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How to retire from work - are doing well!


How to quit your job without scandals and damage to itself? Important information on the rights of the employee, tips on how to retire from work, timely warnings

How to retire from work

There is hardly a man who all his lifeI worked on a single workplace. Typically, the work to change throughout life, depending on the circumstances. Causes weight: no longer satisfied with the salary, not We get along with the boss or collective, no prospects for development or just proposed a new, more interestingwork. And, like, the procedure is simple - write a letter of resignation, the calculation of your hands, and forward to a new life. But for some reason, to delay until the last moment of this, feeling the awkwardness of his superiors and colleagues. How to quit right?

Driving layoffs and employee rights - of their own accord?

How to retire from work

Most companies and organizations wellThey understand that the workers will not work for their benefit forever. Only one company will take the statement "at will" quietly and the other problems can occur. Therefore, you need to know about their the rights prescribed in the Labour Code:

  • You have the right to terminate his employment contract, We should warn his superiors two weeks (not later) to care and in writing. Beginning this period (period of notice of dismissal) - The day after the employer receives your application.
  • The contract may be terminated before it expiresBut by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.
  • You have the right to withdraw his application before the expiryIf your site has not been invited to a staff member (in writing).
  • Stop your work, you are entitled to upon the expiry.
  • In your last business day of the employer must make a final paymentAs well as give your work record and other documents.

That is, in short, the dismissal of the scheme - the three steps:

  • Resignation.
  • Testing of the last two weeks.
  • Termination of the contract and payment.

In what cases should not retire - when it's not right

  • How to retire from work

    If a new job in mind yet. The longer "rest" you get, the moreless value you will be in the labor market. Even with the availability of the amount of a quiet life without work, it should be noted that the new employer will certainly ask the question about the reasons for a long break.

  • If the dismissal falls on the holidays and celebrations. This period is considered a dead season for job search.
  • If you were trained by the organization. As a rule, a contract for training at the expense of the companyIt has a point of working out after a certain period of training or penalties in case of dismissal. The amount of the fine is equivalent to the amount spent on training now.

How to quit your job voluntarily?

  • How to retire from work

    the dismissal decision is already ripe, but insteadstatements superiors you publish a summary of the Internet with clear purpose - first to find a new job, and then quit the old one. In this case, it is not necessary to publish the summary of his name and the name of the company - There is a risk that your ad will see the staff of your HR-department (they use the same sites to find employees).

  • Not worth discussing future work on a working phone (And on the mobile while at the workplace). Also, refrain from sending emails to your resume via e-mail to corporate. Find your new job must be carried out outside the current workplace.
  • About your decision not to inform colleagues and supervisor immediately. You can not even guess at the presence of enemies, and the authorities are unlikely to enjoy the news of your dismissal, not received from you.
  • If you are on probation, then warn the authorities of its decision at least three calendar days. If in a managerial position - at least per month. Guidelines need time to find you a replacement. And you - to (if necessary) to educate the novice and hand over documents.
  • Do not slam the door. Even if you have every reason to do so,do not spoil relations and scandals. Keep your face in any situation, do not give in to provocations. Do not forget that the future chief may well call on the former place of work and ask about your job and personal qualities.
  • Do not break off relations with colleagues after being fired. You never know how life turns, and whose assistance may be needed.
  • In honor of the care we provide a small tea party. Let your former colleagues and bosses will have good memories of.
  • How to retire from work

    Asked about the reasons for the dismissal of the head, try to dispense platitudes. For example - "I am looking for professional developmentplan, and I would like to move forward. " Sincerity - this is certainly good, but the boss to talk about what you terrifies his associates control the manner and the salary you can not even with a magnifying glass to see, it is not necessary. Choose a neutral reason. And do not forget to say, as you have been a pleasure to work in this collective.

  • If you - a valuable employee, then get ready mentally for a counter offer. Most likely, this will be an unplanned vacation, increase in wages or positions. You decide. But by agreeing to stay, remember - the management can decide that you manipulate them for their own selfish purposes.
  • Do not take the last working week as a holiday. That is, we should not run away from work early or late for her. The more that the payment of two weeks is no different from previous ones.

Instructions and resignation

  • How to retire from work

    Letter of resignation written by hand.

  • Two weeks that you have to work, begin from the day following the date of writing the application.
  • More than two weeks of guide to keep you It has no right under the law.
  • The statement of resignation, you can write even in the event that if you are on vacation or on sick leave.
  • Your last working day should be marked issuing employment record and salary payments. As well as the payment of allowances and benefits (if any), and compensation for unused leave.
  • Money is the last working day is not given? Three days later, write a complaint in writing and register it with the Secretary. Still have not paid? Refer to the court or the prosecutor's office.

How to get a work book after his dismissal?

Be sure to check it, the following information:

  • How to retire from work

    Company name (Full and abbreviated in brackets).

  • Reflection of all posts, If you were a few in this company.
  • The correct wording of entries of resignation. That is, about breaking the contract on your initiative, claim 3, 1st. The Labour Code, and not because of the reduction and so on.
  • The record itself must be certified by an authorized person indicating the position, with the signature (and its name) and, of course, with the seal.

They do not want to sign a statement on the dismissal What to do?

The chief refused to accept your application. How to be?

  • How to retire from work

    Register your copy of the application in the personnel department (The secretary).

  • On one must have a copy of the date of the signature received, and number. In case the claim "lose", "do not get" and so forth.
  • The order of dismissal does not appear in two weeks? Refer to the court or prosecutor's office.
  • The second embodiment can be used send your application letter. The letter must be with notice and listinvestments (in two copies, one - himself) to the direct address of the company. Do not forget about the postmark with the date of dispatch to the inventory - this date is considered the date of submission of your application.
  • The third option - application delivery by courier service.

How to retire from work

Well, if the team is on your side, and the chief understands and accepts your care. It is much harder to survive the last two weeks, when there is heard the creak of the teeth. If it became quite tight, You can take sick leave. As long as you two weeks 'hurt', a term mining comes to an end.

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