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Are the spirits with pheromones? Reviews.


How to attract a man with the help of the spirits with pheromones. What action have a perfume with pheromones of the opposite sex? Has anyone tried the spirits with pheromones -Share with us!

The woman's arsenal is a lot of money, whichdesigned to reinforce her sexuality and beauty to attract male attention. These tools currently are and perfumes containing pheromones, discovered in the 90s of the last century Ph.D. Vinnifred Cutler.


But today there are so many veryconflicting opinions about whether or not work perfumes with pheromones, or is it - the well-known effect of "placebo", so you need to understand carefully in this matter.

What are pheromones? From the history of the discovery of pheromones

Pheromones - special chemicals thatallocated glands and tissues of living organisms - animals and man. These substances have a very high degree of "volatility" so easily transmitted into the air with the body. The sense of smell of human or animal pheromone traps in the air and sends specific signals to the brain, but these substances, however, have absolutely no odor. Pheromones can enhance sexual desire, stimulate appetite. The word "pheromone" comes from the Greek word "pheromone", which translates literally as "giving rise to the hormone."


Pheromones have been described in 1959 by scientists PeterKarlsson and Martin Lüscher as specific substances that have the ability to influence the behavior of others. On the topic of pheromones in science there are many interesting findings and evidence, these substances are believed to scientists, they have a great future and are fraught with a lot of new discoveries. However, the ability to influence the behavior of others in these "subtle" substances scientifically proven, and has found its application in the medical field and in the field of perfume fragrances and beauty.

In simple terms, the pheromones have noother than the volatile substances produced by the human or animal skin, transferred to other information about the readiness to create couples, relationships, availability. In humans, pheromones produced by most of the skin in the nasolabial fold area, the area of ​​the skin in the groin, armpit area of ​​the skin, scalp. In different periods of the life of every human pheromones can be allocated more or less. The maximum allocation of strong pheromones in women during ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which makes it very attractive and desirable to men. In men, the pheromones can be allocated evenly to the stage of maturity, and fade with age.

What is a perfume with pheromones?

The discovery of such a magic bullet,which at one time can give human sexuality, to make it attractive and desirable for others, occurred in the last century, it created a furor - many wanted to be at the correct means of seduction of the opposite sex. But, since these pheromones have no smell, to assess the quality and effectiveness of these spirits is possible only for some specific period of time.


The first perfume called «Realm» with pheromoneswere made in 1989, a well-known «Erox Corp» American company. These spirits were and pheromones, and perfume composition. But many consumers do not like the smell of perfume it, and the company has come to grips with the development of more attractive perfume "fundamentals." After all, in the world of perfumery began to appear perfume with a variety of scents, including - recognizable popular brands, only this time with the addition of pheromones, as well as the so-called "spirits odorless" that contained only pheromones, but did not have the perfume "veil" . Perfume pheromone without flavor may be applied to the skin and hair, in parallel with their normal perfume if desired, or to add them in many skin care and hair - in creams, lotions, shampoos, hair balsams, etc. .d.

These spirits are known everywhere, they exist alreadymore than twenty years. But the attitude of consumers towards them is polar - from rave reviews and reverence to the sharply negative statements and complete rejection. Why?

How perfume with pheromones still valid?

"Magic", the famous perfume with pheromonesquite expensive - far more expensive than their competitors in the world of perfume scents. This is due to the fact that pheromones are very difficult to "harvest" - because they are of animal origin, and get them by chemical means is not possible. Pheromones human origin also contain perfumes - are added to "entailing hormones" derived from animals.

These spirits are very often composed of fragrancesamber and musk - this is done in order to bring the smell of the perfume magical means of human body odor, "disguised" in a bouquet and pheromones. That is why many perfumes with pheromones, which are known to have initially strong enough pungent smell. It is because of their sharpness that regulates the amount of perfume smell, applied to the skin - they have a very small amount, it is inadmissible "to pour this perfume. Perfume with pheromones, odorless, and should be applied strictly according to instructions, otherwise, instead of seduction and attraction women can get the opposite effect. These funds should be applied in small quantities on the skin "on the pulse" - the wrist, the elbow, under the earlobes.


How perfume with pheromones still valid? Perfume smells, in which "hide" pheromones may not reduce the extent of their action. The receptors in the nose (the vomeronasal organ, or body Jacobs) other people of the opposite sex are able to "recognize" the volatile pheromones, and then send the appropriate signals to the brain. The man who receives signals of attraction and desire of another person, unconsciously seeks to communicate with him, to be in close contact, will attend.

What to consider when using a perfume containing pheromones?

  • Perfume with pheromones show their "influence" onlythose of the opposite sex (we're talking about men), who are in close proximity, and have the opportunity to feel the smell of perfume. It must be remembered that pheromones - extremely unstable substance, and the air quickly break.
  • It is necessary to be aware that these "magic"perfumes with pheromones have the ability to draw the attention of the opposite sex, but they can not afford to fall in love a man. The scope of communication, success in contact with a person is outside the competence of the magic perfume data.
  • The man who felt pheromones subconsciously received signal a rapprochement could still give way to his modesty, self-doubt, habits, and do not have signs of attention.
  • Spirits with pheromones can not be used blindly. Their use may be undesirable and even somewhat dangerous if nearby would be inadequate, a drunken man. If you use perfume containing pheromones as a part of every woman must carefully choose their society, avoiding questionable companies and unwanted messages.

Reviews of perfumes with pheromones:

Anna: I liked the pharmacy men's perfume containing pheromones. The smell is very liked me. She wanted her husband to buy birthday - so well that caught herself in time. What to bring to the attention of women?

Maria: And I do not believe in pheromones, I think this is just a marketing tool that attract customers and try to sell them a perfume is not very high quality. My friend tried some "juzat» perfume with pheromones, the result is zero in all cases.

Olga: Mary, and many do not believe in the universe, but that it still, because it is. Written by the same pheromones that have no smell, therefore, we can not detect their presence in the spirits. But, at the same time, I want to say that the result of the use of such spirits my girlfriend simply stunning - she met, has received an offer of marriage, married for one year. She - a modest man and shy, always the part of society, and the spirits to help her make the first step in the conquest of happiness.

Anna: Olya, quite right, I think the same way. And then - many are afraid to use the perfume containing pheromones for one reason - that it will tumble down to the crowd of suitors, and what they will do with them? And in fact, such spirits - it's not a magic pipe Rat King from a fairy tale, which led the crowd. These same pheromones subconsciously feel "caught" a couple of people who will be near you. Well, you think about how to be on time near the right person for whom you want to make a lasting impression.

Tatyana: So often I hear and read about spirits with pheromones that I have for a long time there was a strong desire to test their own. Tell me, where you can buy high-quality "magic" spirits that without cheating?

Ludmila: I have never in stores and other uchrezhzhdeniyah not looking perfume with pheromones, so I can not know all the places where they are sold. But exactly those seen in the pharmacy, she asked about them in front of me, and I noticed.

Natalia: Perfume containing pheromones sold in the Internet - shops. Buy these products - as well as all the others - is only necessary in those markets, which have a good reputation. Such stores can "calculate" the forums that discuss perfume with pheromones. Such spirits are sold in "sex shops", as they are in any city and on the Internet.

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