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constant drowsiness


Constant sleepiness - this unpleasant problem that can be easily solved by identifying its cause

Drowsiness - this is a common disease of officeworkers and housewives. A man always feels the heaviness of the eyelids, constantly yawning, can not think about anything except how to quickly get to bed.

Those who are faced with this problem, and caffeine, and energy drinks are no longer help, an urgent need to take concrete action.

Drowsiness has the following features:

  • constantly felt tired;
  • deteriorating memory;
  • lack of concentration;
  • It appears distracted and chronic headache.

In this case, no tonics do not help.

The causes of sleepiness

constant drowsinessCauses sleepiness can be very diverse. One of the most common - a lack of sleep. Even a few days of non sleep enough to drowsiness appeared.

And the older a person becomes, the more difficult to endure sleep deprivation. Drowsiness may occur due to acclimatization, changes in the weather, nervous strain and a lot of other reasons.

But more often the problem is not external, andinterior. Drowsiness can be triggered by the inability of people to take care of your body. You may want to visit a doctor who will prescribe vitamins, treating fatigue and drowsiness.

In sleep affects a person peace of mind. If the life occur any negative changes, it leads to depression, which in turn leads to disruption of sleep.

A person who has a problem in his life, will be a long timeto sleep, tossing and turning in bed in search of its decision, and in the morning it will be difficult to wake up. As a result, the entire day will want to sleep, felt fatigue and lethargy.

During daytime sleepiness can contributerigid diet. The blood sugar at a low level facilitates fatigue. I would like to lie down all the time, putting the body in a horizontal position. But overeating will contribute to the same effect - if there is a rare and large portions, then the blood will cling to the stomach, and then want to sleep.

The causes of sleepiness may be differentdisease. For example, anemia - a condition in which the body is lowered levels of iron. Diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, liver disease and kidney failure - this is not a complete list of diseases that can cause drowsiness.

Methods of combating sleepiness

Constant sleepiness interferes with the normal way of life - a person can no productive work, tired, no longer enjoy life, he has a weakness.

Depending on why there was a problem, there are several options to get rid of sleepiness:

  • constant drowsinessbuild optimal daytime operation. In just a few hours before bedtime, stop any work on the computer, do not watch any video, exciting the nervous system. It is best to walk in the air, drink chamomile tea or mint, take a relaxing bath;
  • change the pillow - maybe an old pillow makes the neck to relax, so you will not be able to sleep;
  • balance the diet - every day you must eat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit;
  • hand over the analysis on iron in the blood sugar level and if it is reduced - the doctor will prescribe special vitamins, which normalize the sleep operation;
  • low blood pressure can also cause drowsiness - here, too, can not do without specialist;
  • eliminate or at least reduce your use of alcohol;
  • Take a contrast shower in the morning.

So you can avoid fatigue, weakness, drowsiness and body.

Drowsiness during pregnancy

If drowsiness pursues an ordinary person, then it is possible to find a medical explanation. And what if there is sleepiness during pregnancy?

This issue is of concern to many pregnant women. It is associated with the fact that most of the time they have visited in this state.

constant drowsinessBut it is quite easy to explain - all the forces go on the formation of a healthy fetus, so no matter what other forces remains.

Changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman, suck out of him a tremendous amount of energy, so he tries to fill it at the expense of sleep.

A woman or girl is experiencing serious emotional pressure and it takes all her strength. The body gets tired quickly, and rightly demands that he be given a break. Because of this, somnolence.

What to do, if you want to sleep?

When the expectant mother bears the child, it mustto care about him, and about themselves. Because sleep is necessary in the quantities that your body needs. Discard the exciting fun, opting for quiet walks, which will help a good sleep. Contribute to a relaxed glass of hot milk or warm shower.

But we must remember that it is forbidden to take a hot bath - it excites the nervous system. Try to go to bed early, it will contribute to well-being.

Pregnancy - is an important moment in the life of any woman, so you need to try to do everything to ensure that the baby was born strong and healthy.

And the best advice of all, how to deal with sleepiness - more smiles and laughter, because positive emotions could not be better energized!

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