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Female boss: pros and cons


Psychological types of female executives, features and styles of their work and communicate with subordinates. Learn about the pros and cons of working under the head-woman

Female boss: pros and cons

The time when only women were standing at the stove,nursing children and met miners from work, passed. Today, no one is surprised a female boss. The more so because the effectiveness of the authorities did not depend on sex, but on the personal leadership skills, education and expertise. But especially in the female boss, of course, available.

Female Head - lassifikatsiya psychological types

Chairwoman - "A man in a skirt"

Female boss: pros and cons

This boss is stingy with emotions. Lack of emotion, it more than compensates for authoritarianism in dealings with subordinates and rigid attitude to people and businesses. This business woman will never forget your house "tight rein", and a democracy at work and does not smell - the exchange of ideas and free expression of their thoughts are excluded by default. As a rule, employees of fine mental organization of such collective run. Therefore, it reigns in a frank grovel, quarrelsomeness and intrigues.
What you need to remember?

  • Learn to be silent and to keep yourself in their hands.
  • Do not go talking of dialogue in other plane.
  • Use persuasion.

The headmistress - "Mom"

Female boss: pros and cons

The headmistress of this category - fullContrary to the previous one. Without emotion does not do any action. The main weapon - the charm. Staff - almost her children, and a team should prevail friendship and only friendship. More of friendship with the boss. Kindness and emotionalism is not conducive to the order in the team - there is always chaos because sverhliberalnosti "mommy."

What you need to remember?

  • With their problems and suggestions, contact only directly to the boss (not to colleagues).
  • Technical details, with their "presentation"immerse - explain his ideas on the level of emotional painting. If your boss inspired heartfelt speech - the technical details will be solved by themselves.
  • A boss reprimands are usually all clear female resentment. And respond to them accordingly should. That is, referring not to reason but to the feelings.

The headmistress - "Enthusiast"

Female boss: pros and cons

This type of instructor for situational - itwoman workaholic who lives for the sake of success and victory. She always comes first and leaves last. On her desk - paper chaos. In her memory - often too. Because of the abundance of information, it is often forgotten - the specific responsibilities of subordinates, the timing of execution of tasks, etc. In comparison with the previous versions, this one is not so bad.. Anyway, forgetfulness superiors sometimes provides an additional output, and any problems in the work, you will not.

Female boss - is there any advantages?

  • Female boss: pros and cons

    Caution and care. Details on which a man does not pay attention, she always noticed and make conclusions.

  • Developed intuition, which is important in business.
  • The accuracy in the performance of tasks.
  • A responsibility.
  • Sensitivity and psychological orientation. A woman is better versed in humans.
  • The trick, flexibility. Because of difficult situations a woman can come out with smaller losses.
  • Calm relatively monotonous work.
  • Quick resolution of problems that are associated with the creative atmosphere (ideas).
  • The ability to create a cozy and warm working atmosphere.
  • Women are more considerate to his subordinates and more democratic in management style.
  • In collective female boss always has a place and a joint tea party celebrations, corporate parties and outings. However, be careful friends with the boss.
  • A woman never takes important decisions during corporate events and gatherings.
  • Woman cares about its reputation. In contrast to the male boss, it will not start an affair with a subordinate and respond to flirting.
  • Women are more psychologically flexible. It is able to quickly adjust to the team, the circumstances, any change.
  • Emotional and open expression of emotions allows a woman to avoid neurosis.
  • A woman knows how to listen and to hear its employees.

What's wrong when the head of the woman?

  • Female boss: pros and cons

    Women are less sober view of the situation due to excessive emotionality. In a fit of rage she can tell a story and too much fire innocent.

  • The woman is not able to calculate their moves and their consequences in advance, to look at the part of the problem.
  • The atmosphere in the team will depend on the preferences and characteristics of the nature of women.
  • The subordinate female boss spend at work longer.
  • The mood of a woman can affect this or that decision. As a consequence - the staff can not always understand what is required of them.
  • A woman is more difficult "to lead the" team - its leadership (with rare exceptions) are always less developed than those of a male boss.
  • A woman is difficult to be cold-blooded. Therefore, at a time when it is ready to shoot from the hip, it is better to give it to cool. The solution is on the rise does not bring good emotions to anyone.
  • Unfavorably and women always like sympathyin the palm of all his subordinates. Most of all, this fact is reflected in the female staff - jealous of the beauty, intelligence and youth (marital status, presence of children, etc.) Of a slave can be a reason for dismissal and permanent "zubotychin".
  • Woman makes no amateur operation - all strictly according to the ordinance, and the employment contract.
  • Women are less decisive - it rarely ventures into the work that usually results in a declining level of demand for their products (services), there is no growth in the customer base, in the absence of business development.


A female leader can be a despot, and mom, and calm the boss does not go to extremes. But, as practice shows, and the statistics, both women and men prefer to work under a male boss.

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