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Fungus toenails


The article will tell you how to properly treat the nail fungus on the legs, resorting to both medicine and folk remedies

In our time, the treatment of nail fungus on my legs has becomeQuite common. The causes of fungus nails on the legs are very different: non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene, borrowing of other people's things, visiting places of public use without shoes, etc.

Fungus toenailsYou can get infected by anyone, the bearer can be animals, sick people, combs, headgear, bath mats, bedding, as well as second-hand clothes.

Most often "catch" the fungus in places such as a swimming pool, training room, fitting room and other public places.

Important aspects of infection can be a person's wrong metabolism, as well as increased sweating.

When infecting, you must follow the rules of hygiene and try not to endanger the contamination of loved ones, as this disease spreads quite quickly.

Fungus on legs easily acclimatized. This is facilitated by excessive consumption of high-calorie food, as well as sweets, resulting in endocrine pathologies. In the diagnosis and treatment of fungus on the legs will help a doctor mycologist, also sometimes you need advice from a dermatologist. Treatment of nail fungus on legs is not an easy task, but there is nothing irreparable!

Treatment of nail fungus on legs

Fungus toenails

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nails on the legs. Symptoms of the fungus of the nails on the legs can be manifested in the following: the very first sign of infection is a yellowish-green tint of the nail, just painful sensations in the nail. After a while, the nails will fade, become thicker and porous.

The treatment procedure is as follows: experts recommend starting with soap trays with the addition of soda, as well as cleaning the nails.

After that, a plaster is applied to the nail plate. It is recommended not to clean the nail more often than once a week, until healthy fingernails are grown again, this can take up to six months.

For a patch on the leg that is infected with a fungus,Usually used tea tree oil, and not diluted. Using a pipette, drip one drop directly under the infected area, and one more drop on the nail phalanx. This procedure should be carried out about 2-3 times a day.

Also, the effect of tea tree essential oilCan be strengthened, by gluing the nail with adhesive plaster. These procedures are done until the feet grow healthy nails. Strengthen the effect of the oil can be added with lavender oil, but in the right proportions - mix the solution in a ratio of 1: 1 and rub in the areas infected with the fungus.

In the modern world, of course, there areMedical solutions to this problem, which apply the last few years. These are special preparations for the nail fungus on the legs that penetrate into the infected areas of the nail, accumulate there, after which the nails are on the mend and treatment of the fungus on the legs becomes many times more effective. When using medicines, you need to resort to soap trays with soda - this enhances their effect.

Treatment of nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

Fungus toenails

Onychomycosis can be cured and folk remedies. It is necessary to wash the rind of raw potatoes, place it in a certain container, fill with water, and then cook until ready. After that, the peel needs to be kneaded thoroughly in water with hands. The resulting broth should be poured into a basin or a pallet and lowered into it with legs, thereby steaming your legs well, and then rubbing potato thickets into the affected places. Steam for a while, and then you need to rinse your feet with the same water to wash off the thick of the potato peel.

After the water procedure, the feet should be lubricated with internal pork fat and be sure to wear clean socks. Repeat this treatment is necessary until the nail fungus disappears from your feet completely.

Potato peel is far from the only methodTreatment of onychomycosis. So, it is recommended to dilute 70% acetic acid in water, in a ratio of 1 to 1, then knead the steep dough on this solution, and then tightly glue the skin with the adhesive plaster around the nail.

To the nail itself, we must attach the dough we made earlier and cover it with a band-aid. After 4-5 days the old nail will begin to replace a new healthy, strong, growing nail.

In order to get rid of the nail fungus onLegs already at its first manifestations, daily treatment by lubricating the fungal infected areas of the nail with milk of milkweed is necessary. Before going to bed at night, after lubricating the nails, it is advised to soak your feet in hot water.

Fungus toenailsA well-proven method of treatment is a procedure withUsing a lemon: you just need to cut off the lemon circle, then divide it into 2 parts, in half, attach the resulting half of the lemon to the affected leg area, firmly wrap it with cellophane and then apply a bandage.

Do this every day, until the nails get a healthy look. Usually this period is prolonged from 8 to 10 days.

To treat onychomycosis in another folk way, we will need aspen bark.

It will be required to boil a half liter of drinking water along with 100 g of crushed aspen cortex and steaming over this effective decoction of infected nail fungus.

At the end of the procedure, we mix one teaspoonfulA spoonful of soda and one tablespoon of dark soap, bring the mixture to a homogeneous mass, and then lubricate the nails on the legs with the resulting ointment. In no case should this procedure be passed, otherwise the disease will not recede. Every day care is needed, at least 3 times a day.

Do not forget: Treatment of nail fungus should be comprehensive.

Adhere to the basic rules:

  • Try not to use lacquer during the treatment, because because of it the air circulation on the legs around the nail is disrupted;
  • Try to care for your nails and keep them clean, neat and trimmed;
  • Do not forget and do not be lazy to implement all procedures, smear the affected areas daily!
  • Do not self-medicate! Fungus is a disease and it should be treated by a doctor!

We wish you a speedy recovery!

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