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Lpg massage


This article will describe what is lpg massage and what are its advantages

I hope that there are those who remember andListen to the thoughts of the great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, who once said: "Everything must be perfect in a man: his face, his clothes, his soul, his thoughts ..."

In this article we will talk about beauty and the possibility of preserving youth.

What is lpg massage

Lpg massage

This type of massage, which recentlyActively entered into our life, is intended to solve the problems associated with the treatment of cellulite, the prevention of the process of withering and aging of the skin of the face and neck, and also for the correction of the figure. Uniqueness consists in using manipulations that perform mechanical activation and stimulation of tissues, which affects the rejuvenation of the skin.

This innovative concept is based onThe return of youth through a three-dimensional mechanical action on the skin of the face and neck. Fundamental in the application of this massage was a technique that was manually applied by Dr.Sc. Jacquet.

This technique in the form of certain manipulationsHands on the patient's body was first applied, and later presented, in 1907. The complex of exercises included then the impact on the skin in the form of light vibrations, twists and compressions. As Dr. Jacquet himself has determined, with the help of this massage technique, it will be possible to defeat such a common problem as fatigue and "hypotonomy" of the skin.

Modern Opportunities

One of the modern features of lpg massageIs a technology that takes into account all the features of the structure of the skin, including anatomical and histological, allowing not only to return, but also to retain for a long time the attractiveness, beauty, and most importantly Youthful skin.

Moreover, this procedure allowsSignificantly increase microcirculation in the body and increase the collagen synthesis process, which in turn leads to improved tissue nutrition, as well as to the renewal and strengthening of the connective tissue carcass of the dermis. Another positive effect is the activation of regeneration processes in the dermis.

What are the advantages of this massage?

Lpg massageOne of the main desires of most people is the ability to preserve the external beauty and youth of the face or neck skin in the safest possible way.

In this case, it is meant that one of the factors that indicate the aging of the face is an increase in the volume of skin in this part of the body.

To date, the only technology that allows to solve this problem without the intervention of surgeons is LPG facial massage.

This procedure combined the proximity toThe effect of plastic surgery and the safety of cosmetic procedures conducted in well-equipped modern beauty salons and beauty salons.

Recommendations for the use of LPG face massage

First of all, this course of treatment is appointed by a specialist and includes such factors:

  • The course consists of 15 -20 procedures;
  • The procedure is carried out on a pre-cleared person;
  • No special cosmetics are used;
  • Leading experts allow the use of various oils or other cosmetic products.

During the procedure, such methods of modern aesthetic medicine can be applied or used as:

  • Mesotropy;
  • Ultrasonic cleaning;
  • Microcurrent therapy;
  • Contour plastic, better known as Botox.

Time of the massage: 30 minutes

Hardware lpg massage and its use

Lpg massageThe device for massage lpg application is an innovative device and was developed on the basis of the basic LPG-apparatus.

Improved and modernized this unitWas a scientist from Israel. Electro-optical energy was used as the "driving" technology. As a result of its use, you can get rid of flabbiness of the skin, its sagging, stretching or wrinkling. The main advantage of the LPG-device is its speed and efficiency in operation.

If the use of other devices involvesWaiting for a positive result after the third or fourth sessions, then on this machine the result that the client expects to receive can be seen already after the first application.

Another plus of the LPG-device is the lack ofPain and bruising, which are possible due to the treatment of problem areas with the help of special sparing attachments. Moreover, the device itself has a special program to protect and prevent harm.

Is it possible to use lpg massage at home?

There are many ways and methodsApplication of this LPG massage. It is possible to use various components, such as honey, sea buckthorn or pine nut oil, as additives. Whichever components are used, remember: the main thing is to adhere to the necessary instructions for their use, know why this is done, and believe in the expected result.,

Contraindications for lpg massage

Before starting the procedures aimed atImprovement of the beauty of the face and body, remember that any manipulation you carry out, this applies to massage lpg, can lead to irreversible processes and irreparable consequences.

The biggest contraindication may be the likelihood of occurrence:

  1. Benign tumors in different parts of the body (especially in the active zone);
  2. As a consequence - the emergence of cells that cause oncological diseases;
  3. Increase in the likelihood of blood disease.

Contraindicated procedure for:

  1. Lpg massageThrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  2. Varicose veins;
  3. Inflammation of the skin and pustular diseases;
  4. Viral infections (including ARVI and influenza);
  5. Cardiovascular diseases, in particular hypertensive disease.

Undoubtedly, it is worth to strive for the beauty of the body and the harmony of the soul. And, as you know, with all the means are good.

But, nevertheless, when deciding on such procedures, remember: no beauty is not worth sacrificing your health, and sometimes even life.

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