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Packing for Christmas gifts 2015


What are the types of packaging? Packaging for children's gifts and traditional packaging. How to pack gifts of different shapes? Packing for New Year's gifts 2015 with your own hands

Before the New Year there were fewer than twoMonth, and now it's time to think about his celebration and, of course, gifts. It is on this holiday that you realize that it is no less wonderful to give them than to receive them. And best of all, that the gift is made from the heart, the festive packaging will say, without it, the New Year can not be dispensed with.

Packing for Christmas gifts 2015The symbol of the upcoming 2015 isArtistic and whimsical goat. It is not easy to please her, but nevertheless, astrologers promise many opportunities, new beginnings and interesting perspectives for persistent people.

Getting ready for the triumph

Original packaging for New Year's gifts -An important aspect of the upcoming holiday. She will give a festive mood and will warm up the anticipation of the gift. At the same time, one should not forget about the element of surprise and mystery that the wrapper conceals behind itself. After all, while you do not open it, you will not understand what is behind it all.

Packing is divided into the following types:

  • For children's gifts;
  • For sweets;
  • Self-made;
  • Traditional.

Packing for children's New Year's gifts

Most of all, New Year's love children. In order to wrap them a gift, you need to choose a bright and funny paper, which is decorated on top of everything, which is enough for imagination. You can even use children's toys from kinder-surprises, which for sure are abundant in every family where there is a child.

A good example of festive packaging will be a ball,Filled with small-sized presents. What to put inside and what to decorate a sphere, will tell only your own imagination. Also, a gift ball is often used when young children come to visit the New Year's holiday. You can organize a fun game by hiding the balls somewhere in the room and making a real hunt for them.

Traditional packaging

With the package of presents for the New Year are engagedAlmost all shops. If there is no department where you can ask to wrap a gift, you can buy a one-color wrapping paper from the agave and wrap it yourself in a box with a present.

Buy also light tennis balls, theyWill be useful for festive decoration. Well, old Christmas toys with broken ears for sure will be found in every house. Carefully break the Christmas tree toys, it is better to take a hammer for this purpose, and crush them into a crumb.

Tennis balls spread on all sides with glue andRoll in a rainbow-colored glass crumb. When the glue on the balls dries, glue them on the box and wrap it with a rope or threads under the color of the balls. You can also take Christmas-tree tinsel for these purposes.

Self-made packaging

Of course, it's best to spend time and think upThe original design of the New Year packaging of their presents. Here are a few ideas for self-made packaging for New Year's gifts coming in 2015.

In the form of a hood

You will need:

  • Gold colored paper;
  • Corrugated color cardboard;
  • wrapping paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • A cardboard of the square form.

Packing for Christmas gifts 2015First, paste the cardboard with wrapping paper. In the center we draw a circle. From a golden paper, cut out a narrow strip, and cut it along the length with thin shavings, leaving to the end a couple of centimeters. We twist the scissors into spirals and glue the strip along the perimeter to the boundaries of the circle.

We make a hood of corrugated cardboard. On its top glue curled in the shavings of thin paper ribbons. After that, put the present in the hood and glue it to the cardboard. Before putting a gift inside you can wrap it in several layers of corrugated paper.

Kraft paper

Great demand for Packing of New Year's gifts enjoys paper Kraft or out of agave. Gently wrap the box with the presenter in the craft, glue the joints or staple with a stapler.

You can decorate:

  • Curlicues from paper ribbons;
  • Homemade pom-poms;
  • Snowflakes, fir-tree tinsel, rain;
  • Lace, embroidery;
  • Button garland;
  • New Year's applique
  • Impressions of dies;
  • Confetti, made a hole in a multi-colored paper.

From the sleeve of a sweater

Cut the sleeve of the length you need and sew oneEnd from the wrong side. Turn out the sleeve and put your present in the resulting pouch. Then, tie up the neck of the sleeve colored flight, decorate the sides with snowflakes, buttons, tinsel, other festive elements. This package is great for bottles.

It will perfectly complement any present small tag with hand-written New Year wishes. Templates for such labels can be downloaded and printed on the Internet.

Gift wrapping by form

Gifts can be of different shapes, respectively, packaging can also be divided into this feature:

  • So, we pack square or rectangularsubject. We put it in the middle of the wrapper and wrap it around, fixing the ends with transparent or bilateral tape. Then decorate with snowflakes or confetti, tie with tape;
  • Flat object or envelope we put obliquely on a sheet of paper, we will bend corners and we shall fix them with a stapler or an adhesive tape. We will tie a ribbon, decorate with stamps, glued buttons, etc .;
  • "Truffle"Is used for several presents, for example,For all family members. In this case, gifts are laid out on a tray or a solid piece of cardboard round shape. Then put a tray in the middle of a large sheet and wrap it up, tying the neck on top of a beautiful ribbon. For "Truffles"It is better to take rustling, corrugated or shiny paper;
  • The object of uncomfortable form can be wrapped if it is small, as well as "truffle". And if its dimensions are solid, for example, as in home appliances, then it is better to put the present in a box, which is then pasted with paper and decorated to your liking. At the same time, place the inner surface of the box with colored napkins or corrugated paper;
  • The object in the form of a ball can also be packed in a box or in a "truffle", And you can put in a festive package and beautifully decorate with colored napkins;
  • Packing for Christmas gifts 2015The object of the cylindrical shape is packedin the following way. The present is put on one side and rolled up with a piece of paper. The edges are fastened with scotch tape. Above and below the paper bends inside small segments. A ribbon is tied on top. Also such a gift can be wrapped in corrugated paper decorated with stars and snowflakes, and make a candy from it, bandaging both sides with beautiful ribbons or New Year's rain.

These examples of festive packaging are just a drop inSea, because in order to wrap and decorate the gift you can use absolutely anything you want. This can be newspapers, photographs, laces, embroidery, clothespins, postal twine and much more.

In the packaging you do not limit anything, norMaterials, or fantasy. We hope you will spend the rest of your days pleasantly before the holiday, choosing and packaging presents to your beloved, children and friends. Happy holidays to you!

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