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Women note: the most common ways of cheating in employment!


How to get a job and do not fall for the baitScam? Poznakomtes with the most common methods of fraud, scam in employment and real advice on how to avoid fraud

The most common methods of employment fraud

Not only in everyday life but also toUnfortunately, employment is likely to be faced with deceit and fraud. In search of work seeking the vacant position may encounter offers direct employers as a result of which the applicants not only do not get the deserved payment, and will spend the money earned earlier.

Sometimes even experienced professionals can not recognize scamFor which the person is a free labor force.

The most popular ways of employment fraud

The most common methods of employment fraud

At present, almost ten percentthose wishing to change jobs are faced with fraud in employment. During the interview, having received assurances soon getting impressive salary Applicants without even reading, sign documents. Basically, such a proposal itselfEmployment organized so that blame "employers" in violation of labor laws only himself and remains virtually impossible to blame.

  • One of the major "pests" are consulting agencies for employment. Namely, when a meeting is setcertain "fee", but advisers are convinced that the amount paid will quickly return, as their client will soon receive a well-paid job. However, the applicant after the payment service provider, as a rule, begins to run from the firm in a company where to work no one is waiting.
  • Test test. A very common way to freelabor use. Jobseeker offered to pass a preliminary test, the essence of which is to perform a certain type of work (such as translation) for the designated time. And of course, the execution of the test job is not paid.
  • Employment with wages, which takes into account all possible and impossible bonuses and allowances. What's the catch? Real wage is much lower than promised, as premium is paid once a quarter or at 100% fulfillment of the set unrealistic standards, etc. And it is that, even after working for the employer for several years, staff bonuses and allowances not received even a single time.
  • Compulsory education. Imaginary employer insists on the needpay and receive training, without which it is impossible to perform work on the job sounded. However, after learning it appears that the applicant has not passed the competition or "did not pass the certification." As a result, you, as the applicant, in the course of the so-called learning not only get paid for their work, but they themselves pay.
  • "Black" hiring. Under the pretext of "probation" worka candidate for the vacant position of use for their own purposes, and even without registration of labor relations. And after a few months, an employee baffle phrase: "You do not come to us."
  • The most common methods of employment fraud

    "Grey salary." The official salary isthe minimum wage, an unofficial - at times more. This calculation is common in private organizations. Soiskatelnits agrees - after all money paid, but in the case of care in labor or social leave in the period of the disease, and even more so when the pension calculation clarified significant monetary losses.

  • Instead of downtime - leave without pay. Social guarantees that the stateIt gives the employee, as a thorn in the eyes of employers. At present there are many types of deception: instead of forcing the worker registration downtime caused by the employer to take a leave of absence without pay, educational leave clearance as the annual paid leave, etc.
  • Gross wages only after the end of the trial period. What does it mean? During the probation period, and after you perform the same duties, but get full salary until the end of the test sroka.Esche 'rougher' way is the possibility of a trial period - in fact, it is simply a decrease in payment for the period of probation, which in some cases can reach 50 percent or more.

Cheating in employment: the proposals for which it is better not to ignore

The most common methods of employment fraud

In principle, from a meeting with the scammers are not insured by anyone, even an experienced attorney. However, there are special preferences from unscrupulous employers:

  • Personnel and administrative personnel
    Here there are the bait scamsadministrators, secretaries, personnel managers, office managers. The promised wages too high. Those. at the designated salary would expect a person fluent in a foreign language, with a diploma of higher education, with a lot of experience. However, the ad does not have any of this, and then it turns out that the proposed work has nothing to do with the administrative work. It is most often offer in the field of network marketing when you have to buy back the goods before its implementation
    How to proceed? Do not buy into the high salaries, and the main thing - to quickly leave, once you get an offer to pay for job placement.
  • Couriers
    Have you met the young and not very people whotry to log on to the company or office in order to demonstrate and sell goods to employees? Meet. This is the so-called "carriers." In fact, however, this work has nothing to do with courier activity.
    What to do? Find out what the company inviting you and that part of the express charges. If you do not want to sell and advertise, and want to become a "classic" courier, try not to be carried out on the proposed fabulous reward.
  • Tourism Experts
    Classifieds scams have on tourismcertain specifics from applicants do not require knowledge of a foreign language and experience, but they promise to travel abroad and the huge earnings. However, representatives of relevant tourism companies say that without experience only trainees are accepted for the minimum salary, and the formation of key personnel of such an approach can not be used.
    What to do? Remember the simple truth, employment does not require payment. And if you offer to buy a tourist sightseeing trip or pay the tuition - run away from this company.
  • Work at home
    The real work at home not easy to find. Real employers prefer that their employees were in the premises during working hours.
    At home, most are madeartistic and decorative items. And it is absolutely clear that they must be of good quality, otherwise no one will buy. Therefore, to receive significant revenues without proper equipment and skills, for example, only by knitting or embroidery, will not work.

How to proceed? We must look at things realistically. If you say that the products you produce, demand in the consumer market, do not be lazy, find in their respective stores, whether it's true.

What you need to know to avoid fraud in employment?

The most common methods of employment fraud

For the estimation of "clean water" unclean hand for the employer in hiring a few simple rules you need to know.

  • first: You never pay agency or prospective employer money for employment.
  • second before signing the contract and other documents read them carefully. Before the interview collect information about the company. If a company has deceived not a competitor, then the Internet, for sure, will be the appropriate responses.
  • third: do not be lazy to ask also in what the organization needs new people. If the employer can not definitely onanswer this question, and does not impose any specific requirements of the applicant and does not ask about his skills, then perhaps he needs a short period of free or cheap labor.

The most common methods of employment fraud

Those who have not got in the above situation,I would like to give one piece of advice: if hiring you offer to pay for training, questionnaires or other documents, or just under various pretexts to extort money, you're on the job, more likely, did not accept. No employee must pay the employer, and vice versa. Looking for a job without cheating!

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