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Make-up at home


The article will tell you how to properly do the evening, natural, professional and Smokey Eyes makeup at home

In this article I will tell you how to make make-up at home. Probably it is not a secret for anyone that girls and women need to choose makeup depending on the type of their skin.

In today's market, you can find manyVarious cosmetics and choose a suitable makeup, taking into account the type of skin, eye color and hair of a woman. So how to pick up make-up and make Correct make-up - Read on.

We follow the sequence

There are several stages of creating a perfect image with the help of proper make-up.

For the beginning it is necessary to emphasize beauty of a skin and to level a tone:

  1. Make-up at homeWe apply a tonal basis. Professional make-up artists believe that the basis for creating any make-up is considered to be the tone, it not only makes the skin smooth, but also gives a natural shine. When choosing a base, apply a little to the arm, where the shade of the skin corresponds to the shade of the skin on the face. Before applying a foundation foundation, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, and after moistening with special creams;
  2. We mask problem areas of the skin. Not every woman has an impeccable skin, if there are shortcomings (pimples, dark circles under the eyes, etc.) use a proofreader to hide all the shortcomings (concealer);
  3. We fix the basis. Use a powder to fix the base. When choosing a powder, pay special attention to ultra-light and transparent powder, it will hide the flaws and make the skin naturally smooth.

Let's Get Started with Eye Make Up

  1. We form the form. We emphasize eyebrows, giving them attractiveness. First, comb the small brush, then tint them with a pencil for the eyebrows. Line the pencil with a soft brush for a more natural result;
  2. We give brightness to the eyes. Use the shadows to give the brightness to the eyes. It is desirable to select shadows similar to the color of the eyes. When choosing shadows, consider that light shades increase, and dark ones visually reduce eyes;
  3. Make-up at homeWe emphasize the eyes. To emphasize the eyes, use a contour pencil. With its help, you can not only emphasize the existing shape, but also extend the incision of the eye. Apply it with a thin line on the upper part of the eyelid, gradually expanding the line at the cut eye. To create a more expressive effect, draw a line with a contour pencil in the inside of the eye;
  4. We allocate eyelashes. In the ink, underlining the eyelashes, evenly scrolling the brush on the eyelashes. If the eyelashes are dry, then use a special cream or soak two fingers with plain warm water and draw on the eyelashes and complete the makeup of the eyes by applying mascara.

Let's start make-up of lips

  1. Give shape. To do this, use the contour pencil for the lips. In order to give the lips volume, outline the lips slightly beyond the contour, and also draw a strip along the middle of the lower lip from beginning to end;
  2. We paint lipstick. Apply lipstick from the middle to the lips. When choosing a shade of lipstick, consider your preferences and the color of not only the eyes and hair, but also the color of the shadows;
  3. Apply gloss. Lip gloss can be applied directly with a brush from the tube or the tip of the finger.

So your irresistible professional make-up is ready!

Make-up for every day

Make-up at homeTo create a natural make-up, prepare the foundation (apply a tonal basis, mask the problem areas of the skin, fix the base) and proceed to the make-up of the eyes.

When choosing shadows, consider that for natural make-up, dark shades will not work.

Take natural shades, likeGolden brown and beige, the colors that perfectly match your eye color also suit. For natural make-up, liquid shades are best suited, but you can also use dry crumbs.

Do not use eyeliner - natural make-up excludes its use.

Ink take an extension, and not giving volume. To create a sensual and natural make-up of lips, use only a colorless shine.

Mysterious smoke eyes

To create a make-up of a fig ice, which in English means "smoky eyes", you will only need dark shades of cosmetics, similar to the color of smoke.

We begin to create a mysterious gaze withApplying a corrective agent on the area near the eyes, after a little powder to make our make-up last longer. Powder and foundation should be chosen so that the shades fit together.

Make-up at homeFurther along the line of eyelashes on the upper eyelid we carry outThin line with a soft eyeliner. Take black shadows and shade them, capturing the drawn arrow. Next, take the bronze shadows and they, closer to the hollow above the black shadows, apply a strip.

We feather so that there are no clear boundaries. Now we need golden or mother-of-pearl shadows, they also apply a strip over bronze shadows and shade it.

To arrange the lower eyelid we take a black eyeliner, we draw a line. To make the lower eyelid look natural, we shade the black shadows along the line of the pencil.

Finish our makeup by applying mascara with a fluffy brush.

Eyebrows can be made with mascara, lightly brush over the hair, or with a pencil, but afterwards you'll have to shade.

Getting ready to have a nice evening

Making evening make-up requires a lot of effort. It is much more difficult and it takes more time, and that makeup turned out beautiful and quality you need to have some special knowledge.

Make-up at homeIn our time there is no lack of information, but stillSome girls have not learned how to apply evening make-up themselves, in addition, many believe that in the dim light will not be noticeable, successfully applied makeup or not. This is a big mistake! After all, if you correctly apply makeup, you can not only hide the flaws of the person, but also emphasize his dignity.

For starters, you should remember a small professional secret: do not select eyes and lips at the same time, as well as overdo it with blush.

Bright eye makeup in combination with bright lipstick looks inappropriate and creates a kind of puppet effect.

Give preference to lip gloss and not brightLipstick and think more about how to highlight the eyes. To create the correct evening make-up, start with the preparation of the skin. After apply tonal remedies and tint your eyebrows, as we described above.

Then proceed to the makeup of the eyes. When choosing shades of shades, make sure that they are combined with the color of the eyes, hair, and also the outfit in which you will shine at the party. In the end, apply a little blush and lip gloss to emphasize facial features - and you are irresistible!

Wherever you go and whatever makeup you choose, remember - no makeup will be perfect without a spark in your eyes and a smile on your lips!

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