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Friendship with the authorities: for and against


Do I have to be friends with the boss? Learn about all the pros and cons of friendship with the head, to avoid unnecessary stress in your life and familiarity

Friendship with the head - the pros and cons

Each slave dreams of a smooth, durable andbased solely on mutual respect relationship with the boss. From these relations depends on the work itself, our relationship to it, mental attitude, and so forth.

Given that a large part of life flows onwork without unanimity and harmony in the relationship with the boss can not do - because only then can we preserve nerve cells and count on stability. And how to be, when it comes to friendship with the boss? Is it possible to maintain friendly relations with the chief or to be friends with a woman boss without affecting the operation? What are the limits of subordination?

The chief or boss - friend. Pros and cons of friendship with the boss.

Friendship with the head - the pros and cons

Work and friendship - as the obverse and reverse of the coins have. On the one hand, working together with a friend, the chief is often the springboard to a dizzying success, on the other - personal relations at work can turn friends into enemies present. In all cases, work under the wing of the other - it is a test. So, a friend offered you a job. What are the pros and cons of such a proposal?

Pros friendship with the chief

  • Pros friendship with the chief

    No need to interview and probation.

  • Career growth - for granted.
  • For truancy no one was fired.
  • Leave can be taken at any time.
  • Additional privileges.

Possible disadvantages of friendly relations with the chief

  • Cons friendship with the chief

    Overtime, you will have to do that "out of friendship."

  • Additional obligations (because you can rely on you).
  • Failure to pay (wait, my friend - you see, we have a problem).
  • Dislike colleagues (arranged "to pull" in rare instances will be "the guy" in the team).
  • Forced overseer role in the team.

Of course, if you approach everything from the viewpoint of intelligence and differentiation of service and friendship, then we can learn how to combine these two incompatible things. But you need to I remember a few rules:

  • Do not abuse the demonstration of their special status a team.
  • Remember the rules of discipline and of their responsibilities.
  • Work on your reputation.
  • Arrange with a friend, boss advance borders of subordination.
  • Eliminate any manifestation of familiarity.
  • Keep the discussion of working moments in the officeAnd family and friendly - in an informal setting.

And most importantly - carefully weigh the pros and cons such a proposal before it to agree. Perhaps the best option would be failure, than a possible feud and complete rupture of relations in the future.

Subordination and its limits when dealing with the authorities - whether to be friends?


Observance of subordination (clear lines of authority and responsibility of employees) - is the foundation of any organization. Violation of hierarchical relationships (crony relationships between bosses and employees) Invariably leads to malfunctioncompany, so compliance with the subordination of particular importance for both parties. A situation where the relationship between boss and employee flow in friendship - are not uncommon. Usually, it ends with one of the several classic scenarios:

  • Employee, neglecting the rules of subordination, fired.
  • Head, realizing that the employee passes the border, eliminates all opportunities for crony relationships. The employee lost the status of "approximate to the boss" resigns himself.
  • In the face of the chief officer receives Real assistant and responsible worker.
  • Crony relationships lead to misunderstandings, insults, squabbles and this "feud".

The benefits of friendship with the boss, a friendship with a woman or a man the chief

  • Friendship with the head - the pros and cons

    Your idea will always be supported.

  • Your "rear" is protected - you can count on the support and understanding, in the case of force majeure.
  • To listen to your opinion.
  • You can find the necessary information, even after hours.
  • You can ask for a salary supplement.

Why not make friends with a boss and boss?

  • Friendship with the head - the pros and cons

    You difficult to dismiss.

  • You are less responsible attitude to work.
  • You embarrassed to obey (respectively chef feels awkward that any ordering you).
  • You may be asked to work on a holiday vacation or move.
  • Your colleagues are jealous of you.
  • Your colleagues perceive you as the "eyes and ears" of the authorities.
  • Your colleagues can use you as a person who can put in a good word for them.
  • If a company does come heavytimes, then threw another Chef in trouble, you automatically become a traitor. Even if you "seven in the shops," and wait for the stability of the company, you can not.

Friendship with the head: how to keep each other and work?

If this job you do not want to lose, and the other (whoever he was) - the more, the follow the rulesWhich will help you keep the right balance.

  • Friendship with the head - the pros and cons

    Clearly separate business and personal interests.

  • Do not go to the person, Familiarity.
  • The walls of the office Refer to the boss only to "you". Even if you are asked to refer to "you."
  • Keep the necessary distance.
  • Do not discuss personal questions.
  • As soon as you come into the office, Remember that it is your friend. This also applies to your emotional state: when the head of reprimand does - it's a shame when a reprimand is doing one-Head - it is doubly insulting. Keep yourself in their hands and do not let your emotions lead you.
  • Wherever possible, keep your friendship with the chief secret from the rest of the staff. The less they know about it, the less you end up being enemies.
  • All disputes will be settled only in the bosses office, Is the eyes of other people. Read: What if the boss yelling?
  • Do not discuss with colleagues superiors personal life.

How to save and friend, and work

In short, the subordination allows you to savethe order, which implies a comfortable coexistence in a group of all parties. Each has its own status and its own niche - and they should be followed. Any move beyond subordination invariably entails a deterioration of relations and discord in the usual rhythm of work. And if you are working outside of the walls with a drink"Tolyan" brotherhood and chided his lack of taste and terrible tie, then, crossing the threshold of the office in the morning, you automatically become one of the subordinates of Anatoly Petrovich, and nothing more. Find the balance between friendship and work very hard. But with mutual respect and a clear division of work and friendship - it is quite possible.

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