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How to choose curtains for the nursery? What is important and what is not


Curtains for children's rooms: the best model and materials, practical tips.

Children's room - it's a little magical worldbaby, whose memory is preserved forever. Many psychologists believe that the situation of children's rooms is quite a strong effect on the child's psyche. Therefore, at the time of its registration must take into account all the details, including textile design.

Design a child's room

All loving parents try their childMake the most fabulous room. And this result is quite easy to get: modern renovation, new beautiful furniture, original curtains and bedding. All of these elements must be in harmony with each other perfectly.

Daily mood child 50% dependent onthe interior of his room, because that is where he spends most of his time. In the formation of the overall style of the room a very important role it drapes. They give any room design the perfect look. Therefore, their choice must be approached with the utmost responsibility.

Curtains in the nursery should be a kind ofcontinuation of the fabulous atmosphere reigning in the nursery. In addition, they must be of the highest quality and uncomplicated to maintain. Since the light room baby will feel much better than in the dark, the curtains should not obscure the strong room. But they need to create the desired dim during daytime sleep. Therefore, in the children's best to use the blackout curtains and tulle. A good option can be roller blinds or shutters.

Curtains for the child, what material is better?

When choosing a fabric, from which will be made curtains, several factors must be considered:

  1. For added security, the child should opt for materials with a high degree of environmental protection. Fabrics should not be flammable.

  2. Do not forget that curtains accumulate quite a dust that simply is contraindicated in children. Therefore, it is best to opt for the tissue of which is quite simple to look after.
  3. It is best to all of the above requirementsresponsible natural cotton or linen. These materials create the room a feeling of coziness and comfort. Of course, it is possible to purchase the curtains and synthetic material, but it should be of the highest quality. Do not skimp on the health and safety of your child.

The color palette of curtains

During the selection of curtains in the nursery necessarily be awarethe color scheme of the interior. If you already have a vivid elements in the room, the curtains better to do self-colored. But if the room designed in soothing pastel colors, the curtains you can choose bright and colorful, then they will pay attention to the baby and develop their imagination.

Not oversaturated children's room with bright colors, they will be very weary child. Remember the golden rule of "everything in moderation".

Other helpful tips when choosing curtains in the nursery

When choosing curtains is best to focuson the sex and age of the child. Boys often choose blue, blue or green curtains. Moms girls prefer crimson, pink and pastel shades. Curtains that you bought in the infant room will not fit a child of 6-7 years. After all, at this age children have already formed their own sense of style with which parents are obliged to reckon with.

  • Scientists have shown that the color is quite a strong effect on the overall condition of the person: green - calming, red - invigorates, blue - improves sleep.
  • Ate your baby is very energetic, and during the game uses two different things, better to buy a relatively inexpensive curtains, which can be replaced with new ones if necessary.
  • Do not delay the purchase of curtains in the closet. After all, they must be harmoniously fit into the overall interior room. So think carefully the overall picture in advance.
  • What would a child to develop a child's sense of style, choose a tone curtains and bedspread pillow for a bed.

  • Cornice to be durable and of high quality, curtains to it should be well secured and easily slide, so to this design could easily withstand any child's play.
  • Choose the curtains to the original accessory: pickup, pelmet or holder in the form of toys.
  • Do not be afraid to turn their ideas into reality, and then you can create for your baby this fabulous room.

Reviews and advice women who are faced with the choice of curtains for children's rooms


I baby my baby chose two sets of curtains: one of a light fabric, other more massive. I change them depending on the season.


And I'm in the nursery, however, like in the other roomshis house, the curtains did itself. I know how to sew. It remains the case for calculations and interesting idea. Therefore, I do so, go to the interior of the cabin, telling them that I wanted to see. They do all the calculations, recommend what fabric is better to take. And then I buy the stuff in your favorite store, where I was completely satisfied with the price and quality. Calculations I already have. It remains only to sew.


When the conversation begins on the curtains, justI remember stories about his childhood. When I was little, then cut up the entire bottom of the curtains and tulle on the doll dress. Therefore, in the children's room of their babies, I immediately hung short curtains that advise mothers to do the rest.


If you want to buy quality curtains and at the same timesave a little, give up excessive Pile fabrics. You can use not heavy pelmets designs or curtains, roller shutter. It is quite practical and functional options for the nursery.

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