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mimic wrinkles


Why there are mimic wrinkles, how to deal with them? Innovative methods for correcting facial wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity

Contrary to the popular stereotype, age is not alwaysIt is possible to accurately determine the skin condition of the face. Not in all cases mimic wrinkles indicate the onset of aging, unfortunately, even the youngest ones are not insured against such trouble.

The causes of their appearance should be sought in hereditary predisposition, general health, and, most importantly, in the individual characteristics of facial expressions.

What do nasolabial wrinkles say?

Specialists of physiognomy even take the liberty to determine the temperament of a person by the nature of his facial wrinkles.

mimic wrinklesSo, in their opinion, small creases in the corners of the eyesGive out a smiling sanguine person, a deep line between the eyebrows - an irascible choleric person, a scowling forehead is inherent in a thoughtful phlegmatic, and sad nasolabial mimic wrinkles are not uncommon among melancholy people.

It so happened that the nasolabial region collectedMost of the myths and rumors around me. Which is quite natural: it is this part of the face that is most noticeable and capable of both setting the tone for the image and producing a dull, and therefore not the most pleasant impression on the people around.

In addition to the aesthetic side, such foldsCan testify that not everything is in order with the heart, liver or kidneys. Often, all of the above is a direct consequence of the habit of living, "Clenched teeth".

Is it possible to restore the skin's elasticity on its own?

Of course, the surest way to combatMimic wrinkles - their timely prevention. Unlike static wrinkles, which are formed in the process of withering of the skin, loss of elasticity of muscles and weakening of their fit, mimic folds are most often the result of fatigue and chronic overstrain of certain areas of the face. Preventive measures are quite effective not only before the appearance of the first anxiety symptoms, but also in the early stages of the formation of fine wrinkles.

If you are first thinking about how to Remove facial wrinkles, When the process has already gone far enough, in any case, do not despair. To date, a whole set of measures has been developed to bring back the skin smoothness and freshness.

These include:

  • mimic wrinklesAchievements of cosmetology;
  • folk remedies;
  • Gymnastics for the face;
  • Friendship with water.

The last point causes the most perplexity,So consider it in more detail. The true cause of deterioration of the skin may be a lack of moisture. It is for this reason that the use of anti-wrinkle products does not bring the desired results, while the use of moisturizing cream can be pleasantly surprised.

After making sure that the kidneys are in order, you can increaseThe use of liquids, while it should be noted that strong tea, coffee, alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks will not help and can even provoke the opposite effect.

Recommended washing and contrast shower - soThus, you not only moisturize the skin, but also cleanse its pores. Swimming will help to increase the overall muscle tone, because, as we know, they are responsible for the sharpness of the contour of the face oval.

We do exercises

Gymnastics for the face is absolutely safe andCompletely free method of prevention and minor correction, however, not for the lazy, because in fact all the work for the benefit of their own beauty will have to be done to you, and repeatedly.

It consists of the following exercises:

  • mimic wrinklesSimultaneous inflating of cheeks;
  • Alternating inflation of the cheeks;
  • Change the position of the lips: from the tube into a Hollywood smile;
  • Prolonged singing of vowels (can be soundless so as not to confuse others);
  • A gradual exhalation through the corners of the mouth.

Traditions and innovations rush to the rescue

Preferring cosmetic means, notIt should be remembered that the competence of cosmetologists is limited to skin care, while in some cases an integrated approach is required. The cosmetologist will help to correctly select a cream from facial wrinkles taking into account individual features of the skin.

In some cases, alternative to the beauty salon can serve as proven by time and not one generation of folk remedies:

  • mimic wrinklesEgg-honey mask: yolk of a raw egg is rubbed with honey, then whipped protein is added, the resulting mixture is applied for one hour;
  • Mask of carrot juice with sour cream or cottage cheese, you can add grapefruit pulp, the action time is also one hour;
  • Strawberry pulp with honey and chamomile broth, washed with milk after 20 minutes;
  • Universal mask of warm sesame oil, recommended for sensitive skin.

One of the most radical measures concernsHelium or botox correction of facial wrinkles, a fairly serious procedure that, according to the standards, is not carried out in an ordinary cosmetic salon, but in a specialized center.

Preparations and implants, which will take a long time to take on the functions of muscles and fat layers, are injected. Main advantage "Pricks of beauty" - fast and as claimed, guaranteed result, although everyone knows that any intervention in the body contains a certain degree of risk.

Choosing how to deal with mimic wrinkles, once again look carefully in the mirror.

Cute dimples on the cheeks and folds around the eyelids,Creating the effect of permanent make-up, after all, too, belong to the category of mimic wrinkles, which sometimes does not prevent them from emphasizing your identity and charm. Are you sure you want to get rid of them?

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