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10 highest-paid occupations for women - we choose the future


Which professions for women in 2014, the most highly paid? List of the 10 most highly paid professions for girls and women in - pick yours!

Previously, hardly it came to women's occupationsWe come to mind the flight attendants, nurses, educators and cooks. Times change. Today, it is no surprise the woman - the head of a major company, a female driver, pilot and even the president. The division into male and female occupations (except for those that women are physically not under force) - in the past. A key issue for modern girls when choosing a future profession are the prospects and salary. And, of course, interested in the work itself - so far without him.

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So, what profession today recognized as the most promising and highly paid for the weaker sex?

Paying jobs for women
  1. Leaders of the higher levels
    Or be honest - the rich, but tiredworkaholics. Directors of the Company, Chairman of the Bank, etc. Positions very, very "profitable." - Salaries will be missed not only for sandwiches with caviar, but also to "sbychu dream." Of course, just "skaknut" the ladder up to the head, for example, the bank will not work. The requirements for such positions are quite high - the economic higher education, a certain age, a solid work experience (about 10 years) in the relevant area, fluency in English and preferably another pair of languages ​​and so forth.
  2. IT-specialists
    Not only men today arespecialists from the sphere of programming - the girls have been very successful in competition with them. Head Salary Web project or serious web professional today - from 60 thousand p. Profession in our time of high technology - morethan profitable, and the demand for professional employees of this sector in the coming years will only grow. Especially valuable - the level of professionalism, the availability of international certificates (possession of programming languages). The big plus of the profession: the higher the level of talent of the expert - the more he "favors" in the form of free graphics, uniforms and so on.
  3. Internal Communications Manager
    With regard to these specialists, the demand for them is high, usually in large enterprises. And the salary, respectively, is also "large" - from 100 tysyach p. The main functions - creation of corporatestyle, work on establishing contacts ", subordinated to the leadership," employee loyalty maintenance to the company and other requirements are also very clear and harsh -. considerable experience on projects of maintaining / internal communications development, knowledge of all the features of the personnel audit experience (often) in preparation of corporate publications, the ability to work in a big team and so on.
  4. Accountant
    Occupation, which will be in demand for many years to come. Big salary (may reach 350 thousand p.) Involves a serious responsibility, experience(Not less than 3 years), knowledge of laws and regulations, economic education, ongoing monitoring of the news of the tax code, etc. Features:. Financial accounting of the property, charge fees, taxes, control of internal / external salaries, archiving accounting.
  5. Lawyer
    Again, always in demand and highly paid work. Average salary - 35-150 thousand p. The most profitable position - lawyerDerivatives (functions - production of financial records). This post today - the most scarce and therefore demanded. Requirements to the candidate for the post - experience and appropriate education, language skills, and (including international) legislation, as well as the ability to support contracts with foreign investors. Wages average level of lawyer - 200-350 thousand p, An experienced lawyer on derivatives - 400-600 thousand p.
  6. Make-up artists, stylists, manicure, beauticians and others.
    Workers in the field of fashion and "beauty" in the salons and fitness centers. At a certain experience, talent, reputation, availability of his circle of clients and devices in a solid position, monthly salary - 100 thousand rubles (In large cities).
  7. Marketer
    Functions - sales promotion professionaltechniques, market analysis, development of advertising strategy, promote the company's brand and so forth. That is, the work to identify the customer and report to him information about the company. Salary - from 50 thousand p. Basic requirements - work experience (seriously) andrecommendations. Ironically, education does not play a significant role - according to statistics, a good specialist may have no economic education.
  8. Logist
    The task - tracking product available inavailability, its preservation and delivery to the desired item at a specific time and with a minimum expenditure of time and financial. Profession modern, high demand, well-paid (from 45 thousand p.). Requirements - responsibility and experience.
  9. Customer Service Manager - Sales
    In the first case, the salary - 25 thousand rubles (Establishing contact with prospective customers and increase their loyalty), the second - of 45 thousand (Experience with the product range, the experience of 3 years, special education narrow specializations).
  10. Purchasing Manager
    Responsibilities - quality control of products for the enterprise, monitoring and analysis of market price policy, the choice of suppliers. Salary - 40-50 thousand p. Requirements - special education (trade sector), the ability to instantly make decisions, analytical mind, knowledge of the basics and the nuances of the customs system and logistics.

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And, of course, it is worth noting, and other "lucrative" professions and occupations:

  • The organization's own business (Women today do well in this - for example, wedding agency, fitness center, shops, etc.).
  • The fashion industry, show business (Actress, singer), the work in glossy magazines, on TV or radio.
  • Personal Tutors.
  • Designers (Landscape, interior design, web).
  • Travel.

And many other professions.

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The main thing - to work like it. The experience will come. Together with the long-awaited high salary and prospects.

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