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What and how to spend Mother's capital - is it possible to sell it?


What and how to spend the maternity capital. Can I sell a certificate for maternity capital, and how to do it. Cunning scheme of intelligent women.


This Act furtherstate support for families with children are given clear deadlines and procedures for obtaining certificates and transferring funds, which are provided by the parent capital. The same document provides many options for the designated use of funds, with the total ban on cashing the amount of sale and gift certificate to another person. What documents need to gather to receive maternity capital?


Use the money "capital"possibly through three, provided also cases where one can use the resources previously. The upper time limit the use of cash contained in the mother's capital, it is not limited - you can use them if necessary, spending, such as education of the child. All the sum of mother's capitalWhich remains unused forentire period, in proportion to the inflation indexed automatically - it does not need to obtain a new certificate or to bring to the Russian Pension Fund of additional documents.

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Thus, the funds that make up the mother's capital, can be spent on the following purposes:

  • Acquisition of housing construction, Improving the housing situation of the family.
  • Education All children or one child.
  • Payment preschool (Municipal, state kindergarten) school.
  • The accumulation of pension for Mom.
  • Getting cash lump payment of 15 thousand rubles.

Consider every option cash invested in more detail

All solutions to housing issues at the expense of "mother's capital".

Since this option is investing money lucky holders of the Certificates is most popular, it is always considered priority.


Possible solutions to pressing housing problem of young families:

  • Building or buying a home, apartment, Any premises.
  • fee payment at registration of mortgages for housing, loan registration, loan.
  • debt payment, interest on mortgage, loan, loan for the purchase, construction of dwellings.
  • Payment of the share in the construction of shared.
  • Payment of the entry fee (housing, building society).
  • Payment for the construction or reconstruction of individual housing (With contract construction organizations, without contractors).
  • Payment of compensation for the construction or renovation costs home (the owner of the certificate).

An important use of this option by investment funds "maternity capital" - housing should be built or purchased on the territory of Russia.

In order to properly arrange and assemblethe necessary documents when applying for the use of "capital" in the amount of the solution of the housing problem, it is necessary in the Pension Fund office to take a list of additional documents required, which depends on the option selected from the above.

Education in the mother's capital

In its request, the recipient 'Mothercapital "can direct the funds to pay for training a child or all the children in the family. As in all other embodiments use "capital" can be used in parts, where necessary, is a time limit.

Variants of the parent capital on children's education:

  • Child Education, children in the municipal, state educational institutions.
  • Child Education, children in private education institutionsThat have state-accredited, licensed for educational services.
  • Payment hostel from educational institutions in the training of the child.

Terms and conditions of the option investment funds 'capital' - education institution, Which will study the child (ren) must be on Russian territory.

To be trained for cash from the "mother's capital" the child must not be more than 25 years at the beginning of training.

To apply on fees education for a child, the applicant must have additional documents:

  • agreementIt concluded with an educational institution the provision of educational services.
  • license the right of educational institutions to carry out educational activities.
  • The certificate on the state accreditation of the educational institution.

When making a statement pay at the hostel from educational institutions for child needed additional documents:

  • Contract of employment in the hostel premises (specify time limits for payment, amount).
  • Certificate from educational institutionWhich confirms the fact that the child is living in a dormitory.

Payment kindergarten school for maternity capital

This use of funds,secured "maternity capital" was made possible in 2011. This type of investment money can be used when the child is three years old. The money comes to the accounts of the selected organization after submitting an application to the Pension Fund in two months. Pay bills for kindergarten will be regularly Pension Fund, in accordance with the contract. If you change the cost of maintaining a child, or change the terms of payment, the applicant must be brought to the Pension Fund of a new application, which carried out to clarify the schedule of payments, and they will come to the accounts of the institution under the new scheme, two months after this statement.

An important condition - pre-school educational institutions or schoolsWhich are paid by means of the "maternity capital" must necessarily be on Russian territory.

For a typical package of documents on the disposal of funds "maternity capital" the applicant must attach additional documents:

  • The contract concluded with the educational institutionIn which the obligations of the institution to provide educational services to the child and its content, as well as the timing and amount of payments for services.

mum pension on cash maternity capital

Cash that provide"Mother's capital" may be sent to the accumulation of pensions for the woman (the so-called accumulative part of the pension). Application for such a choice of spending the money, you can apply to the Department of Russian Pension Fund, or, optionally, in the (private management company) Russian non-state pension fund. Such a decision the woman has the right to subsequently cancel if the deadline will apply to a pension to her.

Special documents for the funded part of pension to the mother, there is no need to file (only need a sample statement of the woman).

Payment of cash (15 thousand) of the parent capital

Until 2010, the family had the opportunity twiceobtained from the "mother's capital" cash amount twice (12 thousand rubles). Later, in 2011, the additional option of using money "capital" has not acted. Consideration of amendments to the Law on payment of a cash sum of 10 thousand rubles of funds "maternity capital" was to be held in autumn 2012, but it was postponed for 2013. Currently it expected to adopt the decision.

For that you can not spend the maternity capital funds "?

  • On the child's learning in educational institutions outside the territory of Russia.
  • To conduct leisure travel.
  • On the baby content in private educational institutions; on babysitting services.
  • On the car loan payment, the purchasethe car (in some regions of Russia can buy a car made in Russia at the expense of regional "mother's capital", it is necessary to take an interest in the pension fund of the local district office).
  • "Mother's capital" can not cash out and sell!

Using funds provided by the parent capital, in special cases

Sometimes family life there are special cases in which further clarification of the rules need to use cash, "mother's capital".

Maternal capital What to do if the child is dead?

Currently, parents toddler who diedfor one reason or another during the first week after birth, in the registry office does not issue a certificate and a birth certificate, which gives them the right to receive the "capital" of the Certificate in the normal way. If you died first or second child, the family has a right to receive the funds, "maternity capital" on a common basis, and use them for naming scheme - not earlier than three years from the date of birth of the second child.

Termination of parental rights of the mother (mother's death)

If the second child's mother died, and she was deprived of (court) of parental rights, the funds "maternity capital" has the right to dispose of his father.

Termination of parental rights of both parents (the death of both parents, the absence of the father in children)

If the children have no father, and it is also deprivedparental rights, the amount of funds provided by "maternity capital", equally divided among all the children (minors). While children under 18 years, the funds "maternity capital" can be directed to the payment of education, children housing their guardian, but it can do so only with the confirmation of their actions in care institutions.

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