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Tights for weekdays and holidays


Tights are one of the most favorite garments for ladies, regardless of age and figure. Find out if you are fit and with what to wear them better, to look elegant and stylish

Gave life to tights as a subject of women'sClothing famous designer Karl Lagerfeld in the 80s of the 20th century, although the semi-pants of the semi-tights appeared much earlier. A few centuries ago they were worn exclusively by men, at first they were put under their clothes, and then they became widely used in military uniforms.

Tights for weekdays and holidaysThe name of these tight semi-panties was obtained from the material from which the first leggings were sewn. As it is easy to guess, this material was the skin of an elk.

In the 80's, when the leggings survived the second birth and won the love of women, they were sewn from synthetic fabrics, and their colors were mostly bright and fluorescent.

In the 90's leggings, or legings, became warmer, they had pockets and other decor. The place of screaming colors was taken by gray, black, beige, dark blue and brown.

Nowadays they are made from variousMaterials such as cotton, leather, suede, wool, synthetics. For fans to go in for sports, special models for fitness, yoga, aerobics, and dances are sewed.

They are usually made of breathableElastic materials. The colors of modern leggings also vary: on sale you can find both classic black and unusual colorful with a variety of prints.

Who is suitable

Leggings are a very comfortable kind of clothes, they are softLegs do not clench, do not crochet, do not slide like tights, warm in the cold season. Thanks to these qualities, they reliably settled in the women's wardrobe and, apparently, are not going to leave it.

Female leggings are a fairly versatile objectClothes, they fit almost everything, regardless of age and physique, most importantly, correctly pick out the outfit to emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the figure.

This type of clothing has a sea of ​​fans aroundThe world, however, has its opponents. A fashionable German magazine at the first appearance of leggings on the podium in the 80s called them a nightmare. The edition compared female legs in tight trousers with Bavarian sausages.

The truth is in this, all the same, not all women go to the fair sex, because they strongly accentuate the legs, showing both their advantages and disadvantages.

Before buying leggings it is worthObjectively look at your figure, too slender and pretty lush ladies they better not to wear or very carefully choose an outfit to them to harmonize the figure.

When choosing legends, it is worth remembering thatHorizontal drawings, light colors, a large cage fill and shorten the legs, such pants are more suitable for thin, tall girls. Dark monochrome models, on the contrary, are slender, they can be bought safely by ladies in the juice itself.

Tights for weekdays and holidaysAlso, when choosing losin, you should pay attention toTheir length. Short girls should not buy leggings before calves, they will make them visually even lower. They are suitable only for slender tall women, with a height of 175 cm.

Leggins perfectly emphasize the figure, so theyDo not fit women with wide and full hips, massive calves and ankles, with crooked legs. All these drawbacks will be very noticeable when worn.

In addition, they clamp the stomach, so they canAppear wrinkles. If you put on a loose blouse, you can hide the flaws. And of course, this does not apply to expectant mothers, pregnant leggings are sewn differently than usual. They are softer, not pulling and gently wrapped around the tummy.

The right selection of clothes and shoes

Tights are not trousers, it is worth accepting this factFor granted. You can not wear them with short T-shirts and blouses. The exception to this rule are only leather leggings, dzhegins and very dense leggings with pockets, locks and other ornaments.

Black or colored, they are recommended to be worn withLengthened top: tunics, dresses, long sweaters and t-shirts. It is desirable that the upper part of the clothing covers the tight trousers to the thigh line or below.

Teenagers can afford to wear tights and short t-shirts with sneakers or sneakers, women over 25-30 years old are not allowed.

Sports leggings can be combined with shortShirts and T-shirts, but in this form is unlikely to be a self-respecting fashionista will roam the streets. This outfit should be worn only for trips to the gym or yoga.

Classic black tights, and also monophonicLeggings of other bright colors can be worn in everyday life: for study, for work (if the dress code allows), for walks around the city. With such models, long sweaters, short knit dresses, colored tunics, short skirts, elongated tops and shirts are perfectly combined.

If you wear leggings with a shirt to the middle of the thigh,Then at the waist you can tie a belt, this will give an image of completeness. In the cold season they can be worn instead of tights, they are much warmer and more comfortable. As for the shoes, the leggings look good with both heels and ballet shoes.

Naturally, leggings with boots or ankle boots -a win-win. True, it is worth mentioning that leggings with open shoes without a heel can visually shorten their legs, so with ballet shoes and sandals they are recommended only to long-legged beauties.

Leggings-capri, reaching the middle of the ankle, on the contrary, lengthen and slash the legs, they can be worn with shoes at low speed.

For going out to the light, it's best to choose leggings with beads and paillettes ornaments, lace, metal details and embroidery. They look good with a short dress or mini-skirt.

By the evening version, you can also include leather legings, colored, leopard, with a snake effect. I wonder what to wear tights with unusual colors.

Colored leggings with gay prints are goodCombine with bright monophonic T-shirts, blouses and tops. From above you can throw a jacket, jacket or cardigan, depending on the weather. In this outfit you can go to the disco and go for a walk along the street in the summer, the main thing is to choose suitable shoes. For parties it is better to choose heels, for walking - comfortable ballet flats or sandals.

Tights for weekdays and holidaysMost often, colored leggings are produced withFloral, animals, geometric, ethnic patterns. For lovers to stand out, they will become an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. In addition, they can be worn not only at parties, but also in the gym, if you want to practice with the positive.

Although it is better to practice physical training in special fitness leggings, which are sewn from special materials that absorb moisture well and allow the skin to breathe.

Leather leggins look very beautiful withBlack elongated tops, loose shirts, denim jackets and heels. The main thing is that the top should be more modest, and all attention was directed to the leggings, then the image will be stunning.

In our time, the dzhegins became very popular,They are a hybrid between leggings and jeans, but tend more to jeans. They often have pockets, rivets and other distinctive features of jeans. If the girl is an ideal figure, then you can wear dzheginsy with anything. If there are some disadvantages in the hips, it is worth combining them with tunics and elongated cats and t-shirts.

Losiny - a truly versatile piece of clothing, combining them with different types of tops, you can look every day in a new way and amaze the surrounding with its excellent taste.

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