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Clothing from Calvin Klein: Laconism and minimalism


The world-famous American brand Calvin Klein: the history of creation for whom this brand was created. How to wear and look after Calvin Klein clothes? Women's comments about the brand Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein is herebyRepresentative of American fashion and its main principles. The brand always emphasizes the importance of well-fitting and properly sewn clothes, which has an exquisite cut. The preference for clothing from Calvin Klein to other brands is a sign of an ideal style and excellent taste. Thus all clothes are made of natural materials. The brand's business card has always been laconic and restrained design. But this does not prevent the creation of an exquisite style. Even Calvin Klein's home clothes represent a certain image.

Brand History Calvin Klein - interesting facts about Calvin Klein

The brand "Calvin Klein Ltd" was created In the city of New York in 1968 Year two friends. They were Kelvin Klein and Barry Schwartz. At the time of its foundation, the company wasUsual atelier. The money to start work was invested by Schwartz, and the source of ideas was now the famous designer. The company settled in one of the hotels, and at first produced outerwear for men. It is not known how much longer such a quiet work would have been if One day the case did not lead to them the owner of one boutique, Which was located on the floor above. Products young designer impressed him to the depths of his soul, followed by an order for a cost of 50 thousand dollars. It was not just commercial luck, but rather a step that predetermined the future of the whole company.

  • Following this, in 1969 year The name of the designer Among bohemians and his appearance on the pages of one of the fashion magazines.

  • 1970 The year was marked by the beginning of Development of women's clothing. The designer's talent allowed him Adapt to the female style of the classic men's suit, Thereby making a real revolution in a fashionable community. After a while a famous hit was created - Double-breasted short coat, Which became an example of style.
  • AT 1974 Was issued First fur collection Clothes and accessories.
  • The most important 1978 Year became famous for the release of the most First designer jeans, Turned from the usual affordable clothing toEvery day into something comparable to a work of art. After a very short time, they turned into an integral attribute of most young people, becoming a real ideal of style and sexuality.
  • Another invention from Calvin Klein is Brand logos. It was the jeans of this brand that were the first to be decorated with a stylish leather label. In addition, Klein is credited with The creation of black tight jeans.

  • Release The legendary line of men's underwear Began in 1982 Year.
  • Then, in 80's Years, was opened style Unisex. No one before, in the whole history of fashion, did not represent such a collection of clothes, which equally successfully carried the young people of both sexes. Innovation easily gained popularity.

  • AT 1992 The brand underwent a reorganization, due to the fact that the company faced a difficult prospect of going bankrupt. In this regard, there was The budget line of clothes for youth is issued.

    After a while, the company had to sell its line, producing underwear.

  • Opening of perfume line Has had a significant impact on the success of the wholeCompany. Work in this area was very profitable for the brand. To date, Calvin Klein is the largest producer of high-end perfumes.

Line of clothing from the brand Calvin Klein - the most fashion collections

Under this brand a huge range is produced: Women's, men's and children's clothes for all occasions, underwear, swimming trunks and swimsuits, all kinds of home clothes, well, and, of course, perfumes, shoes, watches, glasses, bags and much more.

Calvin Klein Collection - This line of clothing and accessories of high class. It is this line that represents its collections on the weeks of fashion. Samples are Ideal styles and story lines.

CK Calvin Klein - this Intermediate daily line, Melting in itself refinement and minimalism. Here concludes laconism, silhouette and clean lines. Modern brand buyers are people who value things Beauty without luxury, Which is why they choose this line. Distinctive features of the line are: Adherence to monochrome. Mostly white, gray and black colors are used. Features line in a combination of modern sophistication with the highest requirements.

Calvin Klein (white logo) - here Clothing and footwear for sports lovers, Creating an impeccable topical image, emphasizing the taste of its owner.

Calvin Klein Jeans - this Denim clothing. This line is truly a cult direction, with a characteristic sexuality. Collections of this line are chosen by people, accustomed to independence and novelty. There are no age restrictions. Kelvin Klein once put everything on the future versatility and popularity of jeanswear and has not lost.

Calvin Klein Golf - Collections here Clothes for golf.

Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry - Collections Marvelous Watches and ornaments. You can choose to each individual image of a separate accessory, and, conversely, each and the decoration is a sample of universality, combined with many items of the wardrobe.

Calvin Klein Home - line Home clothes and accessories. These are irreplaceable things for every day.

Calvin Klein Underwear - Underwear line. Here are models in which the fashion for sexuality and comfort successfully coexist. The line is known for its Ideal cut and modern fabrics Higher class. The linen of this line has the property of giving forms a special expressiveness.

Calvin Klein Fragrances - Perfumery line. In the beginning, an aroma called Calvin 1981 Year, further, with a break of several years, produced such flavors as Obsession, Eternity, Escape, One. Perfumery is presented in the form of male and female fragrances.

Care of clothes from Calvin Klein. Quality of clothes

It's simple, without features and exceptions. Most of the lines are unique Combine a class of higher fashion and practicality, sophistication and strength. Thereby Care for clothes becomes comparable to entertainment. Women who prefer the brand of this clothing know that by choosing and buying this brand, they do not add to themselves the headache associated with washing, storage and the life of things.

thanks Your highest quality, Calvin Klein's clothes will always be loved by you, Delivering only pleasure from simplicity of leaving,While observing the most important rules, such as the proper selection of detergents, the choice of storage methods depending on the quality and material of the particular model. Do not forget also that things also get tired of socks and they need regular rest!

Calvin Clein - reviews fashionistas, opinions and advice about clothing Calvin Klein


I ordered myself jeans in a well-knownOnline store. Chose Kelvin Klein. When I received it, I was glad that I would not have to return, because they really liked me! I was afraid that the size would not fit, but the whole village is perfect and on the hips and waist, although the landing at the jeans is low. In the collected image with a blouse or blouse look just gorgeous! Cloth is dense, but very soft, pleasant. You can wear a thing in autumn, winter and spring. So I was and is totally delighted!


I gave my girlfriend for a birthday shorts thisFirm. It all happened completely by accident. I went to the store to pick my shorts by the summer. And I found only the ones that I liked externally. But here, trying on them, I found out that there are some strange sizes in this model: they are designed for practically the same sizes of hips and waist. And so I remembered that my close friend just bought this figure. Everything went perfectly! On the quality characteristics: the fabric is very soft and high-quality, and sewing is impeccable.


I'll tell you about my dress from this famousBrand. I wear it in the cold season, as the fabric is very dense and thick, somewhat reminiscent of Soviet knitwear. Now you rarely see such a thing. Very well stitched. All seams are just perfect, very neat. I also like that it fits well, beautifully sits down on the figure. When I just bought it, I had to cut a little, I did not like the length below the knee, because of my short height. Well, from the minuses that: the color is somehow incomprehensible, and not black, and not gray, yet the chest visually becomes smaller than it actually is. Overall, the dress is good.


I have shorts from this firm. They are well suited for the summer. They are not hot, but they did not freeze on cool summer evenings. Met the same somewhere on the Internet, in real life they look better. When they are on me, then I seem to be slimmer in the mirror. Quality at altitude, no claims to the manufacturer. So soft and beautiful. In the composition there is flax, and the shorts are slightly wrinkled.


And I bought a black jacket Calvin Clein, veryBeautiful and stylish, I think. I wear it in the warm autumn, for cooling it is not good, because inside is a very thin sintepon. When buying I asked for fitting my size M, sat well, but when I tried to button it, I realized that it was very tight in my chest, although everything else was the same size. I had to buy a bigger size.


I respect this brand. Qualitatively sew, and stylish very much all things. I can only say good things about any of my things in this brand. For example, I have a warm sweater. It is subtle, but in spite of this, I never get cold in it. The yarn is soft, nice to touch. I love to put him to work. You feel very comfortable in it.


Many of my friends praise this brand. So I decided to try too. Started immediately with a major purchase. I still needed to buy a jacket. The price of course is still high, but it was worth it. The jacket was very comfortable and warm. To a minus 20, of course, will not go, but on a warm winter the most it. Looks very stylish. With the crowd highlights immediately. For a year of wearing, no thread has ever climbed out, no seam has disintegrated, buttons and buttons are still held tight. It is possible to unfasten the hood, it is very convenient. Designers successfully created a white lining for this black jacket, this contrast looks very good.


Recently I bought myself a coat from Calvin Clein. I thought of just trying it on, but I liked the planting and the quality of the fabric and performance, which as a result took, though not an expensive pleasure. Fabric is wonderful. Absolutely does not crumple, no strings and hair do not stick! Full of delight! And how feminine in it looks like a figure, especially the shoulder line, despite the fact that the style is very unpretentious! She looked black and blue, chose a black, more classic look.

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