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Rules of successful conversation


Sometimes it happens that you can not say absolutely not a word, but the people around you are well aware that you have today any pleasure or on the contrary you something sad.

At the same time it is worth noting that the expression of the human face can often be misleading.

For example, your companion can easily get the impression that you are angry or dissatisfied with something if he sees frown or forehead wrinkled in your face.

From such a grimace, as a rule, your opponentjust closes in itself, staying in the belief that you are for him too critical of. If you want people to understand you and go to meet you, try to constantly monitor the expression of his face.

Also during the meeting to exercise maximumattention and genuine interest in your interlocutor said. In addition to this it is necessary not only to listen carefully but also to pay attention to his gestures and the expression on his face, as in this case, you can also determine how sincere your interlocutor.

During a conversation with someone should not be stronglycompressing his lips, because your opponent might just decide that you're going to say bad words. When talking slightly open mouth and relax the muscles around the mouth.

Keep in mind that three quarters of allthe information is written on your face, and so if you want to convey to your companion all of your intentions and desires, then at least try and make sure that on your face was a reflection, only your true feelings.

During a call, do not move the eyebrows, on the contrary make wider eyes - your partner is perceived wash for strongexpression of interest in the topic of conversation and the fact is he's talking about. In addition, one should not strain the muscles of the face while you are talking or listening as his companion.

Also, if you want to better understand your opponent and still position it over to him, in this case during a call, you should proceed as follows:

take a good look at his face, then eyes and finally - glancing at his companion's nose and then take a good look at his face. So should do throughout the conversation.

By following such simple rules, you will be able to succeed and understanding during any negotiation, whether it's a friendly conversation or business meeting.

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