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How to sunbathe without harm?


Summer is a wonderful time to tan, important not to cross the line between the benefits and harms solnechnyht rays

Summer, time for holidays. We look forward to it all year. How do we miss it in the winter. In winter, it so rarely pleases us with its warm rays. And in the dark, cold, winter evenings we dream of warm summer days. To, finally, you could not wear so many clothes. In order not to change your body at 6 pm that night has not yet come. And finally, to soak up the rays of the affectionate sun.

How to sunbathe without harm?The sun's rays play an unimportant role in human life. Sunlight is very useful, it has a beneficial effect on both the skin and the emotional state. The sun helps a person Fight depression, Accumulated over long gray, winter days. It helps the formation and accumulation in the skin of vitamin D, just necessary for growth and renewal of bone tissue.

Also, sunlight stimulates the endocrine organs (thyroid, ovaries, pituitary gland). It helps to normalize metabolic processes, increases immunity.

Well, in addition, the production of melanin is stimulated, due to which our skin acquires an attractive swarthy color.

All this is of course just great, if not for one"but". There is also a negative side to sunbathing. Sunlight can have a beneficial and destructive effect on man. If they stay in the sun for a long time, a burn is formed on the skin. But this is not the worst thing that can happen. Long exposure to the sun without special protective equipment can lead to such a terrible disease as melanoma of the skin and melanoma of the skin of the mammary glands. Especially devastating solar insolation affects the tender tissues of the mammary glands, the hormonal balance associated with estrogen and progesterone is disturbed. All this can lead to the appearance of cancer.

For or against

How to sunbathe without harm?The benefits and harm of sunbathing scientists argue beforeso far. And recently, when the sun has become more active, disputes arise even more often. On the one hand, without sunlight life will become gray and depressive. Under the influence of sunlight, very complex biological processes occur in the body, which affect his health and well-being.

On the other hand, harm from the sun's rays can be much more than good. So far, no one can say for sure, more harm or benefit we get from the sun.

If you listen to cosmetologists, they will assure us of the incredible benefits of the sun. If we talk with oncologists, they will say that the sun is the main cause of melanoma- Skin cancer.

Precautionary measures

Of course, you should not sit at home hiding fromLight to avoid possible radiation. You can and should protect yourself from adverse effects, everyone's favorite sun, but do not forget that it is useful. What should I do to get sunburned and not harm my health ?!

Here are the following tips cosmetologists and dermatologists.

  • How to sunbathe without harm?Do not stay in the sun without specialLotions. Under the influence of the sun, the skin becomes very dry. Because of what is aging faster. She needs additional moisturizing ingredients. In addition, such products contain UV filters that neutralize the effect of ultraviolet rays. Very important is the choice of sunscreen lotions for a certain type of skin;
  • It is necessary to limit the time spent in the sun. There are the most dangerous time in the sun. It starts at about 12 days and ends at 16 o'clock. At this time, it is worth avoiding sunbathing, as the solar activity is so great that even a lotion with strong SPF protection will not save. By the time in total, you should not tan more than 1,5-2 hours per day;
  • Use sunglasses. The sun can harm not only the skin, but also the eyes.

It is necessary to choose the right sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter.

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