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Work at the reception for girls - this is the start of a career, or her final?


The secretary at the reception - all the details of thiswork, opportunities to make a career and the difficulties associated with the performance of professional duties. What is waiting for you, if you choose to work at the reception of the Secretary?

Work at the reception for girls

You hardly graduated from university, in your armsThe coveted diploma, the graduation ceremony behind, and on the horizon a clear question looms - what to do next? Experience of work - by zero, and the desire to climb the career ladder - off scale. Of the vacant positions the most accessible is the secretary at the reception. But will this work start for career growth or will it be its final?

Secretary at the reception. Who is it?

Work at the reception for girls

Reception is exactly the place that a client sees at any institution. No reception is functioning today without any reception. Secretary, standing at the reception, Must have full information about the company - about services, employees, prices for products andEven about where you can have a cup of coffee and a cake nearby. The reputation of the company in the eyes of the client depends directly on the awareness and professional skills of the secretary. Responsibilities of the secretary at the reception:

  • Meeting visitors (Tea, coffee for customers).
  • Answers to calls.
  • Distribution of correspondence.
  • Interaction with couriers.
  • Additional responsibilities, Depending on the size of the organization.

Specificity of the secretary at the reception

Work at the reception for girls

Secretary at the reception - Company face. As a rule, this girl is very attractive appearance, which meets customers with an invariable charming smile. She must be:

  • Polite and obliging.
  • Young and beautiful.
  • Open, sociable, delicate.
  • Emotionally stable, Collected and calm in any circumstances.
  • Attentive, organized, competent.

Work at the reception for girls

The client, communicating with the secretary, should feel that it is in this company that all his problems will be solved. In addition to personal characteristics and appearance, the secretary at the reception should also differ Excellent knowledge of foreign languages, good hearing and memory, clear diction.

Secretary at the reception. Disadvantages of work

  • Irregular working hours (Before all come and later all leave).
  • Regular processing.
  • Frequent stressful situations, Due to communication with a large number of different people.
  • Low salary.

Replace the secretary at the reception is very difficult. Therefore, to escape for a short time on business or even take a sick leave is almost impossible.

Advantages of the secretary at the reception

  • Work at the reception for girls

    The possibility of learning on the spot.

  • Opportunity to get a job, Having on hand only a document on profile courses.
  • Opportunity for career growth.
  • Acquisition of useful skills. Communication and knowledge.
  • Acquiring the skill of communicating with people And negotiating, which in the future will be useful in other places of work.

Career secretary at the reception

Work at the reception for girls

Secretary at the reception has not so many prospects in his career. It is possible that the girl will grow to Office manager And expand its administrative functions in theOrganization. And then everything is in her hands. But if you hate to stay in the shadows, then it is better not to undertake secretarial work at all. The secretary at the reception is, as a rule, temporary shelter in the organization. It is clear that The secretary's career can not be a dream and a goal for professional growth. Given that the secretary has to delve into all the nuances of the company, you should choose the areas that will not be boring.

Features of the secretary at the reception

Work at the reception for girls

Secretary at the reception, as a first job - it's very good. Working at the reception:

  • Learn to determine the mood and even the nature of the client For minor details.
  • Learn to anticipate behavior and phrases.
  • Learn the responsibility.
  • You gain experience with documents. That is, in the future, after seeing the official document, you can no longer raise your eyebrows with a frightened "what is this?".
  • You start to understand the intricacies of the company's internal system - from personnel reshuffles to financial matters.

Why prepare, getting a secretary at the reception?

  • Work at the reception for girls

    Sometimes the post of secretary at the reception is simple Is not provided for in the staff list of the organization. As a rule, these are state organizations. In this case, the person is issued to another department. As a result, there are certain "inconsistencies" - the official design is one, and the work is quite different.

  • Secretary at the reception Can expect to increase in career, but not to increase wages.
  • The growth of a career can become difficult, If the manager does not want to part with an excellent employee, which so much is kept (intimate relations are not taken into account).
  • If the chief leaves the organization, he canTake the secretary with him as an employee, proved (this is the worst option - you will have to continue the same work), or raise it in the post. Here everything depends on the leader.
  • The role of the leader. With certain characteristics of character, he is quite capable of turning the secretary's work into a reception at hell. In any case, strong nerves in this work will not prevent.
  • The secretary is a job in sight. Well, if a day falls at least fifteen minutes of rest and silence. And they will not be able to escape either - the absence of a secretary will be noticed by everyone.

Everyone will make their own conclusions. But what can we say definitely - the secretary's job is A colossal experience and an excellent school for a girl who plans to make a career.

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