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Common mistakes in the interview when applying for a job - how to avoid them


The most common mistakes when applying forwork - how to avoid them? tell you how not to make mistakes during the interview with the employer. Learn how to avoid common mistakes in a job interview

This traditional procedure is interview - This is a very difficult and nerve-expensive test for any applicant. Moreover, summary in the interview plays a less significant role than the right answers to the employer's questions and competent behavior.

What errors most often allow the applicants, and how to avoid them?

Common mistakes in the interview when applying for a job
  • Your appearance. Everyone knows the famous saying about the firstimpression "on clothes." And coming to the interview laced with piercings in fashionable ripped jeans and a T-shirt with Che Guevara, it makes no sense to rely on the statement of your candidacy. Appearance should be appropriate to the situation. Basic rules: no running shoes, sneakers and challenging high stiletto. No bags hanging from the leather tinsel and a dozen icons. No dreadlocks and Iroquois. Ideal - a classic suit or skirt / pants (black bottom, white top), a neat haircut, discreet makeup. When employment in a creative position can dress more fashionably, but within the boundaries of reason.
  • Do not differ punctuality? Say goodbye to the vacant seats in advance. Late for your interview - so, just sign in his irresponsibility. There were good reasons for the delay? Summarize (no excuses!) The reason and apologize.
  • I love the little embellish their advantages and disadvantages to hide deeper? With regard to the second point - doing the right thing. But be careful with the first: the manager with experience always feels lies and your excessive zeal in the embellishment of their talents. The most serious mistake would be the same lie about their experience and qualifications - the truth will open in the first days of your work. So be honest with an employer. If you are afraid that you will be denied due to lack of experience in any question, tell them you easily teachable and willing to improve their skills.
  • "Let bygones ...". Never expose to bad light his former colleagues and bosses. Even if you still drink valerian afterleaving former work. Firstly, it is not located in your future employer (even on the contrary - alert the). Secondly, such an act you're putting down no former colleagues and himself (a decent man will never speak evil of anyone, and gossip). Be careful, correct and answer such questions very briefly.
  • "How much will I get?". The question that always sits on the tongueJobseekers. But ask him awkward and scary. In fact, nothing to fear. The very worst thing that can happen - this is a departure. But you did not come to beg for money in the debt, and get a job. Therefore, the money issue is appropriate. The main thing - no shade, not to curry favor and behave confidently. As a man who knows his own worth. Experts advise not to ask this question first, and wait for the employer itself to speak about the salary. But very often the case that the main issue to discuss at the interview did not even reach. And after employment would be very disappointing to learn that your salary - lower than that of a neighbor, selling vegetables at the market. Therefore, in advance (even at home) Polyubopytstvuyte - on how much you can expect to selected positions to be ready to call it. And if the employer plays a silence, then at the end of the interview ask the question themselves. But only if you are sure that you are interested.
  • The interview came to an end, and the employerNothing you have not asked? Apparently, you can not interest him. If you have any interest to the applicant - are bound to be questions. The same applies to you, if there is interest, then there will be questions about the future post - duty, the question of subordination, the need for travel and so forth. Blunder is your question - "What does your company?". About all you need to know - from its history to the latest news and market.
  • As if you do not pre-rehearsed role steadya competitor, which tear apart the company's competitors, your fears and doubts will be on your face. And for the experienced manager is not difficult to assume that you hide the lack of experience or something else under the mock bravado. So remember about modesty, which must be in harmony with confidence. The audacity, bluster and his feet on the table - it's too much.
  • Excessive shyness is also not at hand. If you asked the question - "What can you do? What can be particularly helpful to us ", the phrase" Oh, well, I myself will extol a "-?! Error. Be prepared for the oral summary highlighting those their real merits, which will open you the door to the desired position.
  • Chewing gum spit out even before they opened the door to the building. And at the same time and switch off your mobile phone. And, of course, strictly forbidden to come in for an interview and smoky clothes with the smell of yesterday's "a success" party.
  • Do not mention in conversation that you have a dozen of such companies on the list, and each offers, as a dear guest. Even if it is. The employer must understand that only you had a lifetime dream to work with, and the other options were not considered.
  • Before you leave the office, do not forget to ask about the future cooperation - Do you wait for a call, call on their own or come at a convenient time.

And, of course, remember that interrupt the interlocutor, to talk about their problems, boasting "cool" acquaintances and stretch every answer for 15-20 minutes should not be. Be brief, polite, considerate, attentive and thoughtful. And remember that you choose, not you. Therefore, until you got to work, and swing right to demand benefits package, and the dentist is not necessary.

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