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Women's service in the army in Russia - secret desires or future obligation?


Women's service in the army - the pros and cons of female conscription. All legislative female customer service bases in the army in Russia. Female and male perspective on women's military service

Women's service in the army

Today, women in the militaryRussia - is not uncommon. According to the statistics of our country modern army is 10% of the fair sex. Recently, the media reported that the State Duma is preparing a bill on voluntary conscript army of women. So we decided to learn how to relate to the issues of the people of our country.

Women's service in the Russian army - the analysis of legislation

The order of military service is regulated by a female representative of a number of legislative acts, namely:

Women's service in the army
  • The law "On Military Duty and Military Service";
  • The law "On status of servicemen";
  • Regulations on the procedure of military service;
  • other Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.

According to the legislation, today woman is not subject to military conscription. However, it He has the right to enlist in the army on a contract basis. To do this, you need to apply to the militaryCommissariat of the place of residence or to a military unit. This statement is recorded and taken into consideration. Military Commissariat shall take a decision within one month.

Women's service in the army

The right to pass the contract military service are women aged 18 to 40 years, Regardless of whether they consistmilitary registration or not. However, they can take only upon availability of military positions which can occupy military women. The list of women's military positions determined by the Minister of Defense or other bodies of executive power, where military service is stipulated.

Unfortunately, in our country to this day, noclearly defined legislation concerning women serving in the Russian army. And, despite the fact that the current authorities are carrying out a reform of the Armed Forces, the problem of "military service and a woman" has not received a proper analysis and evaluation.

  • Women's service in the army

    To this day, there is no clear idea any military positions women can take. Military officials at various levels, and other representatives of the federal government have a very "narrow-minded" view of the female role in the life of the army;

  • Despite the fact that about 10% of Russian troops, make it a woman in our country, unlike other countries, no paramilitary structure that dealt with the passage of women to military service;
  • In Russia No legal regulations that would govern the procedure for military service women. Even in the army regulations of the Armed Forces of Russiaprovided by the division of employees on men and women. And even the military sanitary and hygienic standards, is not fully consistent with the Ministry of Health standards. For example, in the construction of residential buildings for military personnel is not provided equipped rooms for female soldiers. The same applies to the catering. But in Switzerland, the situation of women soldiers in the Act "On the service of women in the Armed Forces."

The reasons why women willingly go to serve in the army

Women's service in the army

Exist four main causesIn which women go to serve in the army:

  • This military wife. The military in our country receive a salary so low, and that would feed the family women are also forced to serve.
  • The military unit is not working, which would comply with the civilian population;
  • Social security. Army - this, though small, but stable salary, full benefits package, free medical care, and after-service their own homes.
  • A patriot of his countryWomen who want to make a real military career - Russian soldiers Jane.

In the army, women are not random. It can only get an acquaintance: family, wife, friends of the military. Most of the women in the army do not have military education, and therefore are forced to work as nurses, signaller, etc, silently agreeing on little money.

Women's service in the army

All of these reasons allow the fair sex to decide on their own - they carry a military service or not. Recently, however, the State Duma said that preparing a bill under which women are not given birth to 23 years, will be drafted into the army for military service. Therefore, we decided to find out how men and women relate to this perspective.

Opinion of women about women's compulsory military service in the army

Lyudmila, 25 years:
A female soldier, female boxer, a female weightlifter ...Girls should not be where you want to rough masculine strength, because in such a situation, they cease to be women. And do not believe those who beautifully tells the story of gender equality, they pursue their own specific objectives. The woman - a homemaker, teacher of children, it is nothing to do in muddy trenches in the mud

Olga, 30 years old:
It all depends on where and how to serve. When it comes to clerical positions, then why not. But talk about gender equality is absolutely not possible, because you need to consider the physical and psychological characteristics. Although some women are constantly striving to prove otherwise.

Marina, 17 years old:
I believe that it is good when a woman can and is to hold military positions on an equal basis with men. The very I wish to military service, although parents my desire not very supportive.

Rita, 24 years old:
I believe that conscription should be independentfrom women having a child. Such a solution must take the girl voluntarily. And so it turns out that politicians are trying to manipulate our genital function.

Sveta, 50 years old:
I am 28 years old wearing epaulettes. Therefore I declare that the girls in the army has nothing to do, regardless of whether she has children there, or not. Loads there is absolutely no women.

Tanya, 21 years old:
I believe that the service in the Armed Forces toWomen should be voluntary. For example, my sister, she decided to become soldiers. In her profession (physician) positions were not and had to retrain. Now running a radio operator, he sits all day in a bunker with a bunch of harmful equipment. And it all suits. During the service has managed to give birth to two children.

The opinion of men about women's military service

Eugene, 40 years old:
Army - this is not the Institute for Noble Maidens. Enlisted people prepare for war, and a woman should give birth to children, rather than on the fields with a gun run. Ever since ancient times in our genes incorporated: woman-keeper of the hearth, and the man warrior. A female soldier - all raving mad feminists.

Oleg, 30 years old:
The appeal of women to military service - is underminingthe combat capability of the army. I agree, in peacetime, a woman can truly serve in the army, proudly declaring that it is on a level with men. However, when it comes to actual combat, they will remember that they are the weaker sex.

Danil, 25 years old:
If a woman is at the service of their own accord, then why not. The main thing that did not call for women's voluntary-compulsory obligation.

Maxim, 20 years:
Women serving in the army has its pros andminuses. On the one hand, the girl has no place in the war, and on the other - went to serve and she went to a nearby military base. The problem does not wait for itself)) disappears from the army).

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