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Ideas original and affordable gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2017 Fire cock!


What to give to colleagues for the New Year 2017 FireA rooster? A few original and budget ideas for gifts - give with pleasure! What to give to colleagues for the New Year - look at

Gifts for colleagues for the New Year

Not far off the New Year. Very soon will begin a fun New Year's bustle in the streets. The stores have now and then you will notice the hints in the form of emerging approaching holiday attributes: windows adorned with colorful lights, tinsel captivated a any convenient place on the shelves of every day more and more products that meet New Year's theme.

And then you look at it, eyes rejoice, and your heart is filled with pleasant anticipation ...

What to give to the chef for the New Year?

Since childhood, we have laid down that on December 31 this isThe most magical day of the year, because on this day, or rather in the night, under the tree, in an amazing way, there are gifts. But the children grew up, but the feeling of magic remains. And we all are waiting for this holiday with the same childish joy and naivety.

Ideas original and affordable gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2017 Fire cock!

Most first presents are exchanged with colleagues. I want to please, something to surprise, but not everyone has the opportunity to buy expensive gifts. Moreover, it often happens that it is not very friendly, or simply does not allow the charter of relationships at work are added.

And, it seems, whether it is worth something to give?

Of course, should only need to choose a more thoughtful gift to someone by chance is not to offend or not to break the rules.

Yes, and properly selected gift may be the key to a good relationship in the future, if it could not do before.

Under the right gift is not intended that the luxurious and exclusive. After all, everyone has long known - focus primarily. But if you were so attentive to employees that have guessed, what they do not have, the effect of a pleasant little things can repeatedly worsen.

The best games and contests for the merry New Year's corporate

So, the best gifts to colleagues for the New Year 2017 Fire Cock:

  1. For example, a colleague, always tendency to drop a pen can give backlit fountain pen. Inside handle a real little Christmas tree andaround shimmering snowflakes swirl. This original thing will fill the office a sense of celebration and a colleague will be happy to receive such a useful and functional gift. As a budget option - you can buy a pack of ordinary pens, lovely wrap - and such a gift can bring joy. Not original, of course, but it is useful.

  2. svecha-petushok

    It will be a good gift Candle in the form of a symbol of the coming year. And even if aromatic, the recipientGift will be doubly pleased. But we must bear in mind that such a gift is more appropriate to give the female half of the employees. Another advantage of this gift - diversity. All colleagues can be bought at svechechke-snake, but no one will be the same, so everyone will be happy.

  3. Christmas toy as a gift to colleagues at the New Year

    The analogue may serve as a candle gift Christmas decorations on the same topic. This, of course, requires investments to a greater extent, but how much fun it will bring to its owner contemplation on the tree similar gizmos.

  4. A magnet on the fridge as a gift to colleagues for the new year

    Many love magnets fridge. This idea can also be successfully beat. Fortunately the modern market is full of a variety of this product. For example, such a magnet looks very festive. This kind of alternative to the Christmas snow ball. Again, the "cock" and the theme is present here. Funny figures if their owners are willing to wealth and prosperity. Such requests will be to the liking of everyone. And you can choose for every taste and color. Even the signs of the zodiac of your colleagues - so even more interesting.

  5. Many teams are formed between the staff very friendly relations. If this is about your team, you can watch for colleagues humorous gifts. set will be received with enthusiasm forsnowman, plastic slides, and fashionable nowadays snezhkolep - an innovation that allows you to stick fast projectiles for a fun winter fun. Give it all with the words of the invitation to the evening promenade, so check out the new "toy", because you can even fall a little in his childhood in New Year's Eve in action.

  6. Continuing the theme of gifts with fun, it should be noted originality calculator for a sweet tooth. Just the perfect gift for a lover of drinktea, without being distracted from working moments and having a good sense of humor. Just do not try to give it to the woman, overweight, or insult you forever assured.

  7. And this nightlight "Smiley" will delight and amuse fans of online communication. Such missing in any office.

  8. If one of your employees on the other hand is not very friendly to your computer (such truth in the afternoon with fire will not find now), then such original

    decorated "Claudia" Mug obviously will appeal. In addition to the direct appointment, it will be possible to use it as a cheat sheet. Again, worth repeating - these and similar gifts will be relevant only if those to whom they are addressed, have a good sense of humor.

  9. You can also present a wonderful New Year 3D postcard "Snowflake". Flick of the wrist flat card turns into a volumetric and pleases your eye festive views.

  10. Lovers keychains, too, have something to please. Such an instance would be a real gem of a boring and gray keychain. After all Christmas balls They look smart in any form and execution. A rooster on the keysOn the Rights of the patron saint of the year will bring good luck to the owner. And, of course, you can choose a more expensive option, and less decorated, but that does not lose its importance.
  11. There are a couple of ideas for a friendly and cohesive team - it game "Monopoly" and the like, just imagine how much funYou can spend time during the break. Very handy gift. You do not have to buy every single souvenir. The gift will be one, but for all. Here, in the total gift category, you can organize a mini-buffet. Buy a gift box, apply to chocolates wrapped in tissue paper and put a bottle of wine. Everything is beautiful tie and as such presented dear colleagues, this contribution to the "common cause" will not leave indifferent, and if we add to this sincere congratulations, and the joy of such a surprise would be sincere.

  12. But if at all, "Finance sing love songs" you can buy here for all these mini little presents - clip on badges. As the "gifts" it certainly is not necessary to qualify, but as signs of attention in the style of the approaching holiday - completely.

What to give the New Year, if there is no money for a gift - the best inexpensive gifts, or gifts with their own hands

As you can see, and a strictly limited budget, you can buy a lot of inexpensive, but nice little presents for colleagues. It is desirable not to forget that we launched for all should be in the same price category.

Give them should be with a sincere smile, regardless of price, size, color, shape, etc. And then in return you get a lot of positive emotions and recharge your good energy for the year ahead!

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