around the neighborhood on a retro car.

It is better to do without a toastmaster. Guests will pronounce the toasts according to the beautifully designed holiday plan.

Here are only three options for conductingWedding celebrations at the cottage. The best idea can be your own. Fantasize and do not be afraid to be original. It's your day and it should be unforgettable for everyone.

How to apply for a wedding at the dacha?

The design of the holiday depends on the style you choose.

How to organize and conduct a wedding in the countryTry to follow it unswervingly. Do not allow "accidentally" Hanging balls and posters. Everything should be thought out and sustained according to the idea you have chosen. On this depends the impression that the holiday will leave.

To decorate the celebration, you can use satin ribbons and cuts of light fabric, decorative birds, butterflies and small animals. Beautifully look Chinese lanterns or kerosene lamps.

With your own hands, you can make jewelry made of paper, original invitations, a map, through which the guests are seated.

How to make a menu for a wedding at the cottage?

Making up the menu for a wedding at home, consider the following feature:

  • The celebration will be held in the summer in hot weather. So choose the lungs not
    Perishable food. To ensure that the food is not worn out, a frequent change of dishes is necessary. It is better if there are 4-5 shifts of dishes;
  • Turn on the menu for more cold snacks, vegetableDishes, fruits. It is better if the food is served portion by piece, rather than on common plates. All kinds of scissors are spread on common plates: meat, cheese, vegetable. Must be present portion dishes and napkins;
  • Secure the table with enoughAlcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The calculation of drinks is approximately the following: for 5 guests - 3 bottles of strong alcohol, 3 bottles of champagne or wine, 1-2 liters of juice and mineral water;
  • In the menu there must be a main hot dish. It can be a baked goose or pig, stuffed fish. The main dish is beautifully decorated and presented in a solemn atmosphere;
  • How to organize and conduct a wedding in the countryImportant and traditional attributes areLoaf and cake. The karavai is presented to the newlyweds by the parents of the groom. From it begins a festive feast. The loaf is a beautifully decorated bread symbolizing the beginning of a married life;
  • Cutting a cake is a bright piece of celebration. At the wedding order a special option. Usually it is multi-tiered and decorated with flowers and figurines. The weight of the cake is calculated as follows: 1.5 kg for 10 guests.

The second wedding day at the cottage

The second day of the country wedding is traditionally the day of competitions, jokes, fun.

Dacha, as the venue for the wedding, gives here a lot of room for imagination. Entertainment can be very different: from horseback riding to dance competitions and soap bubbles show.

You can follow the traditions and holdFamiliar to all games. Only when drawing up a script or an entertainment plan, decide which ones you like, and in which you do not want to participate categorically. Avoid vulgar contests, they are inappropriate at a wedding.

Games for the second day must be conductedProfessional presenter. Do not ask relatives or friends, they are already tired yesterday, translating into reality the idea of ​​a wedding in the country. In addition, not every guest can own and manage a slightly relaxed audience. When deciding how to organize a wedding at the dacha, be sure to invite the photographer.

Happy, touching and funny moments of your holiday will be the basis for a family album.

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