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Would you like to always have an even complexion - guide for you!


The real advice on how to achieve a smooth complexion. Detailed instructions beauty, with effective techniques that can help achieve a smooth complexion and look great

How to get a smooth complexion

Perhaps the world is not a woman who wouldI did not want to have a perfect look. Almost every representative fine half diligently follows this purpose. One of the key factors and indicators of female beauty is a beautiful and smooth complexion, but unfortunately, not everyone can boast of them, and this guide is designed to solve this problem.

Instructions for leveling the complexion

  1. Proper and regular cleansing of the skin
    skin cleansing

    This rule is almost the most important, because some of the girls seriously underestimate the need for daily cleansing of the skin, going to sleep with a bed or tonalnika powder on her face. Whereas even without them for a day to many different skin lies visible and invisible pollutants that clog the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe, causing it to He is suffering from rashes and losing its natural color. That is why cleansing is so important and to select itWe need to individually depending on skin type. For example, if dry skin can be cleaned even with a cotton disc with a special tonic for oily skin is compulsorily required washing gel or foam.

  2. Removal of dead cells
    Peeling of the skin

    The skin has the ability to regenerate and upgrade. Every day her die mass of cells that may still be in place, preventing the skin look good. Delete these cells is necessary with the help of scrubs with special gritThat provide excellent at washingexfoliating effect and the skin becomes very smooth, acquiring at the same beautiful color. It should be borne in mind that the oily skin, the more it can skrabirovat. Modern cosmetology offers us scrubs even for daily care. And vice versa - dry skin can not exfoliate more than 1 time in 10 days.
    You can enjoy homemade and scrubs

  3. Scrub with a whitening effect made from cucumber juice obtained fromone cucumber. To juice add 1 tbsp oatmeal and 1 tsp the smallest of sea salt. To the resulting creamy mixture need to add a couple of drops of essential oil of rose and then used like a regular scrub, after which you can leave on your face as a mask for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Scrub beans. It is necessary to cook some beans and grainsgrind them to a pulp, to which add 1 teaspoon vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. This mixture to rub the skin. Both recipes are great for any skin type. Only if the skin is oily, the oil takes a bit smaller, and lemon juice anymore.
  5. Nutrition and hydration of the skin
    skin hydration

    One only cleansing the beautiful and smoothcomplexion will not wait. Skin - an organ in fact, and he as well as all other bodies needed moisture and nutrients to function properly. Otherwise, the skin begins to age and fade, sometimes inflamed by dryness. As well as the means of cleansing cream for day and night care is necessary choose for your skin type. In addition, it is essential to favor only the proven and high-quality cosmetics.
    In addition, traditional medicine is rich in a variety of recipes of great moisturizes and nourishes the masks:

  6. Yeast mask. To retain or acquire an even complexion is necessary to take 1 tbsp brewer's yeast and dissolve them with milk. This mask should be put on the face and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off.
  7. kefir mask suitable for oily skin and for dry andIt has long been known for its whitening effect. You just need to put yogurt on the skin fresh. Exposure time such a mask - 10-15 minutes. Improve penetration of beneficial nutrients vegetable oil, pre-applied to the skin. If the skin is very oily, then from the oil should be abandoned.
  8. Useful food for beauty skin
    A useful diet for beauty

    Everyone knows that in today's worldstores a lot of insalubrious or harmful food. All kinds of chips, crackers, soda, cola, fast food - it's not something that will help your skin from the inside. Also worth to give up a variety of popular semi-finished products such as ravioli and meatballs, as their background fading even oily and fried food. After all, a healthy and proper nutrition It is very important for the skin. So just need to:

  9. remove from bad diet food;
  10. to give preference to natural food;
  11. increase intake of fruits and vegetables;
  12. Statement periodically vitamin course special preparations.
  13. Sufficient intake of water is necessary for a beautiful complexion
    Water for beauty skin

    To provide natural moisture andupdate its skin cells a sufficient amount of moisture is necessary that comes from outside the body. We are talking about the amount drunk per day of liquid. The share of clean water should be at least 1.5 liters per dayBecause insufficient intake of which the mostnegative impact on the face. Do not forget that the tap water is not suitable either for drinking or for cleansing the skin. In this and in the other case water is required, purified by a filter.

  14. Physical activity to improve skin tone
    Sport for skin beauty

    All have heard the expression that the movement - isa life. So it is safe to add that it is also a beauty. No one has ever become healthier and more beautiful when sedentary. Furthermore, various simple Exercise improves blood circulation and therefore, oxygen saturation and skinmetabolism therein. Speaking of oxygen. As you know, we can get it only from the surrounding air, so it is very important to frequently visit the street for good color. A physical activity, and it is possible to combine the clean air in regular walks with the children, her friends, her husband, well, or a dog.

  15. Bad habits are bad for the skin color
    Bad habits and skin beauty

    Some habits, called harmful or concerning harmful, may affect the condition of the skin is not the best way. None of the lovers Cigarettes, alcohol and excessive amounts of coffee It can boast a beautiful smooth complexion. Most often it has earthy hue. Therefore, the rejection of these bad habits is very important in the struggle for a beautiful and smooth complexion.

  16. Positive emotional state is important for beauty
    Positive emotions for Skin Beauty

    Negative emotions still nobody broughtbenefits, so it is important to be emotionally balanced. Daily stressful situations can deplete the resources of any nerve of the body. Along with the emotional sphere suffers bodily shell. Leather, as an indicator reflects on the surface of any heavy burst of nervous, which is manifested as various rashes could seriously spoil the look and even leave a trace behind. therefore try not to give in to the negative mood and just smile all the small troubles.

Keeping all these points, you will always be only enjoy looking at her reflection in the mirror. After all, a good smooth skin - is the basis of your facial beauty!

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