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Heavy sweating


Sweating during sleep can indicate a number of serious diseases. It is necessary to consult a doctor to make a diagnosis and the organism. This will help solve the problem once and for all

Excessive sweating at night is callednocturnal hyperhidrosis. The syndrome occurs in both men and women. People who sweat a lot during sleep, you have to change clothes and sheets are much more likely than those who do not wake up at night in a sweat.

Heavy sweating becomes a cause of concern for men and women suffering from this disease.

Heavy sweatingNight hyperhidrosis affects the daily performance, ability to concentrate, general state of health.

Excessive sweating causes constantly thinking about how to get rid of heavy sweating. Significantly, the impression a person makes on others, it looks like from the outside.

Fear suddenly much sweating under the armpits or other areas can not distract from work duties or just will not relax during the holidays.

The norm or pathology?

Do not confuse heavy sweating caused byenvironmental factors (eg, high temperature in the room), with a syndrome that arose due to stress, nervousness, and structural features of the metabolism of the organism.

Body temperature is regulated bysweating. Due to the thin layer of wet skin cools. This is necessary because it rapidly enters the blood, which renders transferable heat through the dense network of capillaries. By means of the venous system of chilled blood is transferred to large vessels and over again in the heart.

It is vital for the body to maintainbody temperature is not more than 37 degrees. It is necessary to carry out many functions. At a temperature of 37 degrees proteins and enzymes act to the maximum, and the red blood cells, red blood cells, oxygen is transported faster.

If a person stands in the nighttimemore sweat than 100 mg for five minutes, then we can talk about the failure in the thermoregulatory system and night hyperhidrosis. Often this syndrome is manifested in a fairly young age - 18-30 years.

We are looking for the roots of the problem

The causes of excessive sweating duringsleep quite diverse. People are sweating at night due to the hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, due to stress or other mental disorders.

Sweating at night can be a symptom of various diseases:

  • flu and many other acute infectious diseases that cause fever;
  • AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis;
  • consequence of sleep disorders, the manifestation of sleep apnea;
  • leukemia, lymphoma, neoplastic diseases;
  • allergy;
  • hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism and other hormonal disruptions;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • violation of the metabolic processes in the body;
  • multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other disorders of the nervous system;
  • phobias, nervous exhaustion, psychosis, depression and other mental illness;
  • experiencing acute or chronic stress;
  • depletion, or vice versa, obesity;
  • alcoholism or drug addiction.

Heavy sweating

A very common cause of excessivesweating among men and women is a sleep disorder. Approximately one-third of life a person spends in this state. At this time, the physiological and the energy level of the body takes place update, the brain analyzes the information received per day. Healthy sleep is becoming the key to the proper functioning of the immune system.

During sleep better heal wounds, to actively burn fat, getting back to normal metabolism.

Sleep disturbance causes an imbalance in the body's life support systems, sweating acts only as an external manifestation of the problem.

Additionally, perspiration can be released at night in largeamounts as a consequence of respiratory failure. In order to identify the true causes of hyperhidrosis night in a particular case, and understand how to get rid of heavy sweating, you need to apply for an examination in the clinic.

The specific cause of the problem of women and children

Common causes of increased night sweatsYou can add specific to women - pregnancy. In addition, increase the overall body flushes during menopause temperature, so the problem of the night often occur in women before menopause. During this period the level of hormones responsible for the normal operation of the adrenal gland, increases and decreases estrogen. If the disorder is the case, the correction is easy to hold - the discomfort will help remove the recommendation of an experienced specialist.

The disease can also occur in young children. It is necessary to look at the child, if during sleep he was sweating under the arms, in the chest area, if the head was wet. This can be a symptom of an infectious disease.

Do not leave without attention to such manifestations. It is necessary to send the child to the medical examination, pass the necessary tests. Increased sweating is able to negatively affect the fragile body, cause disturbances in the functioning of the autonomic system.

In most cases, a problem arises in infantsdue to aging. In the growth process all vital processes are rebuilt, including violations occur temperature. Over time, the situation should bounce back, and night sweats disappear.

Sometimes, the child hesitates to talk about a problem even with the native people, ashamed to communicate with their peers, who are able to cruel ridicule the boy or girl for sweaty armpits or hands.

To help a child (teenager), you should take the following actions:

  • on a daily basis to reduce the room temperature to 18-20 degrees, which is especially important during sleep;
  • buy baby clothes exclusively from natural materials;
  • be sensitive to the child's attitude problem, helping to overcome the psychological stress, barriers to communicating with their peers;
  • train baby hygiene practices and strictly monitor their compliance regularly.

Diagnosis of the disease

Heavy sweating

To understand how to get rid of the strongsweating, you need to properly diagnose the root cause of the problem. Without consulting a doctor, as a rule, can not do. The doctor will carefully analyze the patient's complaints and symptoms.

Depending on the situation must be observedassigned additional tests and consultations by doctors: Oncologist, neurologist, allergist, endocrinologist or a sleep specialist. You may need a psychologist or psychotherapist.

It is important to consider what the disease have been movedpreviously, under any circumstances, the violation occurred. Only after the disease has been diagnosed sources, it may be recommended treatment. As a rule, after a course of corrective treatment of positive changes occur. Chronic or idiopathic hyperhidrosis night is quite rare.

Prevention is important

In order not to be faced with the need to treat excessive sweating during the night, should take preventive measures:

  • you need to ventilate the room before going to bed, having achieved the optimum temperature (important also for healthy sleep and humidity indicator);
  • Avoid late meals, not to get involved in acute food;
  • at night it is recommended to wear light clothes from natural fabrics;
  • You do not need to watch films and programs, which may cause negative feelings, trouble;
  • better not be planning for tomorrow cases directly before bedtime;
  • it is important to lead an active life, to ensure a sufficient physical activity during the day.

Causes of night sweats are varied, but most of the blame for the nerves. If there is a problem, it is necessary to relax and try to bring spiritual harmony.

It may be that the increased sweatingsignals a much more serious illness requiring immediate treatment. Visit the doctor - and get rid of the problem of excessive sweating during sleep forever!

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