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Lamination of hair


Lamination - a procedure that allows the hair to look gorgeous. In addition, the lamination restores and protects the hair, making it silky strands and healthy

Lamination of hair is a new approach toRestore the structure of the damaged scalp, which helps to create a lasting health effect for your strands. This will allow any beautiful woman to enjoy lush, beautiful and healthy curls.

In Asia, naturalComponents for the lamination of hair. Eastern women have always been distinguished by the beauty and health of their curls. The use of wax in a cold and hot form creates the impression of an ideal straight line of a strand that radiates a natural sheen.

The essence of the method of lamination

At its core, hair lamination is very similar toNormal lamination, which is performed to protect an object from external influences. The procedure itself is to cover the hair with a special permeable protective film that contains nutrients and moisturizing ingredients.

Lamination of hairThe means for laminating hair is a viscous transparent liquid that is odorless, colorless, does not contain preservatives, and does not cause allergies.

This means gently envelops every single hair, without gluing them together.

The astringent fills all defects in the structureHair, thus, the strand becomes protected from further damage. Due to the enveloping film, the head of hearing after the procedure is significantly increased in volume.

The film has a weak water repellent and antistatic effect.

The length of the lamination effect is fromFour to six weeks, depending on the frequency of washing and the means used. The procedure can be repeated without waiting for a complete cleansing, the remedy does not harm the curls, but produces a remarkable curative effect.

The products for thisThe procedures are laid with wheat proteins that have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, create an enveloping effect and penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, compacting it.

The composition of the means for the procedure also includes:

  • Soy proteins;
  • Phyto extract of yarrow;
  • Phytoextract of Roman chamomile;
  • Phytoextract of hops;
  • Wheat proteins.

All these substances have anti-inflammatory properties and are similar in structure to hormones, are able to create a curative effect on the hairline and stimulate its active growth.

Types of lamination

Lamination happens:

  • Lamination of hairHot;
  • Cold.

The principle of applying laminate to strands in bothCases the same. Hot lamination of hair is recommended to be done in the absence of damage to the hair, as prevention, or when the damage is minor.

Experts explain this by the fact that this process uses heat, which allows the laminate to penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and root, which creates a better effect.

Weakened and severely damaged locks do not cause hot lamination of the hair, because the temperature regime may have the opposite effect.

Do not recommend yourself to conduct the procedureHot lamination of hair at home, as at home it is difficult to provide the desired temperature regime, and you need to know exactly the time of exposure to heat.

Home lamination

Carry out this procedure in beauty salons -Pleasure is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. But to create a laminate effect can be done at home, using a mask for laminating hair, which is quite easy to prepare. Masks for the lamination of hair are nutritious, vitamin and moisturizing.

Nourishing mask includes the following ingredients:

  • Gelatin, melted in a water bath;
  • One, two drops of burdock oil;
  • Yolk of one egg;
  • Honey one tablespoon;
  • Mustard dry pinch.

After applying the mask, it is necessary to put on the shower cap and warm the hair with a hair dryer for 10-15 minutes.

Vitamin mask contains:

  • Lamination of hairGelatin, which can be diluted with milk, kefir, yoghurt;
  • Add vitamins A and E capsular variant.

This vitamin mask should be kept for 60 minutes, wrapped in strands and warmed for 15 minutes.

For a moisturizing mask you will need:

  • Gelatin to dilute with kefir;
  • Add lemon or orange essential oil;
  • Put the mask on your hair, wrap it and warm it with a hairdryer for 15 minutes.

The effect of the mask for hair lamination is 2 hours. After such procedures, the curls will be silky, soft, docile and have a healthy, beautiful, shiny appearance.

Color lamination of hair

Modern means of cosmetology and stylisticsAllow you to do color lamination of hair, which is possible with the use of seven-color staining. The advantages of this method include: the appearance of additional shine, thickening of the hair by 10-15%, the strands become supple and silky, the defects in the structure are eliminated, additional shades of different colors appear.

Lamination of hairSemi-permanent staining in its compositionHas seven colors: yellow, blue, green, black, transparent, red and orange. Mixing a drop of each color, color specialists can achieve the desired color, which can not be repeated.

Each color lamination of hair is unique and unique.

Buy cosmetics for hair lamination can be inOnline stores or specialized salons. But it's better to apply to specialists who perfectly master the technique and have professional cosmetics for laminating hair.

Usually, cosmetics of American manufacturers are used, but Japanese and Italian products are in demand. Which is better to apply cosmetics - you will be advised by a specialist.

Products for laminating

A lot of companies are involved in the production of this procedure.

American company PAUL MITCHELL, represents a set for laminating hair, which includes:

  • Shampoo, intended for thorough deep cleaning;
  • Mask for moisturizing;
  • Transparent ink (laminate itself);
  • Nutritious balm.

A great success is using cosmeticSEBASTIAN Professional, as well as sets of Japanese cosmetics Lebel Cosmetics. Thus, you can get a beautiful and healthy head of hair, carrying out the procedure in home or salon conditions, using natural ingredients.

Every woman can choose the methods available to feel herself always well-groomed and attractive!

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