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How to work with her husband without complications for a career and family?


A husband and wife working together - is it good or bad? Read on potential problems working with her husband. Advice on how to work together with her husband without complications for a career and family

Joint business with her husband for two, a common causeor just work in one company - not uncommon in which the spouses are almost around the clock together, first at work, then at home. How does this affect the relationship? Is it possible to work together with her husband, without prejudice to the family?

How to work with her husband without complications

Working together with her husband - the benefits

For some, working together with your loved one- A dream. No experience on the topic - where it is delayed, the whole day you can enjoy them from behind his desk, lunch breaks - together home - together. Another shudder in horror - "With her husband? Work? Never!". Is there really positive things to work together with her husband?

How to work with her husband without complications
  • Mutual assistance. There were problems at work? Quarreled with the boss? You do not have time to finish the order? Confused in the report? So he, the savior of - next. Always help and support.
  • Self-confidence. When behind you there is a man, not theoretically (somewhere out there, at home), but in fact - it allows you to feel more confident.
  • Husband and wife at work perceive as a whole. Therefore, hardly anyone dares to seriously"Encroach" into your favorite half - that is, the affair is practically excluded. How, in fact, on the female side: to flirt with colleagues, being under the gun sight spouse does not work.
  • Understanding. Working together, the wife is always up to date. And my husband did not have to squeeze out of himself - "We have Abraham, angry boss, the mood is no" because his wife already knows about it.
  • Saving the family budget on transport costs.
  • A more serious attitude to work. For bosses married couple "with experience" on the job - is a huge plus.
  • On the corporate parties can come together with spouse, Rest easy, dance and drink champagne - husband insure if drinking too much, be sure not to blurt out too much, and drive home safely.
  • Stay after work for co-working spouses - normal. No one is to be agonizing wait at home, in n-tion time warming up dinner - the couple may return to work even after midnight, and the reasons for the suspicion of them will not.

What problems can arise when a husband and wife working together?

Deficiencies in collaboration with her husband, unfortunately, much more. Although much depends on the form of work. For example, joint business It carries more pluses, but joint activities in one company "Uncle" - more minuses. On the form, "the husband (wife) = Head" and can not speak.

Working with her husband - the pros and cons

Thus, the disadvantages of teamwork:

  • The higher authority of the spouse, the higher (ona subconscious level) attracted to him. The successes and failures of each other at work are clearly visible both, and any crisis or just a bad period lowers husband credibility in the eyes of his wife. Consequently - decrease in sexual desire for him.
  • If both spouses work for the company, and competition is not excluded on the career ladder. Colliding with each other "steps" and shove elbows they are unlikely to be, but a feeling of anger, frustration and resentment will be provided.
  • At work, it is practically impossible to hide his emotions. If the wife in a quarrel, it will be evident to all. But the main problem is not the point. After domestic quarrel working individually spouses usually settle down for a working day, if the quarrel was trifling. Working together to scold the wife forced to be together. As a result, irritation increases, performance decreases, begin showdown - a quarrel develops into a serious conflict.
  • Usually we try not to apply to work on personal relationships. But in this case itself spouse and your relationship - at a glance. What often becomes an occasion for gossip and sarcastic podkolok.
  • Given that the team sees the couple as a whole, there is a risk that husband's mistakes will carry on his wife (and vice versa).
  • If women predominate in the team, not without jealousy. It's one thing when my husband goes to work and does not see his wife - with whom and how it communicates, and quite another - when the wife is forced to watch as his wife "ohmuryayut" unmarried colleagues.
  • Constant stay together - a serious test even for the strongest pairs. The work "individually" - is an opportunity to break from each other and to have time to get bored. When the joint work often appears the idea to change jobs or temporarily live separately.
  • Newlyweds, working together, all the harder. It's hard to hold back when your favorite so close, and candy buketny between his passions - in full swing. And bosses and colleagues are unlikely to like it.
  • If the wife is working in close contact with customers, Which need to be yourself charm husband long this voltage will not sustain. Tom smiled wrong, this is too long, shakes hands - close to a quarrel.
  • Husband-boss or boss-wife - the most severe variant. After all, with his second half of the headI should ask, as well as with other workers. Of course, the public "whipping" of the late order handed doubly humiliate your favorite half. Yes, and favors from the boss, a spouse will not benefit - colleagues will grind their teeth and will perceive you as the "eyes and ears" of the head.
  • No less difficult will be the joint work of the couple that broke up or is on the way to divorce. Do not fall face in the dirt in front of colleagues who almost with popcorn in hand looking for your relationship - it is talent. Usually, someone from work have to give.
  • All chat after work, one way or another, amounts to the problems at work. Rare couples manage to keep working moments at the threshold of his apartment.
  • In a situation where one spouse is the head of the other, there is a problem in the promotion. If the increase is not even on the merits - itIt leads to serious grievances that haunt in family life. If the increase occurs, then it will be perceived by colleagues biased - ie, as a result of a close relationship.

Tips psychologists - how to work with her husband without complications for both work and family

However, until the end of his days ... at home and at work. And, like, a common cause must bring together, and there is often quite the opposite. appears fatigue from each other, accumulated irritation. And in the evenings he spends less time with you, running to the garage to repair the car.

Working together with her husband - the advantages and disadvantages

How to save the relationship, working together with her husband?

  • Try, if possible, periodically return home separately. For example, you can drop by after work to a friend or go shopping. At least a couple of hours in the day to be a rest from each other.
  • Do not talk about work outside its walls - Either at home or on the way home working discussionthings should not be. Of course, nothing fatal in a discussion of the dinner there. But may one day turn out that in addition to work, you have no common topics for discussion.
  • Over the weekend, be sure to get out somewhere to relax and get away from work, Plan and purchase travel in the future, children raduyte family departures "in the light".
  • Clearly separate their roles at home and work. It's in your apartment it - the beloved,who kiss in passing, make coffee, and sorry hug. At work, he - your colleague (or boss). Trying to remind him that you're a woman, you risk to spoil the relationship with her husband and put him in a bad light in front of colleagues. Try to control your emotions, even if you want to slam the door.
  • Do not wait for him at the doorWhen he said that the meeting until the evening. Gather and leave one. And then ask colleagues - what time he came to the meeting, and who was still at work - is not necessary. If you cope with the jealousy you can not - look for another job. So you do not have to change her husband.
  • Do not cut yourself off from the collective, Keeping only her husband. Be equal to all, on the you - colleagues.
  • Her husband raised, and you - no? Look forward to its success.
  • Do not interfere, if your half called on the carpet and account for poorly executed work. After the reprimand can come and support, but conflict with your overall leader on the rights "of his wife" - is absurd. As a result, you will be fired either.

And remember that working together can cause the collapse of the family boat only, if the boat is cracking at the seams.

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