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How to hide the flaws of appearance


How to hide the shortcomings of a figure with the right wardrobe? Taboo in clothes and shoes for thin and full legs. How to improve the appearance and whiten underarms? What to do if you have an ugly smile

To improve what nature has given us is an important andA worthy task for every woman. Work on confidence and educate yourself in the angelic character is much easier if you like your reflection in the mirror.

How to hide the flaws of appearance But if a girl looks and thinks - IUgly, what to do ?! - then before the depression is already within reach. We are trying our best to help you find attraction, so today we have prepared the best advice on this topic.

What to do if you have ugly legs

Do not cry in front of a mirror, but change. Many of the shortcomings of the figure can be successfully concealed by clothing, so what's there - even turn them into dignities!

To begin with, flaunting the imperfection of the figure is a bad form, so right now you have to do a revision of the wardrobe and clean it of clothes and shoes that spoils your appearance.

Taboo for thin legs:

  • Shoes and shoes on the platform;
  • Boots with a wide boot;
  • Shoes and clothes in the style of the military;
  • Black clothes;
  • Pants in a vertical thin strip.

Taboo for thick legs:

  • Knee high boots;
  • Stilettos;
  • Shoes without heels;
  • Knitten things;
  • Sweatshirts and cardigans without a belt;
  • Beige trousers and skirts.

In general, if there is a problem with the legs,Get rid of things that accent the bottom and jam the top: shapeless blouses, case jackets, clothes without waist. Perhaps, it is necessary to abandon the mini, which represents the biggest problem for ugly legs.

By the way, to abandon the mini-skirt is quite possible inThe benefit of a long skirt with a slit. This is the best thing to do if your knees are ugly and your legs are full. Midi skirt sets the wrong proportions for a plump figure, but a well-seated maxi with a classic incision behind looks very impressive and hides everything that does not need to be shown.

We replenish the wardrobe with supersvases

Have you got rid of it, put it aside? Excellent! Now we are planning to buy the right things, which will not only hide the unnecessary, but will emphasize all the best in your figure. Here are just a few win-win ideas for the wardrobe, from which your journey to the world of impeccable style will begin.

Universal shoes. Classic boats or closed sandals onA steady straight heel 7 cm visually smooth out absolutely any defect of the legs. Important nuance: choose a round cape and a fashionable flesh tint, magically correcting the length, width and shape of the legs.

Jockey boots. Perfectly fitting bootleg visuallyAligns, lengthens, creates a beautiful silhouette. Important nuance: the bootleg should be without cuffs and cover your knees approximately to the middle, otherwise out of nowhere will appear the curvature of the legs.

The vest. In the past, a sailor's uniform, and now -The most fashionable top, the vest goes to everyone without exception, for it does not fall under any rule or prohibition. It makes the skinny, juicier, juicier, fuller, slimmer, smoothes the asymmetry of the top and bottom, and simply transforms everyday dress tremendously. An important nuance: we are talking about a classic striped vest with a width of 11 mm.

How to hide the flaws of appearanceJacket is a scythe. A girl in a short jacket with an asymmetrical cutAlways wins: any pants, jeans, skirt immediately become correctly decorated, if you have a cool jacket. The secret is that the jacket ends exactly along the waist line.

Fur collar. Natural beautiful fur, whose color you face, draws attention to the hair, eyes, looks soft and feminine. No one will look at imperfect legs, if you have a fabulous fur!

Continue to fill up the closet with the right things, and from your uncertainty there will be no trace.

What to do if the armpits look ugly

Underarms lose their appeal for twoReasons - dark skin on this site and fat deposits from the back and shoulders. If unwanted changes have appeared in this place of your body, it will not be easy to eliminate them, but it is quite real.

Lighten the skin of the armpits There are several ways:

  • Go for deodorant and antiperspirant without parabens, perfumes, natural ingredients;
  • Once a week, peel the skin of the armpits with a scrub, for example, from salt and coffee;
  • Twice a week for a month Whiten underarms Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide;
  • Stop shaving underarms and remove hair with wax or sugar paste.

To get rid of the ugly wings of the armpits,You need to increase the burden on the muscles of the back and hands. Ideally will be engaged in a rowing machine, swim in the pool, and at home - exercise with an expander (tape or spring, butterfly).

What to do with an ugly smile

The solution to this problem will certainly be the most expensive of our advice today. After all, the beauty of a smile depends 90% on the beauty of your teeth, and only slightly - from facial expressions to facial expressions.

Gather with the forces (and means) and go to the dentist for an inspection. Let the specialist schedule together with you the front of the work on the improvement of teeth and gums.

The first thing you need to do is seal andReconstruct the frontal teeth, which are visible every time you open your mouth. In parallel, bleach teeth with gentle home remedies - hydrogen peroxide, soda, pastes with whitening effect. When all teeth are treated, you can order a professional bleaching procedure at the dentist.

If some teeth are missing, be sure toTake care of their recovery, as the blanks are not only visible in the open mouth, but also make the rest of the teeth float, and two or three missing teeth cause chewing of the cheeks, which also looks ugly.

While the dentist is fixing your teeth, pay attentionLips and facial muscles. They also affect the appearance of your smile. Daily grease lips with honey to get rid of cracks, dryness and make the lips fuller and brighter.

Do in the evening a couple exercises for the muscles aroundMouth - stiffness and spasm of these muscles just gives a crooked, asymmetrical and strained smile. Do exercises for at least 10 minutes, and in two months your face will be illuminated by a soft and natural smile.

Do not forget and make-up - small secrets can make a beautiful smile and refresh your face. To make the teeth look whiter, use a lipstick of a cold shade - crimson, fuchsia, pink.

Lipstick with a pearl luster makes a smileVisually dry and dull. Choose a moist shine or matte covering lipstick. Never wear lipstick that you do not like, it's better to appear completely without it, than adding yourself a few years of decorative not your shade.

And yet, what if I'm ugly?

How to hide the flaws of appearanceFirst of all, do not lose heart, but take steps. A well-known saying that belongs to the great Coco Chanel, says: a woman looks like she deserves. This means that beauty is a daily work and is not given to lazy people. So you do not go on about self-justification, but rather get down to business!

You yourself know your strengths and weaknesses. We need to act strategically - in two ways. Strengths emphasize, and weak - mask and distract from them the attention of others.

For this, learn to use tricks in clothes, make-up, and also mercilessly change bad habits to useful ones and keep yourself in shape all the time!

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