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Wooden wedding - anniversary after 5 years of marriage


What wedding celebrate after 5 years of marriage? The first anniversary, what congratulations and poems to cook for the couple, what presents to please? How to celebrate a wooden wedding?

The tradition of celebrating the anniversary of the wedding in the worldIt became widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Practically for each co-lived year, names were invented, symbolizing the various stages of family relations. The very day of celebration is referred to as "Green wedding", The newlyweds do not know anything about life together.

The first anniversary - calico, tk. In the first year the first-born usually appears in the family, the second - paper, the material is dense, but still fragile, followed by leather and flax or rope. That is, the relationship from year to year "Grow stronger". And after living together for 5 years, which wedding to celebrate?

The first five years together - we celebrate the first anniversary!

Wooden wedding - anniversary after 5 years of marriageDuring the first years, the partners gradually "Get used to" to each other: Solve domestic problems, acquire joint property, have children. The fifth anniversary is the first milestone, overcoming which the spouses can sum up the first results of cohabitation. It is called "Wooden", Which is very symbolic.

A tree is a symbol of life, flowering andFruiting. This material is often used for the construction and decoration of houses and living quarters. From it, furniture, kitchen utensils and ornaments are made. By the age of five almost any tree is hard "Stands on his feet"And fruit - begin to give the first harvest.

So the newlyweds, having lived together for 5 years, gradually "Polished"Their relationship, removing roughness and knots. «Rooted"And"Bear fruit", Acquiring common property and children. They are no longer beginners in family life and have some experience.

Wooden wedding is celebrated together with relatives and friends. This is the first anniversary, so it must be fun.

Celebrating the wedding anniversary 5 years

The first to mark the dates of the marriage of steelProsperous townspeople, over time this tradition has taken root in all other strata of the population in various countries. On this day a feast was organized, celebrations and commemoration "Honeymooners". Greetings and gifts were selected in advance. They corresponded to the name of the jubilee.

Now the celebration of the anniversary is reminiscent of the shortened program of the wedding itself. Some invite a toastmaster, they order bars and halls of solemn registration.

The program has everything:

  • Gifts;
  • Congratulations;
  • Poems;
  • Practical jokes;
  • Dancing;
  • Toast;
  • Shouts of "bitterly!".

Since the wedding is wooden, then at the festivalThere must be a family tree. On it all invited can hang their congratulations and poems. A tree can be real, if the newlyweds live in their home, and decorative. So, it can easily be replaced by a large indoor flower or an artificial tree of life from a souvenir shop.

Poems and congratulations are written on bright ribbons and tied on twigs. At the end of the evening or the next day, the couple must necessarily read them, trying to guess the author.

Wedding poetry for 5 years can be writtenYourself or find something suitable on the Internet. Very touching will sound new oaths of spouses, because during this time they have gained experience and know what to require from a partner. Original congratulations will please not only the perpetrators of the celebration, but also all the guests. You can find them on various sites with a congratulatory theme.

And what wedding in 5 years without gifts? Their choice should be approached very carefully.

5 years together, what to give?

Wooden wedding - anniversary after 5 years of marriageConducting an analogy with the name of the holiday,It becomes clear that the wooden wedding spouses are given different products from wood. The teaching of Feng Shui tells that this material is warm and mostly carries positive energy into the house.

Even a small, but useful thing, put inThe right place, helps to add room to coziness and bring harmony into family relations. So, gifts and congratulations for the wedding in 5 years should correspond to the occasion.

Preference is given to things not only beautiful,But also useful. It can be original wooden utensils, plates for cutting vegetables and meat, rolling-pin or painted spoons. Beautiful verses or family photos in wooden frames, caskets or interesting crafts made by own hands.

If money is allowed, you can give a furnitureA set of or wicker from a vine chair. Greetings will also be supplemented by wooden figures of amulet or cheerful dolls with the faces of family members made to order.

Gifts to each other

After 5 years of marriage, the spouses are already well enoughKnow each other, so pick up a gift to the second half will not be so difficult. The husband can give his wife a jewelry box, beads, a rolling pin or a plate for cutting meat, on the back of which the verses-confessions are burned.

A spouse can be presented with an ashtray orSmoking pipe, expensive drink in a wooden case. Very well if he has a hobby, then the gift can be thematic: a wooden model of a sailing ship or an airplane, carved chess, a folding box for tools or fishing accessories. The main thing is that the present was original and useful.

Having cheerfully celebrated the holiday in a noisy company of relatives and friends, the spouses will be able to remember this event for a long time. And how to make a merry holiday - everyone decides by himself based on their own preferences.

What wedding will be remembered?

We figured out which wedding is celebrated in 5Years of marriage. With gifts, too, it seems everything is clear, but how to make a holiday unforgettable? The whole organization of the wedding can be taken by relatives and friends "Honeymooners", You can trust and professional.

Wooden wedding - anniversary after 5 years of marriageScripts or interesting suggestions can be foundOn various sites, there are also poems and interesting toasts. Accessories and additional items for conducting celebrations can be made from improvised materials or purchased in specialized stores.

Everyone will be happy with the holiday, if you plan in advance contests and jokes. It is advisable to involve all the guests, then the anniversary of the wedding will be fun both for the initiators and for the guests.

Be sure to ask someone to take onYourself responsibility for shooting the event, to capture the most interesting things on the film, then you can collect a funny collage of pictures, mount a video or make a jubilee album.

After several years "value"Of these cadres will increase significantly, because they will become part of the history of this family!

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