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Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?


Now, it seems, it is impossible to surprise someone with a wedding dress: red and black, indecently short and open - it all already was. But the military dress for sure will be terrific

Militarized style for several years in a rowSuccessfully storms the fashionable peaks, due to which it still remains the trend of 2015. Modern women of fashion do not prefer dresses in the style of military and safari, because they are able to create unusual and attractive images. This is due to a lot of reasons, firstly, the outfits are comfortable enough and comfortable to wear, and secondly, the color of khaki can be called universal, because it is combined with things of almost any color.

Features of style

Dress in the military style of 2015 looks very much like an army uniform, as designers use only straight cuts, minimum trim and muted tones in the materials.

At the same time, clothes in the military style can have three directions:

  • Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?Formal and pseudo-form. With the style of military, such things have nothing in common except the color of khaki. However, they are still considered a variety of stylized army clothing;
  • Youth. Suffice it to open dresses with a deep neckline and quite aggressive decorative elements: leather belts, epaulettes, large metal buttons;
  • Designer. Products from famous couturiers combine elements of different styles, not only military, thanks to which one can create romantic and feminine images.

In addition, you can learn the military by such basic signs:

  • Straight clothing style;
  • Rough enough decor elements: rivets, shoulder straps, buttons, zippers, leather belts;
  • Lapel and lapel;
  • Collars-racks;
  • Complete absence of any "Ryushey";
  • Protective colors: khaki, dark blue, camouflage, sand, dark beige.

All the above-mentioned signs are the characteristic features of the military style in clothing.

Army Dress

As a rule, products in the Gothic style are sewn quite narrow, so they are often called "Cases". And since such products do not have excessDecor, they should be supplemented with some bright accessories: straps, head patterns, unusual handbags, bright bracelets or catchy jewelry.

Such a thing can be combined with almost any wardrobe items:

  • Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?Knitted jackets;
  • Leather jackets;
  • Light coats;
  • Gloves.

And if you chose camouflage, as the main print of the dress, with the choice of shoes you need to be careful.

It is best to use these types of accessories:

  • Leather boots;
  • Grinders;
  • Bertsi;
  • Lace-up shoes;
  • Boots on a thick platform;
  • Shoes with rivets.

In addition, the army tunic and dress differ from other types of products by the presence of a large number of pockets and all kinds of linings.

But already in 2015 entered into the feminine fashionMilitary products that have deep enough cuts on the back and neck. Thanks to such products you can create romantic images, and as accessories use clutches and feminine shoes without any hint of minimalism or gothic.

Safari dress, features

A safari dress in military style is a knee-length product. At the same time, the cut can be either absolutely straight, or slightly flared downwards.

Also to the peculiarities of such attire it is possible to relate:

  • Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?Presence of overhead pockets;
  • Collar shirt type;
  • Decorative narrow belt;
  • Use only natural fabrics (linen or cotton);
  • A variety of colors: khaki, sand, blue, green, yellow;
  • A simple cut.

These outfits can easily be attributed to the office style, which provides a laconic and austere look of the dress without extra decoration and bright colors.

In addition, such a thing is self-sufficient, so it can be worn without any additional accessories. Finish the image will allow sandals, wicker shoes or clogs on the cork soles.

Wedding attire

Classic wedding dress is unlikely nowSomeone can be surprised, but with a wedding dress in military style, without fail. Such products are manufactured in much the same way as the uniform for members of the armed military forces of different states. What does it mean? Army wedding dresses do not have any "Mimic" Finishing, therefore in clothes there are no ruffles, a veil, a lace braid, a magnificent lining and a long train.

How can a woman consciously go for it? In those cases when a girl marries a serviceman and among the invited guests there are many of his colleagues, this outfit will be appropriate. In addition, a dress in the style of military camouflage is ideal when preparing a non-standard program for a wedding evening: paintball, active contests, military photoshoot.

The wedding army dress has such distinctive features:

  • Straight cut and muted material (marsh, sand, green, khaki);
  • The presence of a large number of metal buttons or rivets;
  • Military patches or shoulder straps;
  • Top, sewn on the type of shirt;
  • Turn-down collar or collar-stand.

With what are the army attire combined?

Despite the seeming aggressiveness and rudeness of the military style, military clothing is very comfortable, so it won the hearts of many women of fashion.

But in order to make the image holistic and harmonious, it is important to know some rules for combining different items of the wardrobe:

  • Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?Leather belts with large buckles, men's watches or bracelets with leather spikes will become
    A good addition to the dress-case;
  • Such headgear, as caps, classic hats and knitted hats certainly will not spoil the military image;
  • Dress tunic in the style of military yellow color can be supplemented with a single-colored jacket or leather trousers;
  • From shoes it is better to prefer boots or boots with lacing, in the summer you can wear classic sandals and restrained shoes;
  • Make an image more romantic and feminine will allow thin leather straps, not too flashy jewelry or a feminine hat;
  • The dress style does not have to be classic. Today you can choose models with deep neckline and lush bottom, fitted short dresses and outfits on the floor.

Who does not want military clothing?

Unfortunately, army outfits do not fit all the girls.

Therefore, choose clothes of this style should be very cautious:

  • Choose a dress military: what to combine, what accessories to choose who is this style?Girls who have broad enough shoulders, wear things-military with shoulder straps is not worth it. After all
    Such finishing will once again draw attention to the problem area;
  • Low and thin girls should avoid dresses with large buttons and wide belts;
  • High and stately girls should not wear dresses, which are sewn snakes along the entire length of the product;
  • Enough full of women should refrain from buying a camouflage color thing.

A military dress is a stylish and attractive wardrobe element that allows you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and create the necessary image.

In case of the correct choice of the product, the army attire can be worn not only for work, but also for solemn events or corporate parties.

Having listened to the recommendations of experts, stated in the article, you can not only choose a thing that fits in style and color, but also competently supplement it with suitable accessories.

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