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Benign growths on the skin


Benign tumors usually do not threaten human health. If a lot of them, they are larger and have a predisposition to cancer, be sure to remove them

Skin Neoplasms - a pathological increase in the number and size of cells, so that there is proliferation of the dermis. Modified cells eventually form a tumor limited in shape.

Benign growths on the skinIf the human body is healthy, then the number of newcells occurs in proportion to the number of dead. When it becomes uncontrolled, cell division is carried out before they become mature in effect unfavorable factors, cell proliferation.

As a result, they can not perform the functions which they were intended. When the body found cancer, it is sometimes difficult to determine from which they originated tissue.

Risk factors

Start chaotic process of cell division, tounfortunately, quite easily. There are many effects of factors that may play a role of a trigger mechanism. Firstly, the swelling of the skin may occur if there was a traumatic event.

In the mammary gland neoplasm appearsoften for the same reason. As a result of the injury the cells have to recover quickly. The active regeneration process disappears control of their division.

Second, the tumors in the liver, the lung, the skin may be exposed to X-ray irradiation.

Blonde hair type and face with lots of moles incombined with significant sun exposure, family history and other risk factors guarantee the emergence of problematic formations, which may eventually develop into a cancer. Transformation can be a slow and gradual, and very swift.

Although benign tumors do not bear the risk to the patient's life, sometimes with considerable size, they can affect the normal functioning of vital organs.

If they compress the nerves, the patient will feel pain. If the affected blood vessels, the blood circulation in the body is disturbed at the site of compression.

Among the main risk factors may also be calledsystematic effects on the infections of viral and bacterial nature, corrosive substances, chronic skin diseases (such as eczema).

Malignant neoplasms of the skin may occur as a result of metastasis of lung cancer cells, breast or other organs.

Is there a cancer prevention?

In fact, there is no specific prevention of cancer.

Benign growths on the skinAmong such measures include removal of tumors immediately after they appeared on the body. Definitely should remove moles and warts in the event that a lot of them.

Women and men with a geneticpredisposition to oncological diseases should avoid the use of carcinogenic substances in any form, careful approach to the choice of employment, to exclude from the menu of products that can potentially run onkoprotsessa.

In doing so, one can significantly reduce the risk onkoharaktera diseases.

Removing tumors

Treatment problematic formations typically is affected tissue destruction at a site where there was a disease with partial excision of healthy cells.

Removal of tumors is laserhighly effective treatment for warts, Wen, moles and other entities, provides the smallest percentage of relapses, as in parallel with the removal of the wound is carried out moxibustion. Thus, further disseminirovanie tumor cells is not allowed.

In addition, methods used in medicine cryoablation (treatment liquid nitrogen), electrocoagulation as well as radio-wave removal.

When it comes to the treatment of inoperable cancer, thepracticed by chemotherapy and radiation. Cancer is always a serious problem, because the forecast if they occur, are generally unfavorable.

Metastasizing tumor can causedeep lesions of the internal organs, even if the outward manifestation in the body seem insignificant. As a result, there is a substantial probability of death.

Patients are dying from the effects of such uncontrolled cell division, such as:

  • massive internal bleeding;
  • autointoxication;
  • cachexia;
  • multiple organ failure.

In the case of a benign course of the disease orstate precancer timely surgical intervention is capable in most cases, completely eliminate the possibility of recurrence.

Furthermore, modern fittedhigh-tech equipment clinics, specialists and cosmetic defects corrected appearance without leaving scars and scars after Wen, warts and other skin troubles.

The need for a doctor's consultation

Benign growths on the skin

Before using one of the methods of removal of the tumor, whether exposure to liquid nitrogen, surgical excision or laser method, you need to consult with a specialist.

Any stains (especially pigment), tumor-like lesions or tumors need to show dermatocosmetology.

To make the removal of tumors, for example, on the skin, the doctor is important to gather a maximum of information about the disease.

During the examination, a thorough analysis of the lesions (preferably with photographing the problem area, and, if possible, sampling dysfunctional tissue).

If the dermatologist clearlyclassifies education as a benign (eg, fibroma, viral warts, molluscum contagiosum, papillomavirus filamentous, whitehead, etc.), operation can be performed immediately after the consultation.

Otherwise, the patient must undergoconsultation with an oncologist to receive cytological and histological conclusion. Only after the overall picture becomes clear, it can be assigned an effective treatment.

Typically, tumors are removedsimultaneously. The procedure takes from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on their number, size, location. In most cases, before the manipulation is performed by injecting a local anesthetic or a special anesthetic cream.

Depending on the treatment method and the complexity of the operation instructions will be prescribed in the postoperative period.

As a rule, it is necessary to adhere to a sparing mode:

  • do not soak the wound until it is covered with a dense crust;
  • not sunbathe or visit a solarium for a few weeks;
  • first did not go to the bath, the sauna or swimming pool;
  • follow to wound not to injure the clothing or in any other way.

The benefits of modern medicine methods

Benign growths on the skinThe Internet is easy to find a lot of folkrecipes using that supposedly can easily deduce any formations on the skin. It should be very careful about the methods of traditional medicine, as many of them have contraindications, have side effects in the form of a negative impact on the functioning of internal organs or leave scars on the memory and scars. After ineffective treatment at home, you can get a more serious problem than the one with which people faced initially.

The tumors on the skin are dangerous because they can become inflamed and begin to grow actively, in the worst case degenerate into malignancies with all the attendant negative consequences.

Therefore, seeing in his body suspiciousEducation should not be panic. It should not be lazy and go to a consultation with a specialist who will conduct a full investigation and give recommendations for treatment, if necessary.

The faster seek qualifiedIt helps, the healing will take place more easily. This advice is applicable to both large and small for the eye formations: warts, fibroids and Wen.

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