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Mask for hair with gelatin


Mask with gelatin for hair, cooked at home, often able to transform any head of hair beyond recognition in just a few applications.

Any girl dreams of possessing a thickShocks of shiny and healthy hair. Regardless of the fact that the structure of the hair is laid at the genetic level, the appearance of the head of hair can always be improved with the help of regular and regular care. Even if nature has endowed you with thin and rare hair, you can always give them extra volume and a luxurious look, using a variety of cosmetics, a wide range of which is presented in many specialized stores.

Mask for hair with gelatinAs a rule, all this cosmetics costs not cheap,So taking care of hair sometimes flies in penny. But not many people know that it is possible to achieve an amazing effect not only with the help of expensive masks and shampoos, but also the most ordinary products that are available in almost every home.

One such product is food gelatin, which we all very often use in cooking recipes.

Mask with gelatin for hair, cooked at home, often able to transform any head of hair beyond recognition in just a few applications.

It seems incredible, but gelatin really has magical properties, thanks to which the hair becomes shiny and smooth as silk.

Than useful gelatin for hair

Wonderful effect From the use of gelatin is explained very simply.

Some time ago this substance was obtained only from tissues of animal origin,
But today the production has become possiblePlant gelatin, which contains natural collagen, as well as B group vitamins and protein. These components often do not have enough hair to look healthy, silky and strong.

Mask for hair with gelatinCollagen, in large quantities contained inGelatin, consists of microscopic molecules that easily penetrate the very structure of the hair, restoring it from the inside and strengthening it. Thus, gelatin for hair is an excellent tool against brittleness and cross-section of tips. But this amazing product has earned its popularity after all thanks to another useful property.

It's about the amazing shine that get hair after using gelatin masks.

This effect is created because gelatin covers the hair with a peculiar collagen coat, which not only laminates the hair, but also gives it extra volume and elasticity.

How to soak gelatin

Before preparing a mask composition, it is necessarySoak gelatin. To do this, take a tablespoon of gelatin granules and pour three tablespoons of water. Wait for a while until the gelatin swells, and then heat it in a water bath, sometimes stirring, until completely dissolved.

How to prepare a mask with gelatin for hair

It is not at all difficult to prepare an effective gelatin mask yourself.

But in order for it to give the maximum result, it is necessary to observe several basic rules:

  • Mask for hair with gelatinIt is desirable to apply the gelatin mask to washed with normal shampoo, damp hair;
  • Make sure that gelatin is completely dissolved;
  • Mix all the ingredients of the mask thoroughly;
  • For masks use a slightly cooled gelatin mass;
  • Apply the mask, slightly receding from the roots of the hair;
  • Do not rinse off the mask with too hot water, as it will completely wash the film off. Use only cool water.

Recipes for gelatin masks for hair growth

Today, very popular masks for hair growth withGelatin. If you apply them fairly regularly, you can grow just a chic hair. In addition, such masks will be useful in hair loss.

So, to prepare a mask to accelerate growthHair and giving them splendor, you need to take gelatin, prepared according to the technology described above, add to it one egg yolk, a tablespoon of colorless henna and a tablespoon of mustard.

Mask for hair with gelatinAll the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and spread over the entire length of the hair. Flush the composition can be in half an hour.

Gelatin for hair growth can be applied inComposition of another mask. Her recipe is very simple: you need to soak gelatin and add a teaspoon of burdock oil and a little of your usual shampoo. The composition must be applied to the hair and wrapped with food film, and the loan is a towel. Rinse thoroughly after 1 hour.

Gelatin masks for damaged, lifeless hair

Return damaged hair to lifeNext effective mask: gelatin is mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 5-6 drops of essential oils of jasmine, geranium or rosemary. You can take one to choose from or use several. The composition of the mask should be left for 30 minutes, and then applied to clean, damp hair. Keep the mixture for about 25-30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water using shampoo.

Another mask with gelatin, perfectly suitableFor hair prone to brittleness and dryness, is prepared from all the same dissolved gelatin and honey. The ingredients must be mixed and slightly warmed, then spread over the hair and leave for 30-40 minutes.

To any of these masks can also be added by a couple drops of vitamins A and E. They will give the hair even more shine and provide the necessary nutrition.

Lamination of hair with gelatin

To give the hair a breathtaking gloss and silkiness perfectly suited
A recipe for the lamination of hair with gelatin, which in its efficiency can compete even with the most expensive salon procedures.

Mask for hair with gelatinSo, first you need to cookGelatin according to the standard scheme. While it swells, you can wash your head, since the laminating compound should be applied to damp hair. Once the gelatin is ready, add to it a spoonful of any cosmetic mask or balm for the hair.

After thoroughly mixing the composition, apply it on the hair, stepping back slightly from the roots.

Once the hair is completely coveredGelatinous mass, shake your head with polyethylene and put on a hat. For maximum efficiency, dry with a hairdryer. To warm a head follows about 10 minutes, then just take yourself for something else for an hour. Wash the gelatin mask with lukewarm water and enjoy the result!

What results are to be expected

Remember that a steady result from the use of any home remedies is achieved only after some time.

If you make masks based on gelatin regularly, then very soon you will note that:

  • Hair became thicker and stronger;
  • Hair growth accelerated;
  • Hair stopped falling out;
  • The ends of the hair began to shrink less, and the hair itself ceased to be brittle;
  • Hair became smooth and obedient;
  • There was a tremendous shine.

With care for gelatinous masks, you should take owners of excessively brittle and dry hair, as some types of masks can only exacerbate the problem.

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