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12 best sunscreens for the face - the rating of creams and lotions.


We learned a lot of feedback about the sunmeans for the person and for you ranked the creams and lotions! What are the best sunscreen for the face, some creams and lotions give preference to women and how they differ from others - visit

Summer facial skin needs special protection, so many women are searching for the perfect tool that will protect their delicate skin from harmful sun rays.
So, based on search queries, polls onKuledi and other forums, we have compiled a list of the best sunscreens. We took into account all the criteria for the choice of sunscreen - matting, degree of protection, price and other additional factors.

1. Chanel Precision UV Essentiel Anti-Pollution

There is no doubt that this means It is the best among all sunscreens and lotions, because this means there is no cons at all.

The emulsion has good covering properties, which makes it a perfect base for make-up. The tool is well protected from the sun, while moisturizing the skin.

It is also a means by Chanel is very convenient package that easily fits in a handbag.

cost of in chain stores - 1700 rubles.

2. Clinique. SPF 30

This cream perfectly protects the skin from exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The consistency of the cream is very gentle and non-greasy, itit is important for the summer season. Means hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, so is suitable for women with sensitive and prone to oily skin. The cream is absorbed quickly and completely leaves no oily sheen.

Price This means in the chain stores of cosmetics - about 1000 rubles.

3. Caribbean Breeze. SPF 30

Small package of this cream will fit like a small lady's handbag, and in makeup.

This tool is perfectly protects the face from erosion. It is also worth mentioning that the cream soufflé is made up of high-quality components, which is very important for women, allergies.

Soft and light texture means perfectly protects the skin from harmful rays throughout the day.

cost of - 650 rubles.

4. Vichy Capital Soleil. SPF 50

Given the high level of protection, this means suitable for natural blondesWhich often have pale, sensitive skin.

Cream moisturizes, protects and nourishes the useful components of the skin, while you can sunbathe, swim and do the usual chores.

Only minus this means - a thick consistency, which can remain on a small shine.

cost of this means - 850 rubles.


If you have swarthy skin typeThen you do not need creams with a high level ofsun protection factor, SPF 20 and you perfect. This tool will help to keep your skin in perfect condition, both in terms of the dusty town, and on a hot beach.

TO cons it may be noted that the cream should not be used if you use creams as well as a means of slipping under the powder or tonalnika.

cost of facilities - 1600 rub.

6. Garnier «Ambre Solaire». SPF 30

This feature is excellent in protecting the skin from UV rays and also has high hydrating properties.

Cream It can serve as a basis for make-up, Because consistency is absolutely non-sticky and does notoily sheen on the skin. Also, the cream does not clog pores, which protects against the formation of pimples, if the skin is prone to their occurrence. The cream has a very convenient package.

TO shortcomings It is the fact that the first time after application to the skin creates a sense of presence "of the film."

cost of - 550 rubles.


If you live in city, The question of its protection is paramount. NIVEA Cream is ideal for the urban environment - it does not clog pores, protects the skin from sun damage, moisturizes, and can serve as a basis for make-up.

However, if you have a very sensitive skin, The cream can cause a slight burning sensation, as a part of the means citric acid is present.

cost of funds in the retail stores - 260 rubles.


This tool is perfect for girls who live in the rhythm of the city life.

This cream ideally placed on the skin, Very quickly absorbed and immediately makes itmatt. The tool copes with the role of a basis for make-up, and at the same time - great defending even the most light and sensitive skin to the sun's rays.

Jar of this cream easy to carry.

Price jars - 1500 rubles.

9. Lancaster Sun Age Control. SPF 15

This cream is suitable for girls from dark skinWho only need protection from the harmful effects of sunlight, as to representatives of pale skin need a high sun protection factor.

The product is suitable for that skin on which there are the first signs of aging, so women 30 years it will fit more than others.

cost of cream in stores cosmetics - 2300 RUB.

10. L'OREAL Solar expertise. SPF 15

This tool will help those who want to get even tanWhile avoiding wrinkles and age spots.

When using the cream not produced redness and peelingBut many do not like thick cream texture. The product does not leave your skin greasy, but it is recommended not to use as a base for make-up - it can be rolled under tonalnika.

Central cost of - 450 rubles.

11. "Spring". SPF 5

The cream, which can be used pregnant and lactating mothers. It does not contain harmful substances and is perfect as a makeup base.

However, this cream can be used only if low solar activityBecause the low level of SPF will protect the skin from exposure to strong sunlight.

The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Cost - 200 rubles.

12. Alpika. SPF 28

The structure of this tool includes hyaluronic acid, Heals minor wounds, abrasions and inflammation.

Emulsion moisturizes the skin, protects it carefully.

The only significant minus - Large amounts of preservative agents in the composition, but practically they are harmless for the skin.

cost of this means - 450 rubles.

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