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Oil for nails and cuticles


Oil for nails and katikuly have unique properties and are widely used in cosmetology

The history of the use of vegetable oil extractsIt goes back to ancient times. Proof of this are found vessels with this valuable substance during the excavation of the cities of ancient Egypt, China, Greece. Even then, women were aware of their benefits and are actively used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. The famous ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra seduced her beauty Antonio after a bath with fragrant jasmine oil. Egyptian priests used them for embalming bodies, healing at sacred rites.

Oil for nails and cuticlesExtracts from plants are composed of organic andinorganic substances, which is why they can not be obtained by artificial means. They are extracted from the roots by various methods, herbs, flowers and the petals of plants and contain a large quantity of biologically active substances, like concentrating in itself all useful properties. Currently, there are about 200 species aromomasel used in cosmetology. Their use has no side effects and has almost no contraindications, you can easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

Each has its own oil extractsunique properties and is used in various fields of cosmetology. Excellent alternative to expensive cosmetics, they nourish, moisturize, saturate, soften, and all this can be bought at a reasonable price at any pharmacy.

The beneficial effects have essential oilsNail that with regular use at home, will not only improve the growth and condition of the nail plate, but also moisturize and nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals hands. Let us consider in detail the effect of different oils for nails and cuticles.

healing castor oil

Castor oil for nails, extracted from the seedscastor bean, contains valuable substances such as triglycerides, ricinoleic, linoleic and oleic acid. Its beneficial effects are disclosed in the form of heat, enough to warm on a steam bath or in a microwave oven to a temperature of 40 degrees and rub into the fingertips.

For greater efficiency, add a few drops of oil of bergamot, and marigold combine power with massage of the hands.

Oil for nails and cuticlesAnd if after treatment for some time wearcotton seals, the effect of castor oil will increase by several times. Periodic use of a massage before bed will strengthen the nails and make them shine, and make the skin around the soft and tender.

No less healing properties of the bath willthree plant extracts: castor, olive and sunflower. Mix them in equal proportions, add to the mix a few drops of iodine and heat on a steam bath.

Hold the fingertips in this mixture for about 25 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Almonds and its properties

Almond oil for nails is healingextract obtained from the fruits of almond. It is widely used in cosmetics due to its unique moisturizing, anti-aging and firming properties.

Under its curative effect, the nail platebecomes flat and smooth structure, strengthened nails, get healthy color and shine disappear, external defects, in the form of burrs, roughness and grooves.

Very popular and are available in the homewarm bath with this unique substance. To do this, add a few tablespoons of butter in enough warm water for the growth of nails and fingertips dipped, hold until cool water.

Oil for nails and cuticlesA good result will massage hands andnail plate using a combination of oil extracts, where the basis is the almond, added to it a few drops of grapefruit, lemon, chamomile, bergamot, eucalyptus. It is also possible to add ingredients such as egg yolk, rosehip extract, lemon juice. In daily use, almond extract applies when you add a few drops of it in a day and night cream.

Oliva as always on top

Nail Olive oil is the most oftenmeans used in cosmetology. It is used, among other components nutrient creams and masks as well as own. The oil can be rubbed into the fingertips every day before going to bed, make him a massage of the hands, used as a basis in many procedures. It has moisturizing and nourishing properties, makes your nails strong, smooth and healthy.

Tray for strengthening with walnuts

Oil for nails and cuticlesTake half a cup of finely ground walnuts, for half a cup of olive and castor oil extracts, one tablespoon of honey.

All mix thoroughly and immersed in a mixture fingertips. Wait 10-15 minutes and carefully wipe with a dry cloth.

It is an excellent tonic should be used twice a week.

Tray with tomato juice to accelerate growth, moisturizing and whitening

Take half a cup of tomato juice, add to it two tablespoons of olive oil for nails, immerse it in the fingertips and hold for about ten minutes.

Useful than a burr

Burr oil nail is a versatiletool, which includes useful for our hair, nails and skin tannins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. This oil extractor has a beneficial nutritional and softening effect, regulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Oil for nails and cuticlesThe range of its application is quite wide, ranging from warm baths, and ending with a massage in combination with other ingredients.

To improve, strengthen and rapid growth of nails rub burdock elixir 2-3 times a day until complete recovery.

Strengthen its beneficial effects to add to the mixture of oil of lavender couple of drops of lemon and eucalyptus extracts.

The benefits of a peach

Peach oil nail does not receive from the peach flesh and ofhis seed by cold pressing with subsequent filtration. It has a truly unique properties, such as rejuvenation, moisturizing, skin lightening and toning.

On the nail plate extract works not onlyfirming, providing strong growth and a healthy glow, but also reduces inflammation, heals cracks, burrs, to prevent fungal attack. It is useful to rub fingertips means that three times a week for twenty minutes before applying the varnish.

You can cook a great mask for strengthening andrecovery weakened nails. Cook the egg yolks, knead it until a homogeneous slurry, then add to it four grams melted on a steam bath beeswax and warm peach butter.

This mass should be applied on a daily basis, which will cause the damaged nail plate in excellent condition, make them strong and shiny.

Essential oil mixtures

Oil for nails and cuticles

Each of the essential aromomasel used for various purposes in the home cosmetics.

To strengthen the warm baths are perfectof jojoba oil for nails and dissolved in water, sea salt, improve blood circulation massage with oil extract from sandalwood, very useful for strengthening pine and citrus blend.

Nail growth Prepare a mixture of oil of bergamot, ylang-ylang, almonds, and rub it into the tips of his fingers before going to bed.

Against inflammation suitable tea tree oil nail. Connect it with chamomile and rosemary, add to this base of almond or olive - and the magic elixir is ready!

Nature has given us the true riches in the form ofa rich selection of vegetable and essential oils for nail bearing the full value of its plants, the use of which gives excellent results, which immediately reflected on your health and beauty.

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