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RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedure


The article describes the method of RF-lifting for face and body skin, as well as contraindications and indications to this procedure

Use of RF frequencies or radio frequencyRadiation, is widely used today, in many fields of medicine - cardiology, urology and surgery. His method became popular in the field of cosmetology.

What is RF-lifting?

What is RF-lifting? This set of cosmetic procedures based on the favorable effect of electromagnetic pulses having high frequencies, whose range varies from 300 MHz to 4 kHz.

RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedureThis procedure is used to tighten the skin, rejuvenate, lipolysis of subcutaneous fat, as well as getting rid of cellulite.

The effect of radio-wave action is determinedThe fact that when the tissues are heated to a certain temperature, a number of mechanisms come into play. Thanks to them, the blood supply and stimulation of a new collagen fiber are improved, they are subsequently compressed and shortened, like a spring, so the effect of skin tightening or RF-lifting is achieved.

Indications to the radio wave technique

The procedure should be carried out in the following cases:

  • RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedureCellulite formation;
  • Lax skin and wrinkles;
  • Flabby skin in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hands and in the decollete;
  • If after pregnancy, or losing weight, the skin sagged;
  • After surgical operations on facelift, And liposuction. Promotes rejuvenation;
  • Photoaging of the skin.

Lifting is combined with other procedures,Such as biorevitalization or mesotherapy. They allow to accelerate the process of rejuvenation and braces, as a result of which the tightening of the fibers and the effect of the braces acquires a pronounced visual character.

The effect is preserved for a longer period - about 2 years, and directly depends on the human body. After the expiry of the term, the method can be repeated.

RF-lifting face

RF-lifting is quite effective for the face, including for the skin around the eyes, eyelids, the eyebrows, cheeks and nasolabial folds, as well as for the neck and decollete area.

After the procedure you are waiting, clear outline of the face,Rejuvenated elastic skin, minimum wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, elimination of sagging. Radio wave lifting reduces nasolabial folds, smooths deep mimic wrinkles in the mouth area, reduces the second chin and contributes to the formation of a clear contour of the face.

RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedureArea of ​​the eyelids: "crow's feet" and wrinkles around the eyes are removed.

Lip region: The disappearance of vertical wrinkles located above the upper lip.

The use of radio frequency current expandsBorders for the procedure of lifting, which is why the method is recommended for acne, in all its forms. RF-lifting improves the quality of the skin, and is also shown before surgery, as tissue healing is accelerated.

Contraindications for RF lifting

Like many procedures, radio wave lifting has contraindications. We divide them into 2 groups, absolute and relative contraindications.

The absolute applies:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Disease of the thyroid gland, tumor formations of any kind;
  • Severe forms of diabetes mellitus and hypertension;
  • Disturbance of diseases of lupus erythematosus and scleroderma;
  • Transfer of acute viral infections;
  • Thrombophlebitis of extremities, mainly lower.

To relative:

  • RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedureAcne rash, which is at the stage of exacerbation of inflammation;
  • Any chronic diseases of the skin at the stage of exacerbation;
  • Acute stage of rosacea.

Also, RF-lifting is not recommended for patients withCardiovascular dysfunctions with active and systemic infections, with skin wounds - abrasions, inflammations that take steroids for a long time, with the presence of rosacea or warts, epilepsy, with oncology and severe exhaustion.

RF Body Lifting

Radio wave lifting is a unique method that allows to eliminate any cosmetic flaws associated with skin flabbiness.

RF-lifting face and body: everything you need to know about the procedureSkin or ptosis may occur not only inConnection with age-related changes, but also in the process of losing weight, after pregnancy, etc. Especially if there was a sudden drop of excess weight, after childbirth or diet.

The procedure helps to get rid of saggy tissues on the hands, abdomen and other parts of the body painlessly.

RF waves of high frequency affect the body, followed by a deep heating of tissues in the field of application. The doctor controls the temperature of the dermatocosmetologist.

You should be completely sure that this technique will not cause harm to the body and discomfort after.

Radio wave lifting of the body and face reduces the overall 10-20% of the skin area, which corresponds to a tightening by surgical intervention.

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