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How to choose a costume for Halloween? Original ideas of costumes for adults and children


How to choose a costume for the Halloween party? Costume ideas for adults. How to put a child on Halloween? Original and traditional costumes for children.

31 October each year, the holiday is celebrated inmany countries. But very few people know where it happened, and what the purpose pursued. There is no single answer to the question of whether it is positive or negative phenomenon. In Russia and other CIS countries, this festival is celebrated only in the clubs, at private parties and by individual request. In any case, having received an invitation to a holiday or organizing it, the first thing you need - a suit!

The origins of the festival

Halloween - this is a relatively "young" holiday,which takes its basis from the end of the summer holiday starokeltskogo - Saiman. Initially, before the spread of Christianity in Europe, in Ireland and Scotland worshiped the spirits of dead ancestors, they performed special rituals to soothe the souls of ancestors and told the younger residents of the legends connected with their ancestors.

there was a tradition to ask for sweets From the 16th century onHalloween. In the night from October 31 to November 1 children with adults putting on a mask, and then went to the neighbors and asked for sweets or money, originally the home had to offer different entertainment. A traditional Halloween attribute - carved pumpkin head, inside of which a lighted candle is located, came later, only in the late 19th - century nachale20. It is also called "Jack Light" and his appearance, he is obliged to Celtic tradition of creating special fixtures for the repose of the souls. At the end of the 19th century began the mass emigration of the Irish and the Scots in the United States, in the same period there was a "fashion" for Halloween.

It is interesting to know that the costumes for Halloween beganwear only after the spread of the festival in the United States. Since the beginning of the 19th century began to appear on the streets of many people dressed in costumes of witches, mummies, monsters, ghosts and other evil spirits. Every year this holiday preparing millions of people, a large-scale parades and numerous parties. The holiday has lost its original concept, but it is a special event for children who are known to be very fond of change! But all in order. Then analyze trendy and stylish outfits for Halloween and costume ideas for kids.

How to choose a costume for a party on Halloween?

  1. Make your own hands. The closer the holiday, the more desirego to the nearest store rental costumes. Instead, open your wardrobe and rummage in it. Did you have any idea about your attire. Cheap and cheerful!
  2. Mix and match outfits. If you are a long time can not determine the choice of costume, for example, you want to be a zombie and a rock star, what prevents you from becoming a rock star - a zombie? Be original, combine incongruous.

  3. Group themes. Always fun to go to a party where you and your friends costumes are made in the same category. You can get dressed in the style of one era in the style of a movie or a cartoon, etc.
  4. Be positive! Why dress up in princess banal whenYou can get dressed duck, hot dog or a hose? This is only a proposal, in fact, if you have a great sense of humor, why not take advantage? Believe me, fun to be around!
  5. Go back to your childhood! Remember your childhood favorite cartoon ortransfer, or rather the beloved children's character. Why not remember his childhood and does not dress in the style of your children's hero? This is an original and fun! And most importantly, sincerely!

Top 10 costumes for Halloween celebration

If you want to get the first prize for the most original costume for Halloween, you have to try and stand out from the crowd. Original ideas for costumes:

  1. Ragdoll. At first glance, what could be easier thandress like a doll (right now we are not talking about Barbie). Traditional outfit a doll: a straw hat, dress with a floral pattern and striped tights. You can braid braids or tie a 2-tail, as well as to draw a "puppet" lashes and freckles. Your image will be completed, nor does it take a lot of effort and you will be quite comfortable.

  2. Fairy tale heroine. For example, Maid Marianne (beloved Robin Hood)or Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. We are sure that such orders will not be difficult to implement, in addition, you may be able to persuade the other half of your dress to match.
  3. Costume of a century. We are confident that, as a little girl, youdreaming to wear a dress Angelica or any other court ladies. Or you attracted plain togas of ancient Greece, or you dream to try on costumes 60s. Let your imagination will tell itself. Now fairly easy to find on the Internet a photo of costumes any time and borrow something from my mother's or grandmother's wardrobe.
  4. Become a child again! Very simply transformed into a little girl - the baby. All you need: cap, overalls and a toy in his hands. For greater truth you can take with a pacifier!
  5. Suit negative character. Of course, many people want to look like angels andprincesses, and you will be more original - be on the evening of Baba Yaga, the evil stepmother or witch. Do you think that can not be attractive witch or a vampire?

  6. Go back to school time. Costume schoolgirl - is not only a directassociation with the porn industry, but also a wonderful occasion to prove the opposite. Remember the school days, wear a skirt, white blouse, knee-length socks. Better yet, get dressed in the style of the pioneers! The main thing is make sure the length of the skirt, did not come out to the first option.
  7. Bride-ghost. The idea is you do not? Perhaps you've always wanted to put on a wedding dress once more, but this is not necessarily a divorce! Become a ghost bride, put on a dress and add the image of gloom: "potekshie eyes", a bunch of twigs, torn veil, broken heel ... Simply put, trust intuition holiday.
  8. Harry Potter costume. And who said that this suit is only suitable forchildren? If you want to look attractive and sexy, it is a great option. Beat any dress or skirt with a blouse, top to throw with robe and tie, take an essential attribute - a magic wand. Voila, your image is ready.
  9. Put on your wings! You can become a fairy godmother, a bell of"Peter Pan" or a butterfly, all these images have in common is the wings. What is easier? You can put colored corset, skirt, tights and shoes in color. And, of course, do not forget the wings!

  10. Keep it simple! The easiest Halloween costume - costumebring. What could be simpler? All a child climbs under a white sheet, and frightened his friends, what has changed? Everyone in the house there is a white bed sheet on which to draw a ghost, or just cut eye and mouth ... A sort of a version of the Budget.

Original children's Halloween costumes

  1. Little witch. Your little witch can be withugly wart on the huge nose or it can be a daring cutie. The most important thing is not to forget about the broom, or magic wand, as well as the traditional bell.

  2. Ghost. As costume for adults - it is the most simple idea, but at the same time the most interesting, because everyone sees the ghost with my own eyes. Be original!
  3. Tykvochki. This is the most original and cute outfit for your little one.
  4. A princess. If your little daughter loves cartoons andtales about princesses, then why not put it in such a way? And it need not be banal pink dress, it may not be a dress at all. Let your princess will choose what she wanted to go to the ball.
  5. Scarecrow. Even the name speaks for itself. For this costume you will need a plaid shirt, pants (can be jeans), straw hat with a hole in the ground. For clarity, you can also add them to outfit a bit of straw, let peeps out of his pocket or from behind his ear. Old trample shoes ever useful to complete the image.

  6. Clown. Maybe for an adult clown costume is notwill like, but it will look great on a little naughty boy. Just imagine: bright red curls, a striped shirt, a huge funny shoes, red nose!
  7. Zombie. For older kids, this image is suitable, but for young kids better choose

    something neutral. Zombies will look intimidating, or whether it will be friendly? Ask about it at your child!

  8. A vampire. Vampire Fashion long gone? Perhaps, but this suit is a classic black dress, suitable for all year. And do not forget the teeth!
  9. Ballerina. It can be as ironic costume (forfull girls) and original (for skinny girls). The main thing here is not to hurt the baby, let it be her decision. A bodysuit, tutu and pointe find in any store.
  10. Rock star. What could be nicer than a little Mick Jagger? Put your baby in the skin, draw a tattoo and make a mess out of his hair. Rings, earrings, bandanas, chains and other accessories only complement his suit.
  11. Ninja. This image comes from the 90s, but perhaps your childrose "Ninja Turtles"? And Leonardo for him - this is, first and foremost, a turtle with a blue blindfold. You can use these characters to embody or traditional ninja, the choice is yours!

  12. Superhero. Modern children has been growing in othersuperheroes, rather than we, so if you are unsure, it is best to ask your child, and then to find information on the Internet. Only then will proceed to the costume design.
  13. Cartoon Hero. Cartoons are different, but modern childrenI want to imitate cartoon characters no less than us in due time. Let your baby will decide who he wants to be, and you help him translate the image into reality.
  14. Angel or devils. All children are called angels, but in factIs it so? If you know that your baby monkey, if it is to build a costume imp, let him understand that angel to be better, and the next year you will need a completely different suit.

  15. Pirate. Older Kids love Jack Sparrow, and thatprevaricate, many women, too! Lovely way to implement on Halloween day. Or let it be a traditional pirate from another cartoon, above all, respect the classic attire: eyepatch, bone leg cocked hat, a shirt with long sleeves and high boots.

These are our suggestions and ideas, and, of course, we are interested to know your ideas! Share with us! It is very important to know your opinion!

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