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What if the boss yelling at his subordinates: survival guide next to the head of the rough


Can the Chief yelling at you and yourcolleagues? Read instructions Survival near-chief boor. Learn what to do if the boss yells, and enjoy their rights on the job

What if the boss yelling at subordinates

Not everyone, unfortunately, are lucky to have bosses. Quite often come across such leaders that all problems are solved with the help of shouting and even foul language. What to do in this case, the slave? Dismiss, tolerate or accept such a leader, how much he ugly? See also: Pros and cons of friendship with the boss. How to behave properly?

To begin to understand that you have to yell at the boss,of course, it does not have the right. But the law protect from shouting chief can not. Whatever - if he had a bad temper, a bad character or is he just talking "cry." Therefore, there are two options - quit or to solve this problem one of the methodsOffered by psychologists.

  • Try to find an approach to the boss - Some "petty tyrants" may well be correct if they carry on with the right policies. Of course, it's not about subservience - it does not help to make contact, but only aggravate it.
  • Call smb.'s Bluff. Many leaders love to cling to detail -from your work with the printer and the finishing appearance and absence from work (and no one cares that you "itch"). Keep your dignity, even if you want to charge in "this brazen face" the first thing that is on your desk.
    What if the boss yelling at subordinates
  • Of course, if the strength to endure this mess is gone, You can give vent to his righteous anger. And then, on the way to the unemployment office, in colors to tell a friend or a girlfriend, how do you "make the boor." However, overly zealous not worth it - do not forget about the workbook, which can be fired not by choice.
  • Option of "an eye for an eye" is also not suitable. Rude back, poking his nose into his chief's mistakesappearance and delay, yelling at him and slam doors - a tactic initially doomed to failure. No boss would not tolerate such an attitude. Even if you are a pro, and the work is done best, exceeding the all the plans for the year ahead. Therefore Moderate your zeal - such "star wars" can only end with your departure from work and dismissal under.
  • Falling to his knees, beg for forgiveness and regret publicly for what he did not need too. Forgiveness you certainly bestow, but realize that you are on foot, you can wipe regularly.
  • When the boss starts yelling, the best thing you can do - give him "yelled". Let the steam release. Do not respond to him until such time as he will not be able to adequately listen to you.
  • If you are not right - calmly admitted his mistake. Then, in the same even tone, tell the boss that the need for such a sharp tone for it was not against you. See also: Excuses for being late with the boss at work.
  • If you want to find out the relationship with the "parasite", then in any case, Do not make a public flogging boss. Choose a sensitive situation and mood. It is clear that when he "waved his sword" to the right and to the left - it's not the best time for a frank conversation.
    What if the boss yelling at subordinates
  • Do not put the boss conditions. Like - "If you ever again will bark at me, then I'll quit." Firstly, it will not work. And secondly, it will work the other way around.
  • Ask the Chef "reduce the temperature" can and should be, but - politely and firmly. Of course, the petty tyrants who love sycophancy andcan not stand anyone who demands the respect enough. But the majority of his own, heads - quite adequate people for whom a slave to his own opinion and dignity is more valuable than someone who is spreading the carpet, kissing boss heel.
  • Revenge of the boss - From the smallest to the global mischiefactions that could undermine its reputation or just hurt - the last thing. In the first place, this would harm your reputation is. The second - is your resume.
  • If the cry for the chief - a phenomenon offensive, but rare (in mood), then be lenient. We are all human, all have drawbacks. You never know what his reason for such a mood - a child is ill, family problems, etc. Of course, in this nice little, but it is absurd to give up work or to rush into the breach when you can skip the purely emotional "slap in the face" by the ears..
  • But if the boss was a natural cry (Especially when it comes to the entire state, not just you personally) - it is an occasion for a serious conversation with superiors or dismissal.
    What if the boss yelling at subordinates
  • The easiest method is to bring the conflict to nothing - "Smile and wave" method. That is to say, to admit his mistake, nodding promisecorrected in the very near future and, "shaking" with other people's emotions themselves, continue. Operations will be satisfied if you do not make excuses, nervous and protected.
  • How to ignore? Imagine for a place of boss that makes yousmile. For example, put your boss mentally flippers, helmet and sun'te into the hands of a pot of cactus. Or tuck it into a great promotional plush hot dog. In general, include fantasy. Just do not overdo it - laughter in the face of the boss during his angry rebuke over obviously not premium.
  • Do not be silent. There are neutral phrase for such cases - "yes, I'll know - do not take into account", "I had not faced now remember" or "new experience for me - I will continue to know."
  • Be careful. If you are held accountable for the delay, too bright makeup or unfinished time order, it is not necessary to repeat their mistakes.
  • Be confident. Do not gossip, do not discuss the boss, colleagues, and his personal life with anyone else in the office, do not stoop to flattery, and do not show their weaknesses. Work on your credibility and reputation.
  • Do not allow yourself to go. be aware of their rights. You can not be forced to work overtime, you will have no right to insult or arrange regular public dressing down - remember his sense of dignity. Sometimes a polite but cold resistance acts on the boss sobering. In any case, he will know that you use as a whipping boy will not work.
    What if the boss yelling at subordinates
  • Understand the reasons for such an attitude boss. It is possible that this is indeed yourerrors or wrong attitude to work. Other reasons - personal dislike (it is easier to quit), the new man in line at your place, bad mood boss. In any case, talk on the souls (tête-à-tête) will not prevent. And no you do not get fired for something you just ask (alone) - "but what, in fact, our dear head of Ivan, the reason your not the warmest feelings for me?". See also: 10 surest ways to build relationships with the boss at work.

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