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What kind of work for a young girl is considered undervalued and hopeless?


Jobs for young girls - where to go to work? Learn about the options most undervalued work, as well as on what the benefit of a young girl can be poluchitna these unpromising positions

The most undervalued and dead-end job for a girl

We have all heard this phrase "All professions are important,All professions are needed. " And, despite this, today's young people shared the work of the prestigious and undervalued. So today we decided to tell you about the "hopeless" work, which gives a lot of useful skills.

Futility and undervalued work for a young girl who trains a very useful skills:

  1. Waitress

    Job waitress

    - To arrange for the position in a dinerlocal scale is quite simple. This work is very hard, you will be all day on their feet. In addition, you will have to tolerate discontent daily, cavils and disrespect on the part of customers, there may be sticky and looks spanking ... In return for this you get little pay and tip. But other than that a waitress job gives some useful skills. For example, the ability to listen, to compromise and to guess the desire of the client. After all, what better serve the visitor, the higher the tip.

  2. Seller

    Work by the seller

    - Youth, this profession does not enjoyparticularly popular. Although it is the quality of the work depends seller profits of many companies. In addition, this position requires constant communication, so there is an opportunity to have a good and useful acquaintances. A properly constructed social circle makes it possible to sell and buy everything your heart desires. Also, do not forget the fact that the seller - it is the most highly paid profession.

  3. Secretary or assistant

    Secretary Jobs

    - A person who is fully in line withyour supervisor. That is why, after 90 years. many have come to believe that this position can only interesting, but do not know and do not know how to girls. However, the modern Secretary - is formed by young people who know foreign languages ​​3-4, can easily win over any man, perfectly controlled with any office equipment. Do not forget that behind the Secretary is the person who turn their millions. Quite often, the assistant knows about the activities of the company and the life of his head a lot more than he did. A free access to documents and an excellent knowledge of all internal matters give him great power, most importantly the right to use it. Separate conversation, work secretary at the reception -Read reviews.

  4. Nanny

    Jobs nanny

    Occupation nanny in our country is not considered the mostpopular, but many young girls have tried to carry out this work, because it does not require special skills. The most important thing to love their children, to understand the medical aspects of care of them and a little to understand child psychology. To get a job as a nanny, You get a day full of noise,scream and frolic, the vagaries and surprises. At the end of a working day - a long and detailed report to parents. But this work also teaches you a very useful skill. You will learn how to plan their working day and to strictly adhere to child mode - so to speak a universal course on time management. In addition you will have excellent skills in unpredictable and capricious client, the ability to be a competent progress report.

  5. Promoter

    Work promoter

    We all met these poor girls haveretail stores that offer to tell us about the new brand. If they begin to cause you pity it wrong promoters. Professional of the business currently has to person, causing sympathy, trust and respect. After all this work requires to know not only their products, but also to understand the competitors' products. For any young professional is a great experience in a comparative analysis, training oratorical qualities, skills of presentation.

  6. A member of the fast food chain

    Work employee fast food restaurant

    - This work is very difficult and tedious, but atit you can buy a wide range of useful features that will be useful in any field of activity. The most important of which are the ability to work in a team and always smiling customer. And it was these qualities require many employers from their employees.

  7. Courier

    courier Jobs

    - For the job does not need to have specialskills. All that is required of you: to be at the appointed time and place, to deliver the parcel or package to the addressee. However, not everyone can be with the right to such seemingly simple duties. In fact, everything is very simple, when the head is not sitting on the chief, and works pretty free schedule, The person becomes less organized. In this profession plays an important role punctuality, ability to self-organize. If you want to become an independent worker, who can work at the expense of internal resources, which are so fond of heads of large companies, you will need some time to work courier. plus one more: you will have time for self-development, while in transport can be read many books.

  8. Janitor, cleaning lady or maid in hotel

    Job janitor, cleaning lady or maid in hotel

    - Profession of purity keepers. We all remember how as a child we parents said, you will not learn, will become a janitor or cleaner. But really - this work, than it resembles the work of spies. It is the people of this profession have free access to the information held in the trash, they know every corner of industrial and office space. A little imagination and discreet presence in any room, office or allow the cleaner to learn a lot of secrets and useful information about the company. In addition, people who have at least a few months occupied a similar position, automatically begin to restore order there, where it is broken for any reason. Some may think that this is not so important. In fact, the order on the desktop - it is one of the main principles of proper organization of time management.

  9. The operator call-center

    call-center operator's work

    - At first glance, not very promisingprofession. However, it is this position as soon as possible will help you to learn a whole bunch of useful skills. This negotiation, the ability to achieve their results, the correct formulation of the question, the development of a high level of stress, the ability to properly work with objections. These skills are vital, both for personal and career growth.

  10. Counselor in the children's camp

    job counselor at a children's camp

    - Conventional (non-specialized) campsthe only requirement to the candidate for this position is pro-active attitude. This position is not very popular among students, because it requires a great deal of responsibility. However, this is where you can get your first managerial experience. Working counselor at the camp, you learn how to be motivational programs for staff, to condemn or encourage so that discipline is improving. Also, you will learn how to find an approach to the complex control and unpredictable people, such as young people. After such an experience, you can easily cope with any management position.

We have presented you with a list of professions that are considered not prestigious and hopeless among young girls. However, they provide the important skills, which are then very help to climb to the top of the career ladder.

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