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Where better to start career? Different ways and examples of successful women


How to start a career for you? Learn how to become a successful woman, with examples of the most successful career women in the world. For you - the important recommendations of how to start career

Where better to start career

What is a career in today's society? First of all, independence and self-realization. This need exists in virtually every woman, only one leaves the thought of a career for the sake of the family, and the other to successfully combine and then, and more. How to start moving up, you need to remember in order to succeed? What is best for you - to be a housewife or a successful business woman, and how to successfully combine home and career?

The most successful women in the world - where they started?

Listen to their opinion, they are jealous of many, and they are admired ... Women who have reached their career "Olympus" - businesswomen, politicians and financiers.
Where they began their career?

  • The most successful women in the world: Olga Uskov

    Olga Uskov
    Today - the head of the Association of innovation and developmentIT Technologies and President of Cognitive Technologies Companies. She started to work in the team of scientists involved in the development of information systems, and the Institute of System Analysis, RAS.

  • Mary Kay Ash
    The founder of the eponymous company Mary Kay. She started with a career in direct sales.
  • The most successful women in the world: Olga Sloutsker

    Olga Sloutsker
    President of Federation of fitness aerobics Russia. She started her career with fencers.

  • Oprah Winfrey
    Today - the world's leading of the most popular talk shows in the United States and actress. She started with the work leading to the station.
  • The most successful women in the world: Natalia Samkova

    Natalia Samkova
    Today - Governors of the International Industrial Bank. She started to work in a bank as an economist simple.

  • Alla Aleshkina
    Today - First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank. She started her career at the State Bank of the USSR.
  • The most successful women in the world: Irena Lesnevskaya

    Irena Lesnevskaya
    Today - President broadcaster REN TV. It began with an assistant director. After selling the apartment, she created her production company.

  • Elena Baturina
    "Inteko", President of the company. She started as a junior researcher.
  • The most successful women in the world: Ursula Burns

    Ursula Burns
    Executive Director of Xerox. She started as an intern in the office mechanical engineer.

Of course, none of these women, as well as those of many others who have achieved incredible success, were not now so famous and successful without certain qualities of his character. What You Should KnowIf you chose your career goal?

What you need to remember, starting a career: important recommendations

Where better to start career

Career planning is usually at the stage of learning, from 18 to 22 years. It was during this period should be, without losing time to decide - a career development seems to you in your dreams. And no need to be modest - straps lifts up as high as possible, taking into account each of your "I want". It is possible that this strap a couple of years will be much closer to you than you might think - even to the point that you can just step over it. Read: common mistakes that should be avoided in women's career. What is the most important thing for a woman who begins to build your career? What advice given by experts?

  • Where better to start career

    If you feel that the move - "zero" chance, do not hesitate to change the job. Do not waste time on fruitless waiting - Get the best one of his career, "springboard."

  • Prescribe all your expectations and requirements topic - career growth, microclimate in the team, working conditions, wages and other indicators.
  • Please rate the outlook for the current job - If you are missing out on any opportunities. Do not hesitate - discuss with the authorities the chances of your promotion.
  • A man working for the sake of ideas, will never rise high. It is important to know what you want (including salaries and so on.) And move clear to the target.
  • Where better to start career

    Successful people - it is a business communication style. Retellings of tales and gossip, whining about their problems, love bragging about exploits and lightheadedness - the inheritance of one who will never rise above the subordinate positions.

  • Learn to understand and clearly express thoughts, Suggestions and comments. Do not forget to get rid of the word-parasites - it is clear the modern successful woman, calm and concise.
  • Do not stand on the public their family problems. Personal life of a successful person - is a mystery.
  • Do not rush to answer questions. Pauses. You - a sensible and wise woman who cherishes reputation, and every word which has weight.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to speak at the conference / meeting. Use your main tools - ambition, professionalism, confidence, desire for leadership.
  • Where better to start career

    Take the initiative, new ideas, Think about simplification solutions for each task - in other words, do not be an ordinary staff member.

  • Your best qualities should be - responsibility, punctuality and commitment.
  • Do not forget about their appearance. Hardly careers contribute worn shoes, creative mess on his head and an unkempt appearance. Successful woman - is business style in clothes, not devoid of personality, grooming, modesty, taste.
  • Know how to properly and timely to emphasize their achievements and accept with dignity their "fall".
  • Master the art of constructive criticism. What does it mean? This means that after your criticism (which must begin with recognition of the merits) winged colleagues should fly to correct mistakes with smiles, spilling Thanks. Under no circumstances should criticism should not be emotional and to be an expression of your personal "phi". This skill is extremely important for career advancement.
  • Where better to start career

    Career development is more likely in fast growing companies. Less chance - for a career in a stable and long-functioning organization, which has already happened division of all positions.

  • Clearly define for yourself - what you want, Plan your career forward. If you are asked - who do you see yourself in 4-5 years, you must clearly know the answer.

Where better to start career

Remember that bosses tend to only pay attention to the problems and achievements of the company are perceived as self-evident. therefore do not be shy to remind about himself and his achievements. Tell management about their successes,confirming facts of their (increased sales, won the tender, etc.), and then bragging about that niche in this company, you want to take (if you, of course, you see).

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